BIMC Pre-incorporation Organizational Letter

BIMC Articles of Incorporation

SJAYE Deed of Restrictions (CC&Rs)
Paragraphs 4 & 9 are cited in Article of Incorporation and thus remain controlling, despite the fact that this document has been superceded by the BICs

BIMC Bylaws

Blakely Island Covenants (BICs)

BIMC Buffer Strip Rules
(July 1991 as amended July 1992 to permit Recycling Center)

Floyd & Ola Johnson Corrective Deed
This is the document from whence all SJAYE property owners derive their upper-island easement rights

Floyd & Ola Johnson Non-Exclusive Easement
This is the explicit conveyance of Floyd & Ola's easement rights to SJAYE owners.

Blakely Island Upper Island Ground Rules 
That familiar green card that hung in every house in the 1960s 

Blakely Island Ownership Map
This map was published in the June 7, 1975 minutes by David Syre to illustrate the various ownership interests on Blakely Island. Those areas shown as Syre-Talmo are originally Puget Sound Pulp & Timber property subject to the Upper Island Easement. Note that this map clearly shows our access to Armitage Beach.

Paradise Lost (almost)
It's easy sometimes to take what we have today for granted. But if not for the foresight and generosity of Tom Crowley and several others, our little island would be a much much different place. Take a look at this proposal from 1975 by Washington State Parks for the development of nearly 1/2 of the island. So much for our much vaunted  private island. Thanks Tom, for pulling us out of the frying pan. We sometimes forget to say that.

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