Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

BIMC BOARD MEETING JULY 11, 2004 11:00AM – 2:00 PM



Marc Droppert, President, Long Range Planning Chair
John Madden, Vice President and Current Operations Chair
Cindy Zech, Treasurer
Ron Griffin, Secretary
Ben Dole – Fire and Waste Commissioner
John Howieson – Water Commissioner
Martha Mills – Roads and Airport Commissioner
Jim Davis, Facilities Manager


  1. Discussion regarding committee chairs and composition overlaps, best way to organize. Current Operations committee will consist of John Madden, Martha Mills and Jim Davis. Long Range Planning Committee will consist of Ben Dole, John Howieson, Jim Davis and Marc Droppert. Commissioners will assemble the teams they need and make reports to the board for discussion and action. E-mail will be used to circulate the discussion between board meetings to maximize information and minimize detail discussion at the board meetings.
  2. Long Range Planning, Marc started a list of issues for consideration. It was determined that a prior list had been developed and will be integrated.
  3. Terry Pence compensation to be reviewed by Jim Davis and John Madden. Motion to authorize compensation increase to up to $22/hour or equivalent was unanimously approved.
  4. Water commission – Russ Keyes was invited to re-cap priorities to get started on the projects approved at the July 3rd general membership meeting. Russ has also agreed to work with John Howieson and Jim Davis on implementation of the water project.
    The new line to Driftwood beach will require plumbing work to modify the Taggares water distribution system to eliminate its irrigation use from the BIMC domestic water system. This will require re-plumbing and was estimated to cost approximately $10,000. The board approved this last year and it is expected to be within the budget for the project. The general membership meeting voted for the run to be made down Marine View Drive for access to all homes, rather than only behind homes on the south side. Three bidders were initially solicited. The contractors will be asked to re-bid for increasing the designated route and part of domestic line from 3 inches to 4 inches for additional fire protection capability. Motion was made to authorize the water committee to proceed with enhancements as approved and budgeted at the annual membership meeting for a total of $119,500. Approved, with two abstaining.

        Water related issues to be addressed by the water committee include:

a. How to offer and encourage new raw water hookups to all potential new users.
b. How to get meters installed as soon as possible on the domestic water system.
c. Develop policy regarding sharing domestic and raw water connections, meters.
d. Develop policy for un-assessed water users.
e. Develop policy for excessive use of domestic water.
f. Develop policy for non compliance of policy prohibiting lawn watering with domestic water.
g. Resolve metering costs/offsets for lines over ¾ inches.
h. Develop rebate policy for users who already installed meters.
i. Develop policy regarding raw water system management.
j. Develop policy for reading meters.

5.    Fire commission report- Ben Dole, Ben is very impressed with the work Lance and his team have done regarding fire protection. The 6 fire boxes will be installed immediately, at least 4,000 feet of new hose will be ordered and repairs will be started on the small items. A motion to authorize procurement for this work and for repair action/items (collectively not to exceed $10,000) was unanimously approved.

A detailed proposal is being developed for a replacement truck with skid unit and will be presented at the next board meeting. Ben is auditing all fire protection equipment and committed to define a maintenance plan for all items to maintain their effectiveness.

6.    Roads – Martha Mills, Jim Davis will coordinate a Blakely visit with the contractor Harold Bartram contacted for the roads bid to include John Madden. The road repair will be coordinated with the Driftwood water extension to fix it once. The goal is to complete the road work as soon as possible after all water project cuts have been completed.
Community initiatives – Marc emphasized our charter is the representation of the good of the whole community. Some items for consideration include:

k.  Low flow toilets – volume cost and determination of owner interest.
l.   Group purchase of fire extinguishers for cars and homes.
m. Extending the emergency notification system to include the Marina, Airport and BIRD locations for sirens/panic buttons.
n.  Zeroscape landscape and gardening recommendations to help owner’s select hardy plants for Blakely that require minimum water.

8.    Information management – Jim Davis’ reports have been excellent. Intra board communication by e-mail. One voice and responsive to owners inputs. Any input copied to Marc and Ron as a minimum.

9.    Water hook up funds allocation. Motion by Cindy and amended by John Madden to account for water hookup funds in the operating budget was unanimously approved.
10.    Board meeting minutes to post on the web site with notification to owners. Continue to reduce paper mailing requirements. President’s letter by mail to update owners on board’s activity on their behalf.
11.    Pam Roats asked Ben to explain Driftwood beach water distribution extension requirement. John H. and Marc to discuss and respond.
12.    Cindy made a motion to formally ratify the annual assessment to be $2344 per lot, as determined and approved at the annual meeting.
13.    Executive session – Discussion of Jim Davis’ contract term. Marc and John Madden to review strategy.
14.    Next board meeting scheduled for August 21 (Saturday) at 9:00 AM. Marc requested that we all identify action items, circulate information for discussion and prepare in advance of the next meeting to make best use of everyone’s time in the board meeting. Jim Davis will conduct infrastructure tour for all interested Board Members immediately after the next meeting.
15.    Adjourned at 1:57 PM

BOB (Bikers on Blakely)


The mission of BOB is to educate all our Blakely children about the safe operation of motorized vehicles and the rules of the road on Blakely.

We had a great turnout for this years two BOB events. The first event was on Memorial Day weekend and the second was on the 4th of July weekend. All the participants listened to an explanation of the rules, and completed the challenge course. Each participant received a certificate, which included the Blakely rules of the road. Listed below are all the kids who participated.

Many thanks to Dan O'Brien for his help in assembling and overseeing the challenge course, and to the group of volunteers who assisted.

We are planning on holding the BOB events again next year.

Thank you, to all the kids and parents who came and participated.

John Madden


Robert Smythe   

Tyler Zech   

Ryan Swerland

Krissy Burkhart   

Jordan Swerland   

Jennifer Madden

Ashley Madden   

Logan Burkhart   

Paige Loura

Laura Pflug   

Kaden Fitzpatrick   

Logan Fitzpatrick

Dane O'Brien   

Johnathon Fergus   

Thor Kellin

Kevin Light   

Jennifer Light   

Genevieve Davies

Christopher Oelrich   

Jessica Leslie   

Robyn Leslie

Gary Smythe   

Blakely O'Brien   

Jake Oelrich

Fire Report 07/04/04

The fire committee met with Bed Dole after the meeting and it was decided to concentrate efforts on a few things that could be of benefit this summer season. As of this writing, there have been a half dozen fire response boxes staged around the upper island. Please explain to your family members that these are sealed containers for emergency use only and to treat them with respect. There is a sample box on display at the post office and you are encouraged to look through it with your family.

There has also been a portable floating fire pump and associated hose & nozzle staged in a big red storage locker at the fire depot location on the upper island. Again, this is emergency equipment and should be left alone unless it is needed.

The big 6x6 fire truck is also staged at the depot area. Donations for that equipment are still being collected by Ken Parker and Dick Shanaman.

Hose inventories in various locations around the island have also been built up to better reflect those needs. Combining a bulk hose order with SBMA resulted in a significant cost savings to all. SPU has also significantly increased their fire equipment inventory.

Members of the fire committee have worked untold hours and days procuring and preparing all of this equipment in a timely manor. Don’t hesitate to thank them as you see them.