Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.


The annual meeting was called to order by Marc Droppert at 9:36 AM in the Richards hanger. Board members in attendance included:

Marc Droppert, President
John Madden, Vice President
Ben Dole, Fire and Waste Commissioner
Martha Mills, Airport and Roads Commissioner
Ron Griffin, Secretary
Cindy Zech, Treasurer

Marc introduced the board members and declared that a Quorum of BIMC owners was represented to conduct business.

Marc declared a moment of silence in remembrance of Blakely family members who had passed away this year.

New members were introduced – Paul & Katherine Ellis Lot 26, Tony & Lisa Enriquez Lot 18, and Doug & Janet Davidson Lot 139.

Ed O’Neil gave an accolade for Harold and Betty Bartram, long time Blakely residents and developers of much of Blakely Island, who are moving to Anacortes.

Announcements were made regarding the Bikers On Blakely training, AED training, the Marina Salmon Bake, Fireworks laws, Blakely driving rules, encroaching uses of BIMC property and the NO SMOKING EVER rule on the upper island.

Leroy Hubbard of SPU introduced Dr. Nelson who gave an update of SPU research programs (otters, sawdust in Thatcher bay and scientific presentations planned).

B. C. Crowley reviewed logging operational plans, appealed for more community support/respect for the Horseshoe Lake boating equipment, non-grading capability impact on the upper island road condition and the ongoing problem of smoking on the upper island.

Marc asked for a motion to approve last years annual meeting minutes and ratification of the actions of the BIMC board. Moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

Jim Davis provided an update regarding Blakely mail service. The USPS has now contracted with a small boat operator to deliver the mail to Blakely Island. Pick up and delivery points will stay the same for BIMC residents.

Cindy Zech summarized the treasurer’s report and annual operating budget and entertained questions from the floor.

Marc discussed the Board recommendation to amend Article 7 of the bylaws to make mailing times for the nominating committee report and annual meeting materials coincident at 30-60 days before the Annual Meeting. Motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Marc announced that a new agreement had been negotiated with the Davis’ for continuation of their services as facilities managers. The agreement was signed July 1 and is effective March 1, 2006, when the existing contract expires. The new agreement is evergreen, i.e. it is for an open ended term and can be terminated by the Davis’ without cause on 6 month notice or by BIMC without cause on 12 months notice. With cause termination provisions are included. There is no salary increase this year, a 5% increase every other year and a CPI allowance in the case the CPI exceeds 5%. The stay pay bonus was eliminated, a hanger allowance is included and an up to 3% 401-K matching plan is included. Marc stated that this contract is a fair agreement, approved by the board after significant development effort, and that we welcome Jim and Margo’s continuing service to the BIMC community.

A water system update was provided by Russ Keyes. The meters are all installed now. The meters have identified many leaks, most of which have been resolved. With the increased raw water system usage, elimination of domestic water irrigation, low flow toilets in the marina and concerted community effort to conserve, a reduction in domestic water usage of 40-50% has been achieved.

The first phase of the water system improvement has been completed. Final bids have been received for the phase two completion which includes the new tank and a 750 foot serpentine chlorine contact (mixing) pipe installation. The three bids are very close and BIMC expects to complete this phase in December for approximately $155,000 upon member re-affirmation. Discussion and Q&A followed regarding the Department of Ecology and Department of Health regulations for BIMC water usage and granting of additional ERU hookups.

Marc presented the Board’s Water Usage Proposal. This proposal has been developed over the past year to satisfy the state requirements regarding enforcement for flagrant over-usage and a policy that encourages conservation. BIMC is reading 25 full time/frequent resident’s meters to document peak daily usage as required by the state. There are currently no additional domestic water hookups available to the BIMC. Residents are encouraged to monitor their meters for leak detection/resolution and usage.

Ben Dole discussed fire items. The importance of the items on the Fire Bulletin distributed earlier was emphasized. The Upper Island fire boxes installed last year are sealed with break-away seals to insure that they are ready to use. Please do not disturb the seals, and report to Ben or Jim Davis if a seal is broken. Ben emphasized the need for a trained Blakely fire response team as the highest priority to effectively meet any fire challenge, independent of equipment. Ben asked members willing to help on such a team to respond by filling out the notice/questionnaire provided. Ben noted that he and Jim Davis made trips to several regional fire departments to develop an assessment of BIMC equipment needs and alternatives. It is clear that the newest CAFS equipment is easier to operate and far more effective than water or our present Class A Foam truck. It is more expensive than what the community approved last year and is to be moved for a vote in the capital budget portion of this meeting. Expanding the siren system, ensuring hydrant operability and cleaning the buffer strip were also discussed.

John Madden discussed community initiatives. John recommended a Kohler low flow toilet for BIMC owners. Standard toilets consume an average of 18 gallons per day per person; low flow toilets consume approximately 9 gallons per day per person. John will order and have delivered to Blakely, the air assist Kohler toilets if he can consolidate an order for 20 or more units. Fire extinguishers are available for $20 delivered on Blakely and are encouraged to be available in every structure and vehicle on Blakely.

John, Dan O’Brien and Donovan Burkhart will conduct another Bikers On Blakely youth seminar to build on the notable rider progress made after last year’s seminar.

Marc discussed the situation with the General Store and Marina operation. A committee has been established to analyze and propose an operating concept that will preserve this valuable community asset. Marc circulated a BIMC owner’s survey regarding the marina and store attributes that will allow the consensus of the community to be tabulated for the committee’s review. Committee membership is open and encouraged for any interested BIMC members.

The Operating Budget was summarized. There were no questions from the floor. Motion was made to approve the Operating portion of the 2005/2006 budget as stated. A majority of the members voted to approve.

Capital items were considered next. The board prioritized the needs and made recommendations for:

  1. Water system phase 2 completion.
  2. Fire truck replacement – Class A foam without CAFS.
  3. Fire Hall roof replacement
  4. Re-gravel and cold patch road system.
  5. Runway re-sealing.
  6. Fire truck upgrade to CAFS.
  7. Roads re-paving (defer)
  8. Fire siren improvements.
  9. Buffer Zone clean-up (defer). Residents are asked to PLEASE quit dumping organic debris into the buffer zone – it becomes fuel and an increased fire hazard.
  10. Horseshoe Lake boat dock and swim area improvements.
  11. Existing water tank roof corrosion repairs (if more than normal M&R).
  12. Pump House Dock rebuild.
  13. Water treatment plant upgrade (defer).

A motion was made to approve items 1, 3 and 4. Discussion amended this vote to NOT include the Water Policy Approval. Motion was carried by a majority.

A motion was made to accept the Water Policy as presented. Discussion clarified the one year delay in implementation of water over-useage fees (January 1 for non-residential users) to gather meaningful usage data and encourage conservation by owners. Motion was passed by a majority.

A motion was made to do nothing regarding fire truck replacement pending further investigation. Vote was a close majority to defer action on acquiring a fire truck either Class A foam or CAFS.

A motion was made to replace the BIMC pickup truck for less than $10,000. Discussion regarding repair of existing truck. Motion was defeated by a large majority.

A motion was made for re-sealing of the runway and taxiway. Discussion regarding the recommended 5 year cycle for re-sealing and that we are in year 5. Motion was carried by a majority.

A motion was made for improving the fire siren coverage for up to $30,000. Amended for up to $10,000. Motion was carried by a majority vote.

A motion was made to improve the Horseshoe lake swim area and boat storage area for up to $7,500. The amended motion was carried by a majority vote.

A short recess was called by the Board to determine what the annual assessment would be based on the items approved in the above community votes. Marc announced that the items approved, when added to the operating budget would result in an approximate $2,000 assessment per lot for the new Fiscal Year.

Marc said the board recommends a $2,400 assessment this year to accumulate funds in the capital improvement budget in anticipation of additional identified capital items facing the community in the near term. This will even out the year to year variation in assessment for foreseeable peak demands. A motion was made to set the assessment at $2,400 for the new fiscal year. Discussion followed. The vote was called for and was too close for hand count. Written ballots were used and the motion passed by a narrow majority.

The nominating committee report was given by B. C. Crowley. New board members proposed are D.L. Fitzpatrick, Jeff Fegert and Jane Loura to replace outgoing board members John Howieson, Ron Griffin and Martha Mills. A motion was made to accept the nominating committee’s slate. The motion was approved unanimously.

A question was raised regarding the status of the Struck property. Marc stated that Donna Linn had responded to his letter, saying that she expected to conclude the ownership conflict, become the full owner and complete the residence as soon as possible. The board will monitor progress on this.

Deborah Davey asked to speak. Deborah thanked the community for the support she has received from so many Blakely members after the tragic loss of Darrell.

Marc announced that he is establishing a non-Board committee for off island response to boat, plane, swimming, etc. emergencies to help prevent future loss of life.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:47 PM
Ron Griffin, BIMC Secretary