Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Preliminary Minutes of June 30, 2005 BIMC Telephonic Board meeting

Marc Droppert, President
John Madden, Vice President
Ben Dole, Fire and Waste Commissioner
Martha Mills, Airport and Roads Commissioner
Ron Griffin, Secretary
Jim Davis, BIMC Facility Manager

Not Available:
John Howieson, Water Commissioner
Cindy Zech, Treasurer

The meeting was called to order by Marc Droppert at 7:05 PM

Water Usage Proposal Review:
Several additional constructive comments were received and several concerns were raised after another re-draft and review of the Water Usage Proposal. 

Marc called this meeting to finalize the proposal, advising that we have a responsibility to the BIMC community to develop a water policy to recommend to the community for approval. 

Considerable discussion revolved around meeting Washington State mandates for policy to encourage conservation and discourage excess use in order to qualify for state approval of additional water connection ERUís for the BIMC.

Significant discussion ensued regarding commercial use and connection to the BIMC domestic water system.  BIMC has over the years, built and maintained the domestic water plant for the BIMC plat.  Owners have paid annual costs associated with water production and distribution from this system including significant expenses to conform to Washington state requirements for water quality, monitoring and provision of a raw water distribution system to relieve the irrigation load off of the domestic water system.  Additional expenses anticipated in 2005 to complete the increased tankage and chlorine contact piping system will be borne by BIMC owners.  Commercial users are expected to pay for the cost of their water consumption as well as a share of the capital costs to expand and modernize the BIMC water systems as BIMC owner/users do.

The group suggested additional changes and clarifications to the second draft document which made the resulting proposal acceptable to all. 

A motion was made by Ron Griffin to accept the water proposal changes resulting from this meeting into a final recommendation for submission to the BIMC community at the BIMC annual meeting July 2, 2005.

John Madden seconded the motion and all participating members voted unanimously in favor of the document as modified.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 PM
Ron Griffin, BIMC Secretary