Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

JULY 3, 2004

Governors Present: Marc Droppert, Ben Dole, Ron Griffin, John Howieson, John Madden, Martha Mills, and Cindy Zech.
Guests: Jim Davis and Russ Keyes

The meeting came to order at 1:45 p.m. following the Annual Meeting.

Election of Officers
Marc Droppert proposed that the board consider organizing into long and short-term project teams to deal with future projects. There was discussion about the merits of having governors with dedicated responsibilities, organizing into long and short-term committees, as well as a combination of the former. The by-laws require that the Board elect officers for president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

The Board decided that the officers and responsibilities would be as follows:

President – Marc Droppert   Fire and Waste – Ben Dole
Vice President – John Madden   Roads – Martha Mills
Secretary – Ron Griffith   Property Manager – John Madden
Treasurer – Cindy Zech   Water – John Howieson

A long-term planning committee was formed consisting of Marc Droppert, Ben Dole, and John Howieson. A current operations committee was formed consisting of John Madden and Martha Mills. Jim Davis will participate as a member of both committees.
The Board voted unanimously to elect the above officers.

Marc Droppert recommended that the Board meet more often for shorter meetings, with the use of email and teleconferences as necessary. The date of the next board meeting will be decided by email consultation. Notice of the meeting will be posted on the BIMC website.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:30 p.m.


Martha Mills
BIMC Secretary

Correspondence Sent


Laurie and John Davidson   

Membership certificate


D.L. and Pam Fitzpatrick   

Membership certificate


John and Carolyn Grosshans   

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Dan Roach and Ellen Roth   

Membership certificate


July 24, 2004

Fire Committee Report

The fire committee met with Ben Dole after the annual meeting and it was decided to concentrate efforts on a few things that could be of benefit this summer season.

As of this date, a half dozen red fire response boxes have been placed around the upper island. Please explain to your family members that these are sealed containers for emergency use only and to treat them with respect. A sample box is on display at the post office and you are encouraged to look through it with your family.

A portable floating fire pump and associated hose & nozzle are staged in a big red storage locker at the fire depot location on the upper island (by the road just north of Horseshoe Lake). Again, this is emergency equipment and should be left alone unless it is needed.

The big 6x6 fire truck is also at the depot area. Ken Parker and Dick Shanaman are still collecting donations for this fire truck.

Hose inventories in various locations around the island have been increased to better meet possible fire needs. Combining a bulk hose order with SBMA resulted in a significant cost savings to all. SPU has also significantly increased their fire equipment inventory with two response boxes, a portable fire pump, and 1,000 feet of hose.

Members of the fire committee have worked untold hours and days to procure and prepare all of this equipment in a timely manor. Don’t hesitate to thank them when you see them.

Lance Douglas