Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Preliminary Minutes of BIMC Annual Meeting July 1st 2006
(as amended at the July 29th 2006 Board meeting)

The 2006 BIMC Annual Meeting was called to order by John Madden at 9:35AM in the Enriquez hangar. Board members in attendance included:

John Madden, President
Marc Droppert, Vice President
Jeff Fegert, Airport and Roads Commissioner
Cindy Zech, Water Commissioner
D.L. Fitzpatrick, Secretary

John announced that the secretary reported a Quorum of BIMC owner’s were represented and that we were able to conduct business.

John declared a moment of silence in remembrance of Blakely family members who had passed away this year.

John acknowledged those that had helped with the setup for the meeting, the Enriquez’s for the use of their hangar, and others for their contributions this past year. New members were then introduced.

Announcements were made regarding the Bikers On Blakely training, AED training, the Marina Picnic, Fireworks, and the encroachment reminder was read.

B.C. Crowley reviewed the status of upper island business. There will be no logging over the next year or two as the forestry management plan is under review. This means there will be no logging trucks to be concerned about on the roads. Opalco will be working on restringing line on the power line road throughout the summer, which means we will see their trucks around. This is an enhancement action, which will not adversely affect the island power, but should enhance its reliability. B.C. reminded everyone that speed on the upper island roads must be kept to a minimum for safety, as well as a firm reminder that smoking is strictly forbidden on the upper island.

Leroy Hubbard of SPU gave a review of SPU research programs (otters, sawdust in Thatcher bay, and scientific presentations planned).

A motion was made to approve last years annual meeting minutes, seconded, and passed unanimously.

Jeff Fegert gave a commissioner’s report on the roads maintenance and costs associated with them. The patching was completed, with the actual costs of the patching coming in about half of the $15,000.00 budgeted. Jeff shared his thoughts with the community on the condition of the roads and requested a straw vote seeking guidance as to whether the community thought the roads should be;(a) “fixed right away”, (b)“repaired and maintained as part of a multi year plan”, or should we (c) “let them return to gravel”. The clear majority believed we should repair and maintain them as part of a multi year plan.

Ed O’Neil commented that he would like to see the remaining roads on the plat that have not been paved, to be considered for paving as major road improvements come due.

Jeff concluded the report by introducing the idea of improving the community access point to the water at the north end of the runway. Adding this would be a nice enhancement for the plat.

John introduced the Fire and Waste report on behalf of Ben Dole who could not be present. Copies were available at the sign in desk.

Cindy gave a water commissioners report. She noted that BIMC has complied with state requests by adding water meters which are read on a regular basis with reading results posted. All the fire hydrants throughout the plat had been painted by a group of volunteers which made them much easier to see. Reflective tape had also been added. Wally Weller asked what color the non-potable water hydrants should be painted. It was agreed that red would be the appropriate color.

Cindy gave a brief synopsis of the Treasurer’s report on behalf of Jane Loura who was unable to attend the meeting. It was noted that the audit had been accomplished and that a copy had been made available for everyone at sign-in. No surprises had been found over the past year. It was requested that assessments be paid as quickly as possible so that the treasurer could avoid cashing in a CD.

Marc Droppert gave a marina update. It was announced that the Blakely Island Marina had signed an agreement with the BCF (Blakely Community Facility LLC). In turn, the BCF had signed a lease with Ken Parker’s company, Blakely Island Services Inc. The Marina is open for business on a seasonal basis. Marc gave many thanks to all involved in the lengthy process.

The initial funding for the marina will come from notes issued in $5000.00 increments at 6% interest. These costs will help cover some repairs needed to the dock, funding for fuel, property taxes, permits and other expenses. The BCF will receive some revenues from fuel surcharges and barge landing fees. These revenue sources will help pay a portion of the ongoing BCF expenses at the marina. An assessment will probably be necessary to retire the notes within the next 3 years.

Marc Droppert formally convened the first formal meeting of the BCF. The first order of business was to elect those nominated to form the board of the BCF. These are Charlie Mills, four year term, Marc Droppert, one year term, Chris Bridge, three year term and Paul Malmo a two year term. A motion was made to approve those nominated; was seconded and passed unanimously.

Ken Parker then presented some information on the new marina operations, and thanked all those that helped them get to this point. They are open for business and looking forward to a successful first season.

John Madden reviewed the community initiatives and noted all the items that had been accomplished. A review of the swim beach upgrades was given and John gave thanks to those that had helped The dock height will be increased in the fall as the water levels subside.

The issue of temporary storage tents was raised. John read the language from the BICS and much discussion ensued. A motion was placed for the board to study the issue further and present something to the community for review at the next annual meeting. This was seconded, passed by majority.

The 2006/2007 operating budget was presented. A motion was placed to approve the budget, seconded and passed by majority.

John Madden presented a Long Range Capital Plan to the community for review with the items identified listed below. It is his hope that it will be reviewed and updated annually with community input.

The fire truck replacement topic was reviewed by both John Madden and Jim Davis. A brief synopsis of the CAFS system was covered. Much discussion ensued about the fire truck options. A motion was placed to re-approve the action item list that the former Fire Committee had presented two years earlier with re-establish the original Fire Committee and request that they follow through on the action item list that they had presented two years earlier, and appropriate a budget of $75,000.00. It was seconded, and following a written vote, the motion was approved with a final count of 61 for, and 57 against. The board will ask those involved with the committee to help with implementing their recommendations.

A motion was placed to spend $150,000.00 on a new CAFS truck. This was seconded, and the motion failed with only 36 votes.

A motion was placed to carry over the previously approved budget of $3500.00 for the Property Manager residence. This was seconded, and passed by majority.

A motion was placed to carry over the previously approved budget of $10000.00 for the fire sirens. Seconded, and passed by majority.

A motion was placed to approve $5000.00 to replace the two main water meters. Seconded, and passed by majority.

A motion was placed to approve $4000.00 for a fish plant. Seconded, and passed by majority.

A motion was placed to replace or fix canoes, boats, and paddles at up to $5000.00. Seconded, passed by majority.

The nominating committee chaired by Cheryl Burkhart presented recommendations for new board members, Anne Malmo and Ellen Roth. A motion was placed to approve the nominating committee’s recommendations. Seconded and passed unanimously.

Cindy reported that the new assessment would be $2172.00 based on the capital items approved.

There were general follow up announcements of activities followed by a motion to adjourn.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:01PM.

D.L. Fitzpatrick III