Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.


July 6, 2002


Scott Shanks called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm in the Blakely Island hangar of Mark Smith. Board members present included Cheryl Burkhart, John Howieson, Brian Kincaid, Martha Mills, Scott Shanks, and Mark Smith. Chris Owings was unable to attend. Guests included BIMC member Anne Malmo and Facility manager Jim Davis.


Scott Shanks welcomed new Board members John Howieson and Martha Mills, who have both signed on for three-year terms, and returning Board members Chris Owings and Brian Kincaid. As the first order of business, the election of officers and commissioners was held. Cheryl Burkhart moved to elect Chris Owings to the office of Vice-President, and John Howieson to the post of Water Commissioner. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Cheryl Burkhart moved to uphold Brian Kincaid, Scott Shanks, and Mark Smith in their current positions as Property, Road, and Waste Commissioners respectively, and to elect Martha Mills to the office of Secretary. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

John Howieson moved to elect Cheryl Burkhart to the office of President, and to uphold her in her current position as Treasurer. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.


Roads Commissioner Scott Shanks volunteered to act as Board liaison with the committee that will be appointed to explore effective strategies for funding repair to roads which are experiencing deterioration due to heavy vehicles. Lance Douglas has offered to serve on the committee. The committee will present its suggestions to the membership at next years annual meeting. Volunteers are needed to help research this complex issue.


General Delivery, Blakely Island, Washington 98222


Anne Malmo delivered a letter to the Board of Governors on behalf of her daughter Katherine, who was unable to attend. Discussion on our individual easement rights on Blake!y Island followed.

The Board wishes to recognize the swift action of Deborah and Darrell Davey, Jim and Margo Davis, Torin Davey, and Tristan Droppert during a recent medical emergency an island. The Board also wishes to thank Marc Droppert for legal assistance rendered. These individuals are truly an asset to our community.


A letter was received from Katherine Malmo regarding a hostile encounter.
A letter was received from Knsti Mohler regarding unauthorized persons on the plat.
A letter was received from First Western Development Svcs, Inc. re address change.
A building permit application was received from Wally and Joanne Weller.
A building permit application was received from Jim and Judy Tompkins.
A building permit application was received from Dan and Debbie O'Brien.
Building plans were received from Hal and CIcile Christiansen.


The next meeting of the BIMC Board of Governors has been scheduled for Saturday, September 14, 10:00 am, at the Blakely Island home of Cheryl Burkhart.


John Howieson moved that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm.

Submitted by Cheryl Burkhart

Secretary Pro Tem


TO: All Blakely Island Maintenance Commission Members

This notice is provided as a reminder to you that all of BIMC's facilities, as well as the enjoyment of upper island easement rights, are made available for use by you, your family members, guests, agents, and invitees at your and their own risk. This includes the roads (both in the San Juan Aviation and Yachting Estates Development and on the upper island easement), airport facilities, recycling center, tennis court, lakes and related facilities, garbage compactor, and all other properties or facilities either owned by the BIMC or which are available to you because of your 81MG membership. While the BIMC does maintain some property and liability insurance coverage, it should not be assumed that all risks are covered, or that the insurance maintained is adequate to cover all losses any of you may incur.

Please ensure that all of your family members, guests, agents and invitees are aware of the contents of this notice, including the fact that their use of the referenced facilities is at their own risk. Please understand that it is your responsibility, not the BIMC's, to make sure that they understand and are aware of this limitation.

As members of the BIMC community, it is important that we all observe appropriate safety precautions, including, without limitation, observing the 20 mph maximum speed limit and safe use of BIMC and easement facilities, and that we all take responsibility for identifying any potentially unsafe situation or circumstances. Should you become aware of any situation you believe causes a safety concern, please let the BIMC Facility Manager or one of the BIMC Board members know promptly. Should you have any questions about this notice or otherwise about the use of BIMC or easement facilities, please let the Facility Manager or A Board member know as well.


This notice is provided as a reminder to you that the BIMC road right-of way is 40 feet on all roads except the taxiway and the connecting roads which run parallel to the hangars between the taxiway and the west plat road, on which the BIMC road right-of-way is 30 feet.

Members who utilize this BIMC property in any way, including but not limited to landscaping, retaining walls, driveways, fences, structures, etc., do so with the express permission of the BIMC, at their own risk, and at their own removal expense should the BIMC require access for any reason.