Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of November 2nd, 2005 BIMC Telephone Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on Wednesday, November 2nd 2005, via telephonic phone conference call.

Marc Droppert, President
John Madden, Vice President
Ben Dole, Fire and Waste Commissioner
D.L. Fitzpatrick, Secretary
Jane Loura, Treasurer
Jeff Fegert, Roads & Airport Commissioner (First half of the meeting)
Cindy Zech, Water Commissioner (Came on line the second half of the meeting)

The meeting was called to order by Marc Droppert at 8:05 PM.

  1. Marc Droppert and John Madden presented an outline form on the BIMC purchase of the marina. The outline is designed to be a starting point on the details of how the marina could be purchased by BIMC. The intent of the meeting is to get the board’s approval on whether or not to present the option to the Crowley’s for consideration. It was clearly discussed that it must be seen by the Crowley family prior to the November meeting, as it’s ultimately up to them on whether this option is even viable. It was further determined that it is in the communities best interest to have as many options as possible to consider at the November meeting. The board agreed that it is not recommending any of the options. The board feels that the community must decide via the special meeting what option it wants to pursue.
  2. The Parker/Brustkern proposal is presumed to still be a viable option, and that they would be willing to present it at the meeting.
  3. A third option has been proposed by Russ Keyes. This option will also be forwarded to BC for consideration. If accepted as an option by BC, it will be presented at the community meeting for consideration.
  4. Much discussion ensued on the details of all the options.
  5. A motion was placed to present the BIMC purchase option outline to BC. It was seconded, 5 in favor, one opposed.
  6. The meeting was adjourned at 9:27PM.