Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

To: BIMC Homeowners

From: BIMC Board of Governors

Date: June 17, 2003

Re: Update on Motor Vehicle Rules and Post Office Contract


The Problems:
Over the Memorial Day weekend, there were a large number of complaints made to the Facility Manager and board members about reckless and inconsiderate use of motor vehicles by children and adults. The complaints included:

- children racing each other side by side down the airstrip road way over the speed limit
- children and adults driving at over 30 mph
- children "cruising after the 9 pm curfew
- high speed 4 wheeler operations as late as 3 a.m.
- using the service road in the buffer strip for speeding and racing

The Result of the Problem:
The constant noise is affecting the ability of many Blakely residents to enjoy the peace and quiet of the island, in particular those who live along the runway and have the buffer strip road behind them as well. Also, the facility manager has to spend time dealing with the problems and this is not a good use of his time, nor is it something he enjoys doing.

The Rules:
The rules for motor vehicles on Blakely are:

1.     Safe and responsible operation of any motorized vehicle by a child within the plat or on roads to which BIMC has easements shall remain the responsibility of the BIMC member parent or guardian of that child. (7/1/95)

2.    Cruising by motor vehicles shall be confined to areas where the noise will not disturb residents. (8/1/70)

3.    Motor vehicles shall not be used within the plat by persons under the age of 18 (eighteen) years before 9:00 AM or after 9:00 PM, provided, however, that where special conditions are shown to exist, consideration will be given by the Board of Governors to exceptions to this rule. (8/1/70)

4.    The speed limit within the plat is 20 MPH. Vehicles shall have operable headlights, taillights, effective mufflers, and spark arresters. The wearing of crash helmets by riders of motorbikes is encouraged. (8/1/70)


General Delivery, Blakely Island, Washington 98222

5.     Motor vehicles shall not be driven on the beaches abutting the plat. (7/7/84)

The Solutions:
Parents - parents are responsible for their children's behavior. Please explain in detail the BIMC rules listed above to your children. If your children are out of your control, take control of the keys to all of your vehicles. Also, the road in the buffer strip, behind the East side runway homes, is a service road. It is not to be used for motorized vehicular traffic.

All members - please remember the MAXIMUM speed limit is 20 mph. Many areas require extra caution and slower speeds.

One suggestion is that the parents of children who drive on the island get together and discuss what they expect of their children and how to monitor them. This method has been used successfully in the past.

Underage drivers should be reminded that operating a motor vehicle on Blakely is a special, and REVOCABLE, privilege.

The Board welcomes all suggestions on how to deal with the problem. The issue will be discussed at the annual meeting on July 5. Again, parents should be monitoring their children's behavior so that other people are able to enjoy the island.

POST OFFICE CONTRACT - Report by Jim Davis

Attention Blakely Island homeowners:

In June of last year, after 18 years without an increase, BIMC opened negotiations with the USPS for a new contract. In the past twelve months we have had dozens of phone calls and written numerous letters. We have negotiated in good faith while the USPS has repeatedly lost our correspondence, made excuses for delays and basically given us the runaround. On June 4th, we were contacted by the Anacortes Postmaster and informed that our request had finally been approved. Jim was told to expect a written contract in the mail in a few weeks. We were pleased to have this issue behind us.

However, on June 5th, we had another call from the Anacortes Postmaster saying he had been mistaken. He notified us that the current contracts for mail service to the non-ferry served islands would be canceled within the next 30 to 60 days. In its place the USPS is proposing an abbreviated (thee day per week) service by boat. While the issue of how our mail arrives is one thing, the current USPS plan makes many other unilateral changes to our present system: our current Post Office would no longer be used, the boat operator would be sorting our mail, and some type of receptacle/s would need to be provided at or near the Marina. These changes will also significantly impact forwarding services as

those services (if available) would be handled on the mainland, presumably by the Anacortes Post Office. Jim was assured that these changes are a general cost saving move and are not a result of our requested increase. After over forty years of six day per week service, these changes will have a major impact on those of us who rely on this important link to the outside world.

If you are unhappy with these changes, we recommend that you express your dissatisfaction in the following ways. (Please note that due to the anthrax scares, contacting elected representatives by e-mail is weeks faster than contacting them by mail. I could not locate e-mail addresses for the post office after a quick trip to their web site.)

1.  Call or write to Anacortes Postmaster (Larry Farnam) Anacortes, WA  98221

2. Call USPS Consumer Affairs-complaints 1-800-275-8777

3. Write to the USPS District Manager, Les Stewart, 415 First Ave. N., Seattle, WA  98109

4. Call or write our Senators:

Maria Cantwell, 1-888-648-7328
915 Second Ave. Suite 3206, Seattle, WA 98174
senator or

Patty Murray, 1-206-553-5545
2988 Jackson Federal Building, 915 Second Ave., Seattle, WA  98174
senator or

5. Call or write our Congressman:

Rick Larsen, 360-733-4500
104 W. Magnolia, Room 303, Bellingham, WA 98225 or