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Dial 911

3 Defibrillator Locations

1. Fire truck, driver's side, middle compartment, marked with a red cross
2. Bill & Sue         375-6662
    (Cell)                 622-6112
3. SPU                   375-6721

Air Evacuation               911
Island Air 24/7      378-2376

On-Island Medical

Fritz Loura            375-6126
Deborah Davey    375-6130
Beth Droppert      375-6191

Click here if you have medical skills and wish to be included on this list.

!!! FIRE !!!

1.      Call for help
622-6112 (Cell)

2.      Use extinguisher

3.      Fire hose at hydrant

4.      Aircraft - Gas/Oil  extinguisher at plane stop.

5.      Go to firehouse, trigger alarm, & get truck.

More 911 Contacts

What happened to the BIMC website?


Look in a mirror. 


The BIMC website was maliciously attacked without cause or provocation. Slanderous accusations were made. Did you stand up to defend it? Nope. Did your Board? Nope. Did anyone even bother to look into the veracity of the allegations? Nope. You, them, me, nobody lifted a finger, nobody did a damn thing. 

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

"Pam Roats stated that the Blakely website needs to be looked at v e r y  c a r e f u l l y." - February 17, 2010 board meeting. 

"Pam Roats made a point of Personal Privilege. The minutes do not accurately reflect what is contained in the verbatim transcript of the meeting, which included my request that the board investigate how the fraudulent Articles of Incorporation found their way into the BIMC website. - March 10, 2010 board meeting.

"Kevin Clark also suggested that the one on file with the state (ed. Articles of Incorporation) is different than the one on the website" - July 3, 2010 annual meeting.

"The BIMC is no longer paying to operate the website" - Sally Elliman at the July 3, 2010 annual meeting.  The matter was not discussed nor acted upon by the Board or the BIMC membership, but rather the website was summarily disposed of by fiat with this statement.

Talk about your telecommunication facility on the Czechoslovakian border. Fall Grn!


You may click on the 'Law' button above to view the  document in question. This document sources from the official BIMC corporation book of records, which if anybody bothered to look would have found it there in its entirety, word for word. That is true of every single document on this website. Credibility is everything, so difficult to establish and so easily lost. That was known from the start. Anyone who wishes to allege that a document on this website is not 100% authentic does not know what they are talking about. Period.


But it doesn't really matter now, does it? The website is gone. A community asset, provided by much volunteer labor and a small expense reimbursement was taken out by false accusation and innuendo. Shame on us all..


What's Up

    Minutes of the March 21, 2013 Board Meeting