Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Preliminary Minutes of May 30, 2005 BIMC Board meeting

Marc Droppert , President
John Madden , Vice President
John Howieson, Water Commissioner
Ben Dole, Fire and Waste Commissioner
Martha Mills, Airport and Roads Commissioner
Ron Griffin, Secretary
Jim Davis, Facilities Manager

BIMC visiting members:
Russ Keyes
D.L Fitzpatrick

Not Present:
Cindy Zech, Treasurer

The meeting was called to order by Marc Droppert at 9:05 AM  

1.      The minutes of the April 2, 2005 Board meeting were approved unanimously as published.

2.      Davidson Membership application related to Lot _X__ was reviewed and approved.

3.      Brown building permit related to Lots 22 and 23 was reviewed and approved.

4.      The BIMC Annual picnic will be combined with the Marina ’s Anniversary Ssalmon Bbake.  Logistics to be discussed with Norma.  Jim Davis to implement BIMC support.

5.      Annual meeting logistics were reviewed – need portable toilets, hanger space, PA system, etc.  AED training to be on July 3 at 10 AM .  Youth motorized bike/ATV training tentatively to be on July 2 at 2 PM.

6.      Fireworks celebration – San Juan County mandates fireworks are only legal from 9 AM to 12 AM on July 4.  Since the Fourth is on Monday night and many will be traveling home, Jim will check with the San Juan Sheriff to see if Saturday or Sunday evening fireworks are possible.  Jim noted that San Juan County continues to tighten enforcement of illegal fireworks and displays outside of the time window allotted.

7.      Bylaws amendment was proposed by Marc Droppert , seconded and unanimously approved to recommend the deadline for nominees and the annual meeting packet be changed to coincide to eliminate double mailings.  Preference is not less than 30 days or more than 60 days before the annual meeting to enable accurate YTD financial information.

8.      U.S. Mail service to Blakely is still on temporary extension.  The USPS is negotiating with several carriers for a permanent arrangement.

9.      E-mail to the BIMC Board regarding the Struck house as a growing community issue was discussed.  Marc will draft a letter to determine what the owner’s plan is.  Jim is to first We need to determine the property’s status with San Juan County .

10.  Roads were discussed at length.  Fidalgo paving bid $6,300 to patch, JnR quoted $14,068.  Both suggested patching was the least effective use of money for paving.  Gravel work was quoted at $6,150 by JnR and $4,800 by Fidalgo.  Shoulder gravel was quoted at $2,000.  Additional costs are $800 for sealing (dust control), $800 for grading and $500 for barging.

11.  Capital projects were discussed at great length.  Blakely has evolved from a simple community with cabins to a larger community with larger homes.  In the past, projects were considered as the Board became aware of them and were accomplished or deferred based on tight budgeting on an annual basis.  We now see a large number of important projects that need to be completed.  Continued deferment may cause costs for some projects to be much higher as damage (roads, runway, vehicles, roofs, etc.) will require major repair, etc. before work can be done.  A list of projects considered follows:  

a.       Completion of the water project to meet state requirements for additional ERU/hookups.  Estimated at $130,000

b.      Fire truck (class A foam $65,000) CAFS foam ($135,000)

c.       Shop/fire station roof replacement - $11,000

d.      Pickup truck repair ($1000)/replacement ($10,000)

e.       Road Re-graveling  - estimated at $9,000

f.        Re-seal runway and taxiway - $21,000

g.       Siren upgrade to cover plat – estimate $10,000+

h.       Buffer strip clean up to reduce fire risks

i.         Horseshoe Lake landing and swim area improvements

j.        Pump house dock repair/replacement

k.      Re-paving plat roads

l.         Marina

m.     Allotting funds annually to be accumulated for long range capital improvements, to minimize un-predictable assessment variations.

It is clear that the current list of projects exceeds a reasonable annual assessment that BIMC members want to bear.  It was determined – again after long deliberation – that the Board would recommend priority projects to be done immediately and ask the community to vote on additional items with the corresponding impact on the value of the assessment for the coming fiscal year and perhaps the next several years.  The highest priority projects the Board recommends doing as a minimum this next fiscal year are:

            A. Completion of the water project
            B. Replace the fire truck with a type A foam truck as a minimum
            C. Re-gravel the roads
            D. Replace the roof on the fire hall/post office/shop building

            Second tier projects to also be submitted to the Membership for consideration, include:
E. Replacing the Toyota truck (instead of repair)
F. Re-seal the runway and taxiway
G. Upgrade the replacement fire truck to a CAFS unit

12.  An in-depth, line by line review of the operating budget was made with minor adjustments for truck repair, NEXTEL cell phone service to improve Blakely communications for Jim Davis, hi- power pressure washer, etc.  A motion was made by Ben Dole to accept the budget as discussed, was seconded and passed unanimously.

13.  The Marina situation was discussed.  Marc is establishing a committee to analyze the operating aspects and finances of the current marina operation to consider a BIMC proposal to B.C. Crowley for continued operation of the fuel, marina and perhaps store operations.  Committee members currently include the Shanamans, the Brustkerns, the Leadys, Jim Fergus and John Bonica.

14.  Executive session was entered at 1:30 , non- Board members were excused and the renewal of the BIMC facility manager’s contract was discussed. 

15.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:41 PM

Ron Griffin
BIMC Secretary