Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.


JANUARY 10, 2004


Commissioners Present: Cheryl Burkhart, Marc Droppert, Brian Kincaid, Martha Mills, Chris Owings, and Cindy Zech. John Howieson was absent.
Guests: Jim Davis, Ralph Zech, and Russ Keyes

President Cheryl Burkhart called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m. at the home of Cindy Zech in Kirkland.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the August 31, 2003 meeting were approved.

Treasurer. Cindy Zech reported that BIMC has a $128,431.71 balance with $75,324.26 in the checking account. Five members have not yet paid their assessments.
New members are John & Carolyn Groshans and Donald (D.L.) & Pam Fitzpatrick.
JoAnn Burkhart married Ted Hubbard on July 12, 2003 and may now be called JoAnn Hubbard. She has requested that she be listed in the directory under her birth name (also her legal and professional name) of JoAnn Roe.

Property. Brian Kincaid reported that all is fine with property.

Roads and Airports. Marc Droppert recommended that BIMC develop a 10-year capital improvement plan, including a list of priorities, to be presented each year at the annual meeting so the membership would be aware of future projects. The board agreed that would be a good idea. There was discussion about presenting the plan in budget form in the annual meeting packet.

            Ownerís Manual: 1998 is the latest version, which will be updated. Cheryl Burkhart will send out a draft for review by board members.

            Short landing: The airplane that landed short on the south end of the airport left some marks on the road and some minor spots on the runway that will be filled when the runway is re-sealed. Jim Davis said the new runway coating is fuel resistant and may have prevented any fire, as well as help the airplane to skid along. More work is necessary to deal with the other airplane crash.

Fire and Waste. Chris Owings reported that the compactor would soon be rebuilt. There is no income from recycling but also no expenses.

Concerning the short landing event, the fire equipment arrived via a resident, but the fire alarm was not set off and no one was present who could operate the equipment. When there is an emergency, we need

 to locate Jim Davis or someone else who can operate the equipment. On the post at the fire hall are two buttons ďtestĒ and ďalarmĒ to set off the alarm to call Jim when he is outside pager range and to notify others as well.

Facility Manager Report. Jim Davisí full report is attached.
          Jim Davis and Brian Kincaid are working on a solution to the reservoir roof problem.
The compactor is going to Auburn next week and Jim will go down to inspect it for necessary repairs when it is disassembled. Some repairs could be deferred for a couple years but it is cost effective to do them now to save future transportation and disassembly costs. The estimated cost to rebuild the compactor is $5,000-9,000. The motor is easily replaceable and readily available, so we will keep using the old one.
            Insurance is coming up again. The broker expects to get the same coverage for a similar rate for next year. The value of BIMC buildings needs to be re-evaluated. The current aggregate value is $535,000 for the house, water plant, etc. If one structure uses most of the valuation, it can be a problem. The issue is whether we assume the co-insurance risk or not.
            There was discussion about fencing off the backwash pond for the water treatment plant. Jim will be digging the pond out this spring. Jim will research the cost to install a fence. Jim has placed a log across the lower end of the water system access road, which has been eroded from too much traffic. There was discussion about placing a log at the upper end of the access road.

Old Business

Water Committee. The water committee reports that they have agreed without dissent that all irrigation must be removed from the domestic water system as a first step in conservation.
            The committee inquired about the possibility of the BIMC financing specific community irrigation installation in advance of the annual meeting. The Board declined to approve any expenditures or plans on any BIMC projects until the membership has voted on a course of action.

Fire Committee. Chris Owings, Board liaison for the fire committee, reported that it is still working on items and a draft. The fire committee members are Lance Douglas (chair), Kevin Clark, and John Davidson. Any BIMC member with comments, please contact a member of the committee. The committee has interviewed key people about history and concerns, made an inventory of what is available on the island, and is putting together a list of suggested items for the membership to prioritize. The most important initial defense is for novices to be able to stop a fire when it first starts, not to deal with a major blaze. There was discussion about equipment and insurance ratings.

New Business

Next Yearís Budget. Cheryl Burkhart requested that all board members contact Jim Davis with any budget numbers so the information can get to Cindy Zech before the next Board meeting so she can finalize the proposed budget. The deadline for submissions for the 2004 annual meeting packet is April 1.

Nominating committee. Three positions for three-year terms are up for election at the next annual meeting. The nominating committee consists of one board member and two general members. Cheryl Burkhart will contact John Howieson about serving on the nominating committee. Brian Kincaid, Chris Owings, and Cheryl Burkhart will be leaving the Board. There was discussion about possible new Board members. Any BIMC member interested in serving on the Board should contact a Board member.

House Transfer Process. Recent house sales have not followed the BIMC requirements of applying for waiver of the right of refusal and applying for membership. Some recent applications were not submitted in a timely manner. These applications will be approved on this occasion only. There was discussion of recent cases and possible remedies. The Board reminds members that they must submit an application for waiver of the right of first refusal before a sale occurs and their prospective buyers must apply for membership [before the sale?]. The BIMC governing documents deny plat access to non-members.

Next meeting. The next Board meeting will be Saturday, March 20, 2004 at 10:00 a.m. at Marc Droppertís house on Blakely.

Facility Manager Contract. The Board reviewed the status of the facility managerís contract, which is due for renewal in early 2006. Marc Droppert and Brian Kincaid will begin the negotiating process. When Brian leaves the Board this summer, Marc will continue on into next year with a new Board member.

Meeting Adjourned
The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m. The Board thanks Cindy and Ralph Zech for providing their home and refreshments for the meeting.

Correspondence Received
Letter from JoAnn Roe received at Board meeting re change of name.


Martha Mills
BIMC Secretary

Facility Managerís Report 
Jim Davis
January 10th 2004

Water Treatment Plant

The water plant survived the cold weather with no problems. We added insulation when I rebuilt the roof and this helped. Our water quality remains good and the lake level is coming back up to normal levels. Our current stock of treatment chemicals should last until spring.


I have noticed deterioration of the roof trusses in all three reservoirs. The original trusses in the domestic reservoirs were built with treated dimensional lumber with treated plywood gussets on both sides of each joint. The plywood gussets were attached with wire staples. Corrosion of these staples has resulted in the gussets becoming loose and will eventually lead to structural failure of the trusses. Margo and I built several new trusses when a tree fell on one of the roofs several years ago. We used heavy galvanized nails to attach the gussets and these seem to be holding up well. The irrigation water reservoir also has treated wood trusses. However, instead of plywood, the builder used galvanized metal gussets. These gussets are also showing deterioration due to corrosion. The trick will be to engineer a permanent fix for this problem that can be installed without the time and expense of removing the roof. Iíll work on a solution for this with Brian, our resident construction expert.

Water Use

Our water use is down to normal wintertime levels. Our low days are about 3,000 gallons. With eleven full-time residential connections plus the marina and Kenís shop, this seems to be a reasonable flow and an indication of little or no leakage from our distribution system. The few individual meters that have been installed show less than 150 gallons per day for domestic use (two-person household). 

Water Committee

I have been working closely with the water committee and our engineer John Hart. Mr. Hart was able to use our detailed records, from the past several years, to evaluate our current status and make projections for future needs. While this is still a work in progress, it appears that we will need to establish a significant conservation program or face major expenses to process and store more water. 

Postal Contract

I have put in another call to the Anacortes Postmaster. My hundredth? He said he would check on the status of our requested increase. I reminded him that we have been waiting for an answer for nearly two years. He did say that they are not currently considering other changes in mail transport (plane to boat). I hope to have some news on this soon. Itís hard to play hardball when the other team threatens to abandon the game and leave us with no contract or service. At least weíre still getting mail and $20.00 per day!


The BIRD is nearly full again. We will be loading and hauling all of the material (two dumpsters full) in January.


The garbage compactor will be leaving next week for a rebuild. The work will be done in Auburn. I will go down after the disassembly and cleaning to evaluate the scope of the work that will be necessary. The job is expected to be complete in about two weeks. We will place some of the green totes from the recycle center at the marina to collect refuse during that time. The compactor is twelve years old. With this rebuild we should be able to keep it going for another twelve.

Winter Weather

After many years of mild winters, we had a real cold snap right after Christmas. We had sustained North winds that reached over 50 MPH. The temperature went down and stayed down for five days. The low was 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The high was 24 degrees for three days. The wind chill was below zero. Our garbage compactor quit due to the low temperature. The gusty winds sheared the two-inch steel pipe for the South-end windsock. The windsock frame and mount were also damaged when they hit the ground. I straightened and repaired the mount and frame. We are lucky to have pipe-threading equipment so I was able to dress the broken end of the pole and machine new threads. We had a calm day today (1/8/04) so Margo and I reinstalled the whole assembly.

The low temperatures also had the expected result on unprotected plumbing. Several homes have known pipe breaks. Members should use extra care when activating their systems. Even a small amount of water left in the system can freeze and damage pipes. Please check your system by listening for leaks and checking under the home for leakage.


I replaced all four tires on the Trooper in December. I was concerned about the wear pattern on the old front tires and found the front alignment to be out of adjustment. I reset the toe-in. This should result in the new tires wearing more evenly. The Toyota pickup is showing signs of age and miles (180,000). The charging system is intermittent and we are hearing a growling noise from the front of the engine (also intermittent). Iíll tear into this soon and sort out these problems. 

House Improvements

Between vacations, surgery, working with the water engineer and recent weather issues, we are just getting started on the remodeling at the house. Some floor structure changes are necessary to bay out the dining room. I am in the final stages of getting materials together and this project will be taking shape this month. We have decided to include replacing the remaining aluminum sliding doors as part of this project. The glass seals are bad in these doors and the recent cold weather and sustained winds emphasized the inefficiencies. We had thick ice formations on the inside of the aluminum frames!

Facilities Manager Vacation

We have used 9 days of vacation since September 1st. As of January 1st we will have 9 2/3 days of vacation coming. In our 11 years on Blakely, we have not used any sick days. With my surgery in December I was finally forced to use our sick leave for the year.

Jim Davis