Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of July 10th, 2005 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on Sunday, July 10th 2005 , on Blakely Island at the Droppert’s residence.

Marc Droppert, President
John Madden, Vice President
Ben Dole, Fire and Waste Commissioner
D.L. Fitzpatrick, Secretary
Jane Loura, Treasurer
Jeff Fegert, Roads & Airport Commissioner
Cindy Zech, Water Commissioner

Jim Davis, BIMC Facility Manager

BIMC Visiting Members:Ralph Zech
                                          Ed O’Neill

 The meeting was called to order by Marc Droppert at 1:05 PM .

  1. Ralph and Cindy Zech presented a letter to the board for a “Request to consider CLA” (Contiguous Lot Agreement) for their two lots, 24 and 25. A brief discussion followed reviewing; historical use of these agreements, impact on the financials, additional lots affected and new zoning changes. It was agreed that action would be deferred until further research had been completed.
  2. The minutes from the May 30th, June 12th, June 30th and July 2nd Board meetings were approved unanimously as published.
  3. Ben Dole presented a written report on Fire & Waste activities. Jim Davis will be researching siren options and present a proposal at the next board meeting. The next step for the fire response team is to get a draft Fire Response Plan out for review.
  4. Jim Davis reported that water usage for June 2005 was dramatically down. 350,000 gallons were used. That compares 954,000 in June 2004, and 1,180,000 in June 2003. There are 30 meters currently being monitored and recorded on a regular basis. The average “highest daily use” of these 30 meters is 462 gallons a day. It was agreed that it would be beneficial to review these figures with our water engineer. Marc will arrange for him to participate in our next board meeting.  A form letter will be drafted for use in advising members whose monthly average water usage exceeds 250 gallons per day.  Monthly usage will also be posted by meter number in the Post Office and on the website.  Members will be advised of their meter number in the annual assessment billing mailing.
  5. Jim Davis reported that bids are out for the runway resealing and roof project. Jeff will be working with Jim going forward in this effort. The goal is to have these projects completed by end of September 2005.
  6. John Madden met with BC the morning of July 10th 2005 to review the lake project. It was agreed that sand could be added without problem, and that it would
    be easiest to work on raising the existing dock structure. Jeff volunteered sand from his property, and suggested arranging the delivery of the sand during runway work so as to utilize the dump trucks on island at that time. There was also discussion on the condition and safety of the boats at the lake. All agreed that they needed to be sorted and appropriately fixed or replaced. John will be finalizing research on the sand, log boat ramp and dock repairs and will follow up accordingly.
  7. Low Flow toilet orders have now reached above 20. John has been managing this effort and is in the process of getting the toilets to the island for distribution. He has also been distributing fire extinguishers as ordered by various BIMC members.
  8. John Bonica, John Donaldson, Dan O’Brien and Ralph Zech have volunteered to participate on the Outer Island Response Committee.  Marc will call an organizing meeting of the Committee.
  9. Marc reported that the BIGS/Marina committee toured the complex, Sunday July 10th, and met thereafter.  Two subcommittees were formed -one on scope of services and hours of operations, which will be meeting on July 16th to discuss potential alternatives. The other will meet on July 17th, to review potential governance and financial structures and how they may involve/affect BIMC.
  10. A motion to waive BIMC’s right of first refusal on the sale of lot 137 (Bartram) passed unanimously.   
  11. The Rogichs have requested permission to fill in the ditch on BIMC property along the front of their lot 90.  A motion was unanimously passed indicating that BIMC would not object, provided they appropriately tied into existing frontage drains and the drain under the road, and they were advised BIMC does not take responsibility for any future drainage problems. 
  12. Lot 112 encroachment discussion. The Wellers have requested a formalization of the Reciprocal License Agreement affecting Lots 112, 130 and the 40’ BIMC Beach Access, as they plan to sell Lot 112.  It was moved, and unanimously approved, that the BIMC and Weller’s grant and record easements allowing (1) BIMC’s road to cross the corner of Lot 112 and (2) the Weller’s retaining wall to encroach from Lot 130 onto the BIMC Beach Access provided such uses did not materially, adversely affect the respective owners’ present and future use of their affected properties.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.

D.L. Fitzpatrick, BIMC Secretary

Fire & Waste Commissioner’s Report – Ben Dole

The first meeting of the Fire Response Team was held Saturday July 7th. 12 people were on hand for a discussion of objectives and planning for future drills, followed by fire drill using the fire truck system. Many of the participants had a chance to have some hands on experience with operating an aspect of the fire truck system, which should significantly improve retention of the experience gained. It is our plan to have monthly drills.

A couple of items were discussed at the meeting on the 7th.

Assuming concurrence by the Board, we will proceed with these two items. These are well within the authorized budget for miscellaneous fire equipment.

The next step with the Fire Response Team is to get a draft Fire Response Plan out for review and comment.

At the Annual Meeting two concerns were raised about the water distribution system and hydrants.

Based on the decisions at the Annual Meeting, investigation of siren options will be pursued prior to the next Board meeting. We are hoping to find a radio based siren system with would allow multiple locations within the budget authorized at the meeting. Hopefully, we will have a report for the next meeting.

The dumpster project for the July 4th weekend went as planned. There is nothing else significant to report in the waste area at this time.

Ben Dole
Fire & Waste Commissioner