Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of April 1st, 2006 BIMC Board Meeting – Blakely Island

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on Saturday, April 1st, at the home of John Madden on Blakely Island.

John Madden, President
Marc Droppert, Vice President
D.L. Fitzpatrick, Secretary
Cindy Zech, Water
Jim Davis, Facility Manager

Unable to attend:
Jane Loura, Treasurer
Jeff Fegert, Roads & Airport Commissioner
Ben Dole, Fire and Waste Commissioner

The meeting was called to order by John Madden at 10:06 AM.

  1. John made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Seconded by Marc, passed unanimously.
  2. New Members – Robert West and Colleen Cormack’s application for membership has been received and signed by four board members for lot 72.
  3. House Sale process – With spring bringing several home listings, the topic of the BIMC paperwork was reviewed. There are two items being forgotten or late, the 30 day right of first refusal, and owner applications. These items are noted in section 7 and 14 of the BICS. It was agreed that D.L. will write a letter to those who are known to have their real estate for sale, reminding them to do these items as soon as possible in the transaction. Forms are available through D.L.
  4. Communication from Members. Received a letter from Donna Linn requesting information on transient moorage. With the lease of the Marina still in the works, all moorage requests are being forwarded to the BIT.
  5. Swim Beach – Jim Davis reported that the sand was in for the beach, and the matting is available. The lake level is up and a weekend convenient to the volunteers will be picked, in order to implement these improvements.
  6. Fire Truck – Jim Davis and Ben Dole have done extensive research on our options for Fire Truck replacement. The board agreed that two options will be presented to the community for vote. One option will be a new generation CAF
    (Compressed Air Foam) truck, and the other will be an older technology used truck.
  7. Siren – Jim Davis reported that the existing siren has been relocated to the top of the flag pole. We are working to acquire two new sirens with manual actuators. They will be placed in strategic locations on the plat. These locations have yet to be determined.
  8. Temporary Structures – The topic of temporary structures has been reviewed and will be discussed at the annual meeting of members. There have been a number of verbal complaints and one letter received on the topic.
  9. North Beach – The board reviewed the issue of work being done along the north beach. Jeff Fegert and John Madden met and discussed the concerns. A copy of the survey was received and boundary markers were identified. Jeff has agreed to redirect the runoff that’s currently spilling onto the beach as well as replant grass along the edge of the beach.
  10. Darryl Davey’s Memorial – Cindy reported that the memorial is a work in progress. Donations have been generous. As of this date, there are more than enough funds to build the memorial bench. Bench design and plantings have been identified, and the best location for the bench(s) is being reviewed.
  11. Board Member Nominating Committee. – Cindy Zech volunteered to be the BIMC board member involved with the Nominating Committee. Two other non board members will be needed for the Nominating committee. There are two BIMC board positions coming up in July.
  12. July Meeting – Timing for the July meeting was identified as July 1st. Discussion ensued regarding preparation of the mailing to go out, budgeting, capital expenditures and other agenda items. DL will be looking for three volunteers to assist with house keeping duties during the meeting. Please contact him if you are able to assist.
  13. Marina Operation - Marc and John discussed the status of the Marina lease. John met with BC on the Island the weekend of March 18th to participate in an inspection of the fuel float. It is in need of some general repairs to extend its useful life. We have learned that BC has leased all but 17 slips at the marina on an annual basis to Blakely residents. A due diligence committee of Brian Kincaid, Scott Shanks & Russ Keyes has volunteered to lend a hand with a basic inspection of the marina facility and its systems. They have made a recommendation that we arrange for further inspection of the fuel delivery system by an expert in that field. The marina facility seems to be in reasonable shape considering its age but as with any building it will probably need some repairs and upgrades depending on how it will be used. We have formed a marina committee with the volunteers who stepped forward at the Thanksgiving meeting. The committee will eventually
    become the board members for the new marina board when it is formed. The volunteers are Chris Bridge, Paul Malmo, Charlie Mills, Ellen Roth and Marc Droppert. They will oversee the organization of the new marina operations. They will serve a term which will expire at the BIMC annual meeting and will stand for re-election by the community at that time. There will be more to come about their roles in future mailings. The volunteers for this committee will be meeting following the close of this board meeting.
  14. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM