Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of the BIMC Annual Meeting July 6, 2002

President Len Warden opened the meeting at 9:30 am with notice that quorum was achieved by 87 Members being present or represented by proxy. Board members present included Phil Bridge, Cheryl Burkhart, Scott Shanks, Brian Kincaid and Mark Smith. Chris Owings was unable to attend due to a long planned 575-mile tandem bicycle ride from Amsterdam to Paris to raise funds for European Aids Vaccine Research.

In Memoriam

Len Warden requested a moment of silence to recognize the passing of the following Members of our extended Blakely Island community:

Long time member Betty Rae Lynch,
Joan Davis, mother of Jim Davis,
Barbara Bradfield, mother of Judy Tompkins,
John Foster, son of long time resident Bob Foster.
The community also extended wishes for a timely recovery to Bob McCartney, who suffered a stroke while on island two weeks ago.

New Members

The following new members were introduced to the community:

Paul and Debbie Groesbeck Lot 92
Gerald Parker Lot 68
Hal and Cecile Christiansen Lot 21

Approval of 2001 Annual Meeting Minutes

Margaret Mills Moved that the July 6th, 2001 Annual Meeting minutes be approved as written and previously corrected. Pete Galli seconded the Motion and it was unanimously approved by the Membership.



General Delivery, Blakely Island, Washington 98222


There was a long round of applause in appreciation of Jim and Margo Davis for all of their efforts this past year in maintaining and overseeing the assets of the BIMC.

Additionally, the Board thanked the following Members for their contributions to the community this past year:

John Madden Jr., for his time and service in the publication of the BIMC Directory.
Sig Rogich, for his donation of fill material to the new boat storage area at the lake.
Russ & Meredith Keyes, for all their efforts in making the Annual Picnic a yearly success.
Lance Douglas, for the use of his power equipment in maintaining the dumpsters. Mark Smith for the use of his hangar for this year's Annual Meeting. Deborah Davey, Jan Bridge and Meredith Keyes for their assistance in overseeing the sign-in process for this year's meeting.

Commissioners' reports

Detailed reports were contained in Members packets, however each Commissioner was invited to add any additional comments.

Airport and Roads Commissioner Scott Shanks noted that the new runway safety signs would be reinstalled to allow them to "break away in the event of an aircraft strike. Additionally, Scott noted that existing material on the back road running south from the hangar corridor would be re-graded but that there were no funds left in the budget for additional improvement this year.

Facilities Manager Report

Water - Jim Davis reminded Members that the dock facility at the water pump station is not to be used for recreational purposes. The dock is wobbly and fragile and Will probably need to be replaced within the next few years.

During additional discussion on the water system, Jim advised that the Department of Health has changed the method in which they count the water connections to each structure instead of each lot, noting that the BIMC currently has 117 structures and is only authorized a total of 123 connections for our current water system.

Education - Jim advised the membership that he and Margo had recently completed an additional 8 hours of water training class, as part of the continuing education program required to maintain their currency requirements.

Jim also attended a four day live fire training exercise on San Juan Island, gaining first hand experience on fire fighting techniques and the use of Class A foam fire suppressants.

Safety - Mike Elliman asked about the effectiveness of calling 911 (as noted in the BIMC Directory) in the event of a fire. Jim responded that any fire response from off island would be slow, if available at all. Members should call Jim and Margo immediately and, if they are not available, set off the fire siren at the firehouse or on the fire truck to alert others. Jim emphasized that a Member's first line of defense is the firehose boxes located around the plat and that each home owner should familiarize themselves with the location and operation of that equipment. Jim noted that we are under-equipped to fight a large fire. Our best chance of containment is fast response while the fire is still small. To this end, he suggested that each home and each vehicle should be equipped with a fire extinguisher.

As a final note on safety, Jim requested that Owners anticipating fly-in guests should insure that they are familiar with the Airport Traffic Guidelines and Procedures as noted in the Owners Manual. If possible, Owners should provide Jim with advance notice of arriving guests and suggest that guests contact him directly, should they be unfamiliar with our airport.

SPU Report - Leroy Hubbard

Safety - Leroy shared his deep concern for the increasing fire danger on the Upper Island, pointing out that many of the new vehicles equipped with catalytic converters have exhaust systems hot enough to possibly start a fire if parked or driven into tall grassy areas. He emphasized that each of us needs to be cognizant of potential fire hazards when visiting the upper island.

Also of concern was a recent accident involving a 4 wheeler with a vehicle on an Upper Island road. Although there was some vehicle damage, fortunately no one was seriously injured. Leroy reminds Members and their guests to slow down and be extremely vigilant for other vehicles while driving on Upper Island roads. He also suggested that all vehicles on the Upper Island travel with their LIGHTS ON.

Education - Leroy advised that the SPU Blakely campus now enjoys the largest enrollment ever: 83 students studying the habitat of this unique island. He also noted that SPU has expanded its curriculum to include Astronomy and invited Blakely residents to join him for some Astronomical exploration (mark your calendar) Friday night, August 9th at the Marina. Leroy also shared the results of a recent fish survey of Spencer Lake, stating that although the size of the fish is limited by food sources in the lake, they had recently recorded a small mouth Bass 13 years of age, and weighing almost 3 pounds!

Additionally, visiting SPU entomologist Dr Bruce Congdon cataloged 3 new, undiscovered species of mites. Given the opportunity to name these new species, Dr Condon chose to name one of them "Amblyseius Crowlyie , in honor of Thomas B. Crowley and Family for their significant contribution to the SPU campus.

Leroy reminded the Membership of many ongoing studies and student projects located throughout the island and advised that, should you come upon one of the study monitoring stations or "loggers , please do not disturb them since you may invalidate the information and jeopardize a student's study project.

Upper Island and Marina - BC Crowley

Safety - BC Crowley disappointedly reported that he had recently found cigarette butts scattered about the area near the Thomas B. Crowley memorial on the peak. BC reiterated the concerns of extreme fire danger, emphasizing that there is to be NO SMOKING or OPEN FIRES on the Upper Island and that Members' families and guests should all be reminded of this policy. He also emphasized that vehicles traveling off road should be extremely careful of hot exhaust and should be equipped with fire extinguishers.

BC also noted that logging operations are ongoing and that all drivers on the Upper Island should keep an eye out for possible encounters with a very large vehicle. A schedule of the logging area of operation is posted in the post office. He also noted that in conjunction with the logging operation, there have been over 3500 small trees planted in hopes of someday becoming a new forest.

Marina - BC discussed the current policies at the Marina, stating that they have been created to provide some privacy for Managers Rick and Norma Reed and their Boating Customers, and to manage the Marina Parking Area. Those policies are:

  1. Long-term parking is discouraged, and a fee will be charged for vehicles left more that 24 hours.

  2. There is to be NO PARKING beyond the rope fence after store hours, currently 8:00 PM thru 8:00AM. Should you require access to this area during this time frame, please make prior arrangements with Rick and Norma.

  3. BC stated that The Marina is a 24-hour operation; however, when visiting the Marina please be courteous and quiet after hours, and park your vehicles in the upper lot, away from the store.

Old Business

Horseshoe Lake - Jim Davis stated that good fishing has been reported at the lake. As of late, the largest fish recorded was a 24 German Brown caught by a member of Jim Sheerin's family.

Jim reminded the Membership that in order to maintain a strong fishery, sportsmen should be using barbless hooks to enhance the survival rate for catch and release. Jim believes that stocking the lake with sterile fish has made a significant difference in the fishery, and that based on several years of history, this process should only be required every two years.

Scott Shanks advised that the new dock and ramp are doing well after the first winter on the lake. The Boat Storage area has been expanded, and with some help and volunteer work, the $1700 remaining in the budget will allow for the construction of a second boat storage rack and perhaps a new boat. Scott suggested the purchase of a 10' molded polyurethane boat, which would be immune to the elements and virtually indestructible. The Board hopes to purchase one of these boats for trial on the lake this summer. Scott requested that any Member wishing to volunteer on the Horseshoe Lake project please contact him or Jim directly.

Safety Issues and Plat Rules - Len Warden pointed out that once again, the Island is abuzz with the sound of motorbikes and 4 wheelers. Len emphasized that the Board has deep concern for these youngsters on wheels and stressed that it is the responsibility of each Member-Parent of this community to ensure that their children and guests are trained in the operation of these vehicles and are aware of the rules of the road and recommended speed limit on the plat. Discussion followed.

Ben Dole suggested that all children should be wearing helmets. Pete Galli asked if the 9:00 PM curfew was being enforced for kids, to which Mary O'Neil pointed out that this curfew is still a community unity guideline, and is supported in the Home Owners Manual. Darrel DAvies reminded the Membership that it wasn't just the kids riding motorbikes, but that the Adults were abusing the rules too!

Dan O'Brien inquired as to the insurance coverage afforded by the BIMC. Jim Davis responded that the BIMC insurance would only cover an accident relating to BIMC negligence or a hazard situation. Jim stressed that individual personal vehicles should have liability coverage and that each driver should be named. He also pointed out that most Homeowner policies do not cover motorbikes and 4 wheelers, suggesting, "Members investigate your own individual insurance requirements with your agent .

There was additional discussion concerning privacy, security and liability issues regarding non-members on the plat. Should you encounter someone that you do not recognize, courteously enquire as to the nature of their visit and, if not members or guests, kindly ask them to please return to whence they came!


New Business

Garbage Transportation Issue - Mark Smith advised that the San Juan County Commissioners have extended reimbursement for the transportation of our garbage up until the end of the year, after which, it is uncertain as to whether there will be continued funding. The County has however, offered to transport our recyclables off Island should the BIMC wish to forgo that operation ourselves.

There was some discussion among the Membership regarding this issue and the fact that presently, reimbursement for the transportation of our garbage is basically the only taxpayer service that we receive on Blakely Island. Donovan Burkhart suggested that perhaps a Citizen Petition from the Blakely Community would get their attention however, it was decided that the Board continuing a dialog with the San Juan Commissioners would be sufficient for now.

Community Insurance - Jim Davis reviewed his efforts, starting last October, in securing new insurance for the BIMC. Working with no less that three different brokers, Jim was eventually able to secure the majority of our policies with Safeco, a well recognized name in the insurance industry. A recap of the new policies follows:

Safeco General Liability I million (includes boats, swim area etc)
Safeco Auto Liability 1 million
Safeco Auto Comprehensive 100. Deductible - up to vehicle value
Safeco Buildings & Structures 507,000
Safeco Mobile Equipment 500,000 (tractor, compactor)
Safeco Liability Umbrella 3 million (above our I million general liability coverage)
US Specialty - Airport 3 million
CNA Officers & Directors 3 million

Jim completed his report by stating that last year's total insurance costs were $18,900 but that this year's new policy costs have been reduced to $16,600, while gaining enhanced coverage. The Board and the Membership gave Jim a loud round of applause for his efforts and dedication to establishing these policies on behalf of the BIMC.

Changes to the Bylaws - Len Warden introduced a Board proposal to increase the building permit fee from .25% to 1%, as was noted in the Annual Meeting Packet. Len advised that the purpose of the Building Permit process was basically twofold; to provide for a review of the building plans insuring that neighbors of adjacent properties were aware of future building projects and, to collect a fee which serves as a means of recovering the cost of wear and tear on BIMC roads and facilities, caused by construction on the plat.

Donovan Burkhart Moved the Board "To appoint a commission to study the issue and report back with specific proposals at next year's Annual Meeting The Motion was seconded by Mike Brustkern. Discussion followed as regards the pros and cons of raising the fee, concluding with 58 supporting votes approving the Motion.

Cheryl Burkhart reviewed the following proposed additions to the BIMC guidelines for the Lake:

  1. Haul out and store community-owned boats after use.

  2. Keep boats away from swimming area and swimming platform.

  3. There is no lifeguard on duty. Members assume responsibility for the 4. safety of themselves and their guests.

  4. Dogs and other pets should be kept on a leash at all times and should not be present in the swimming area.

  5. Electric motors are encouraged.

John Howieson Moved "To accept the proposed additions as written . Pete Galli seconded the Motion. There was discussion on some of these issues, with agreement by the Membership to a common sense approach being the general rule when enjoying the lake. The Motion was approved unanimously.

2002-2003 Annual Budget- Treasurer Cheryl Burkhart discussed the proposed budget, as provided in the Annual Meeting Packet. Cheryl noted that approval of this budget would bring the total of the 81MG 15% Maintenance Reserves up to $100,603. Additionally, Cheryl advised that proposed budget would create a $1253 payable for each assessment. There were no questions from the Membership regarding the Operating Budget.

Sue Reents Moved "To approve the 2002 -2003 BIMC Operating Budget The Motion was seconded by Margaret Mills. The Membership voted and approved it unanimously.

Cheryl then explained that the Horseshoe Lake Fish Fund was Option #1, line item 6010 and would, if approved, add an additional $3500 to the approved Annual Budget. This would increase each assessment $26, bringing the total to $1279. Wally Weller Moved "To include the Fish Fund as part of the Annual Budget The Motion was seconded by Bob Hammer and approved unanimously by the Membership.

Nominations and Election of New Commissioners

Board Representative Phil Bridge introduced Nominating Committee Members Sue Reents, chair, and John Madden Jr. Sue then introduced the following slate of Nominees:

Martha Mills 3 year term
John Howieson 3 year term
Chris Owings 1 year term
Brian Kincaid 2 year term

Bob Hammer Moved "To accept the Nominees to the Board . Pete Galli seconded. The Membership voted unanimously to approve and concluded the vote with a large round of applause for the new Board Member volunteers.

For the Good of the Order

Bob Hammer thanked the current Board Members for their time and hard work this past year, to which there was another larger round of applause.

Donavan Burkhart suggested that the South Blakely residents also be made aware of the fire danger and Upper Island rules.

Harold Bartram thanked Lance Douglas for his vision and hard work in the restoration of Driftwood Beach, which the Membership agreed had been an incredible success!

Jim Davis reminded the Members of the locations to find the 4 Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) units located on the Island:

1 located on the seat of the Fire Truck in the firehouse.
1 located above the dryer in the Davis's Laundry room. (Break door glass if necessary!)
1 located at the Dive Shop at the SPU Campus.
1 located in Leroy & Cindy's apartment at the SPU Campus


Bob Hammer Moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:05. The motion was seconded and approved by all.

Stephanie Warden
Secretary Pro Tem