Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.


JANUARY 11, 2003


Commissioners present: Cheryl Burkhart, John Howieson, Brian Kincaid, Martha Mills, Chris Owings (arrived later), and Scott Shanks

Guest: Jim Davis

President Cheryl Burkhart called the meeting to order at 11:15 a.m. at Brian Kincaid’s home in Edmonds.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of September 14, 2002 were approved.

Facility Manager’s Report

Jim Davis presented his report - see attached Facility Manager’s Report dated January 11, 2003.

Water system leaks: Jim emphasized that leaks occur regularly in the water system and it takes much less time to find the leak if owners have turned off their water at the street when they leave. One recent leak was 25,000 galloons per day and was hard to find because it went to a hydrant on the beach. There was discussion about what to do if members do not turn off their water at the street and it causes continuing problems.

Security: Recently some homeowners have discovered that personal property is missing from their homes, so please remember to return any items that you may have borrowed from your neighbors.

Compactor: The compactor has had several problems recently (pins, rust, garbage buildup, etc.); it is 13 years old and the average age for rebuild is 7 years, although ours does not have heavy year round use. A rebuild will result in a like-new compactor because the motor lasts much longer than the other parts. At the next meeting, Jim will have more information about the cost to rebuild the compactor.

Insurance: Jim contacted all three brokers BIMC used last year; one said that if we are with Safeco, we should not change now.

Commissioner’s Reports

Water System: John Howieson

There was discussion about how to find leaks in the system faster. Ideas discussed included turning off water at the street for seasonally absent members after Nov. 15 or charging a fee if members do not turn off at the street.

John will do a presentation on winterization procedures at the annual meeting. Jim Davis prepared a detailed description of how to winterize 4 to 5 years ago that he will try to find.


General Delivery, Blakely Island, Washington 98222

Roads: Scott Shanks

There was discussion about the buffer strip road and fixing potholes. Leroy Hubbert is working on the grader and Jim Davis can do some things to improve the situation. Jim reported that the airport surface is holding up well and recommended another coat of sealant after 3 years, then after 5 years, as well as on the taxiway. The sealant helps preserve the surface because it doesn’t permit the solvents to evaporate.

Property Manager: Brian Kincaid

No report.

Fire, Waste, and Buffer Strip: Chris Owings

No report. Chris checked with Jim Davis about the garbage situation and is deferring to his good relationship with the county, which is presently absorbing the cost of transporting our waste.

Treasurer: Cheryl Burkhart

Cheryl provided a report of our year-to-date spending for Board review. She requested that the various commissioners prepare their individual budget requirements for the next Board meeting so that she can begin work on the 2003-2004 annual budget.

SBMA: Jim Davis will ask SBMA to contribute to the expense for fish this year.

There was discussion about repair of the water dock with several alternatives proposed. Jim Davis will put together information on several alternatives and their costs. Since the present dock is wearing out, Jim will post a sign to stay off the dock. Jim pointed out that if the dock is removed, then the line will have to be anchored, so it would be a good time to consider extending the water line out another 100 feet to deeper water, which will result in the water needing less treatment during the summer. There was agreement that the goal of any improvement to the dock will be to extend the water line and build a new water dock. Brian Kincaid will work with Jim Davis to design a new water dock.

Old business

Building Permit Committee. Cheryl Burkhart requested that the committee submit their recommendation for review by the Board.

Water System. There was discussion about installing water meters to help locate leaks and track where water is used. Jim Davis reported that municipalities have discovered that installing water meters reduces water use by all users, large and small. John Howieson proposed that any member who wants a water meter installed do so. The cost is estimated to be about $400.

Roats. The Roats objected to the description of their position in the September 14, 2002 minutes. A letter from their attorney stating their position is attached to these minutes.

New Business

One member has encroached on the BIMC road and buffer strip opposite his home and has removed vegetation. The Board will work with him to replace the plants with native vegetation. Cheryl Burkhart will draft a letter to the member about the matter.

Nominating Committee: John Howieson, Len Warden, and Phil Bridge are on the committee. Several names were suggested for vacancies on the board.

There was discussion about the use of the service road in the buffer strip by 4 wheelers and cars. Please remember that the buffer strip road is a service road only and not for any other traffic. The members whose homes are along the buffer strip already have plenty of traffic in front of their homes.

The permanent Blakely Island website is now online and archival and community information will be added as time permits. Many thanks to Donovan Burkhart for his time and expertise in bringing this project to fruition. Please visit the site at

Correspondence Received
Oct. 4, 2002 letter from Roats’ attorney re misinformation in Sept. 14, 2002 minutes
Oct. 30, 2002 Letter from John and Ellen Bonica re problems with youth on vehicles.
Dec. 9, 2002 Membership Application for Laurie and John Davidson for lot 140

Next Meeting
The next board meeting will be March 29 on Blakely at 10:00 a.m. at the home of Cheryl Burkhart.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m. Our thanks to Brian and Pam Kincaid for providing refreshments and the use of their home for the meeting.

Martha Mills
BIMC Secretary

Facility Manager’s Report
January 11, 2003 letter from Cheryl Burkhart in response to Roats’ attorney’s letter
October 4, 2002 letter from the Roats’ attorney re misinformation in minutes

Facility Manager’s Report
Jim Davis
January 11th2003

Happy New Year!!

Water Treatment Plant
Our water quality this winter has been excellent. The lake level is back up to normal and there have not been any issues with high turbidity or algae blooms. With careful monitoring on our part, our filtered water quality still beats all of the current State and Federal standards. We have had some issues with the water heater and the mixing barrels at the plant. These items will need to be replaced before next summer.

I have been purchasing our chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) at Costco. They have had the best price and the location was convenient. However, when we needed chlorine at the end of the summer, Costco did not have any stock. I was shocked by the prices quoted by local supply houses. After some shopping I found a chemical supplier in Bellingham that agreed to meet the Costco price with a thousand pound order. I have been storing the barrels in the Davey’s Bellingham hanger. Darrell and I have been bringing them over a couple barrels at a time, when we have room.

Water Use-Leaks
We have had some interesting water leaks recently. These were very difficult to track, as they were not evidenced by surface water. One leak (25,000 gallons per day) turned out to be a broken pipe feeding a yard hydrant. The hydrant was on the beach, which made it difficult to locate the leak. I found three more leaks on private property. These diagnostics can take several days each. We again request that members shut their water off at the street when they are leaving the island. I found and repaired one leak in a BIMC service valve and another in a fire hydrant lower seal. Since these repairs, our water use has been at a statistic all-time-low.

Irrigation Water System
A suspicious damp spot appeared adjacent to one of the hydrants on the irrigation line last fall. I rebuilt the hydrant without result. With some probative digging recently I located a bad glue joint in the pipeline itself. This is the first problem of this type on this four-year-old system. The line is currently shut down and I will be replacing the leaking section shortly.

I have had two reports recently of property missing/stolen from member’s homes. The security of this special place is something that many of us take for granted. Sadly, this feature of Blakely is now being threatened. I recommend that everyone lock their homes when not in use. Additionally, please help us keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary as you move around the plat. Give me a call if you see any questionable activity. We want to put a stop to this activity immediately and return Blakely to the safe and secure environment of years past.

I am in contact with two brokers to work on quotes for our BIMC insurance policies. Our main policy renews at the end of March and the airport policy renews April 15th.

Postal Contract
While I have been in regular contact with the Anacortes Postmaster, we still have not had a response to our request for an increase. I guess I need to figure out how those military contractors get $500 for a hammer and $1,500 for a toilet seat.

Recycling & Waste
I scheduled with San Juan Sanitation (SJS) to bring another 30-yard recycling box over in mid-September. We were once again able to fill it to capacity with cardboard, paper, aluminum and plastic. This arrangement with SJS seems to be working out well for us.

We continue to have small problems with the compactor. There is quite a lot of corrosion and wear on the moving parts of the compaction ram. Recently one of the clevis pins for one of the two hydraulic cylinders failed. Because of the power of the cylinder this usually results in catastrophic structural damage to the unit. We were lucky and there was no collateral damage. Tracking down parts was a challenge. The dealer BIMC purchased the compactor from is now out of business. After contacting the factory, I found another dealer in our area. They suggested that the failed pin is indicative of larger problems and suggested that it might be time for a structural rebuild. They were surprised that our unit is over ten years old and had not already been rebuilt. The cost of a rebuild is $5,000 and up. I will evaluate this further when I install the new parts.

Horseshoe Lake
We planted fish in Horseshoe Lake on November 15th. The fish from the plant two years ago are doing well and it looks like a plant every two years will sustain an excellent fishery. We planted sterile Rainbow again this time. This year’s plant comprised about 3,500 fish in the 8-9” size range. The lake water in November was 51 degrees compared to the fish farm water of 50 degrees. The timing was perfect and the fish were spreading out in the lake and jumping within a few minutes. A few of the fish from one of the three tanks on the truck were a little lethargic at first and took a while to get moving. It was discovered that this tank was accidentally over oxygenated and the fish were kind of stoned. They seemed to revive in the lake water and swam away with the rest of the school.

Both of the old Coleman canoes were damaged (cracked) last summer. I am looking into purchasing a plastic welder to repair the cracks. Please remember, these boats are not indestructible. Normally, you should have two people to move a boat or canoe on shore. Caution should be used to avoid impact, especially to the less flexible bow and stern areas. Try to move the boats by lifting instead of dragging.

Road Work
We have started trimming trees that are encroaching on our roadways. This project is extensive and will continue through the winter and spring.

Winter Storm Damage
Blakely has had a couple of real blows recently. While we have lost several trees and countless branches, structure damage was minor. One home had a smashed glass door. I covered the damage with plywood but was unable to contact the owner by phone because they had changed their number. Since it may be necessary for us to contact you in an emergency, please keep us up to date with changes in your contact information.

A few consecutive mild winters have caused some members to be more complacent about winterizing their homes. Please keep in mind that weather conditions could change at any time. At a minimum, members should turn their water off at the road to prevent major water damage in the event of a freeze break. I have winterized all of the BIMC equipment and structures.

Our faithful Trooper has been giving us some grief. The normally clean and dry motor started leaking oil. Because of a number of baffles and shields, it was difficult to locate the source. After considerable disassembly a worn seal was noted. This “dealer only” item was not in stock at the dealer so the repair is delayed until the part arrives. There are no significant defects with our other vehicles.

House Improvements
The new storage building next to the house is now finished. The design matches the house and is a huge improvement over the old rusty shed. Margo and I did all the work so the project was completed at very little cost to the BIMC. Much to everyone’s surprise, the kitchen remodel is nearly complete. Most of the drawers were worn with loose sides and bottoms. I rebuilt the drawers with new material and glued all the joints to eliminate future problems. Adjustable shelves were added for better utility and one cabinet was spruced up with glass shelves, glass doors and special spotlights just for fun!

We have dozens of trees immediately behind the house. As these have grown they were starting to rub against the gutters and roof. To reduce the potential for damage, we trimmed or removed several trees last fall.

Our forty plus year old septic system is failing. The drain field almost doesn’t. I am in the process of gathering design criteria for its replacement this spring. For permit purposes, the County may require us to hire a licensed designer. I should then be able to perform the installation myself.

Facilities Manager Vacation
We have used 7 days of vacation since September. As of January 1st we have 12 2/3rds days of vacation coming.

Jim Davis

Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.


January 11, 2003


Dear Fellow BIMC Members:

Gary and Pamela Roats, through their attorney, have asked that the attached letter be distributed to the BIMC membership with the minutes of the 1-11-03 meeting of the Board of Governors. Along with their objection to specific wording in the minutes of the 9-14-02 BIMC Board meeting, the Roats have three major points of contention with our community. First, they cite damage to a low-hanging tree by passing construction vehicles. Second, they claim adverse right of possession to portions of the BIMC-owned roadway adjoining lot 129. Third, they challenge the validity of our community’s CCRs on the basis of improperly recorded documents of renewal eight years ago.

We have obtained the legal advice of BIMC attorney Robert Johns, and we are confident that all three claims are baseless. We reaffirm the BIMC’s full ownership of all community roadways as well as the effectiveness of its CCRs, and repudiate all claims to the contrary. The Board is committed to protecting the assets of our association in any way necessary. If we are forced to respond to a lawsuit, we will do our utmost to recover all permitted costs from its instigators.

Copies of all documents relating to the Roats’ initial attempts to block the roadway, and the resulting correspondence, are too voluminous to include in this mailing, but as always, are available from the BIMC Secretary upon request.

The Board extends its thanks to the community for its continued support.


Cheryl Burkhart, BIMC President