Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of July 29, 2006, BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on July 29, 2006 at John Madden’s Blakely Island home.

John Madden President
DL Fitzpatrick Water
Ben Dole Fire and waste
Jane Loura Treasurer
Jeff Fegert Roads
Ellen Roth BCF (Marina) and Vice President
Anne Malmo Secretary
Jim Davis Facilities Manager

Meeting called to order at 8:37 AM
Please welcome new members Ned and Lora McCall. They purchased Jim and Stacy Dovey’s lot 99. Lot 99 is along the runway next to Brian and Pam Kincaid. Contact information is in the 2006 Directory.

Roads: 8:39 AM
Jeff Fegert reported that the roads have been patched. The repair costs came in over the original bid estimate, yet still below budget. Several patches were missed. Jeff is going to follow up with the paving vendor to have the work completed. Jeff reminded the group that before any future resurfacing could be done the patches would have to be completed before a new surface course is applied. Jeff is going to come up with a proposal for the next annual meeting regarding maintenance and resurfacing of the roads in three phases. Discussion followed in regard to timing and scheduling of new surface installation. The best time to install the new surface is in the warm weather, when the island is heavily populated. Safety, weather and hassle factor all influence the next roadwork.

Water: 8:55 AM
DL Fitzpatrick and Jim Davis updated us on the water system and related issues. The new reservoir is online, functioning well. The 3 reservoirs are leveling themselves well and everything is complete regarding the new installation except for some cosmetic groundwork. Grass seed will take care

of the final detailing. The regional Engineer is coming for a visit on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 to conduct the required (every 3 years) Sanitary Survey. He is also interested in reviewing our system for our future water hookups and to see how the system is working. The last item for the Engineer is the Cross Connection Control program. This is a prevention program to be sure that the raw water does not infiltrate into the domestic water system. DL and Jim will listen carefully and work with the engineer to understand requirements for this program.

Domestic water usage is up 20% over last year. Jim Davis posts individual water usage at the post office (by water meter number). A form notice has been provided for notification of members who are using more than the average of 250 gallons a day. In June only 3 members used an excess amount. All three were amenable to correcting the problem. July results will be out in the first week of August. The Raw water system usage is also up dramatically. Several more new raw water hook ups are scheduled. At the end of the summer DL and Jim will re-evaluate the total usage on the system and determine how close we are to the system/lake capacity.

Treasurer: 9:35 AM
 Jane Loura provided copies of the year-end accountant’s report. Clarification of several lots’ water hooks up status followed. We have few outstanding bills. Jane noted that we received a bill for the AED training of $750.00. Most of this is the cost of the American Heart Assn. Booklet and CD that were provided. Transportation of the AED teachers was also included. It was suggested that attendees could make a donation to help off-set the $25.00 per head charge that BIMC is assessed for this service. Donate being the important term. The board does NOT want members to avoid the training because of monetary concerns. The auditing bill has gone up again. Several members will check pricing on audits. Taxes have been paid. Discussion occurred to be sure that all is being done so that the organization pays no tax. The Davey Memorial benches and plaques are complete. Excess memorial funds may be allocated to several possible funds; the Nurses Education Foundation in California, a new first aid kit for Blakely, or roll funds into AED training. It was agreed by all that Deb Davey should give input.

The treasurer’s job is becoming a full time volunteer position. The learning curve is significant. Continuity is lost between outgoing and incoming Treasurer. Also, the position is becoming very hard to fill. Discussion began

of hiring a part time bookkeeper to handle bills, payroll, assessments etc. Jane will follow up with recommendations.

Fire and Waste: 10:05 AM
Ben Dole brought us up to date on fire issues. All of the fireboxes on the upper island have been checked. All of the contents are correct and accounted for. New batteries will be installed for the flashlights. Ben suggested laminated sheets with box contents, and “date last checked” information for each box.

The fire drill held on July 22nd was a success. The siren being mounted on a pole has provided better range of sound. “Frequency” availability for more sirens from Orcas Eastsound Fire Dept. is still undetermined. Ben Dole and Jim Davis are going to pay one more visit to the Fire chief. Hopefully this issue can be resolved. EFD wants assurances that we will not use the frequency for anything other than the fire sirens. There will be another fire drill on August 19, 2006 at 10:00AM.


Fire Truck: At the annual meeting the community voted to have the original Fire Committee follow through on their original recommendations. The next step will be to contact members of the Fire Committee to see if they will be open to reforming. We are optimistic that they will be willing to volunteer again for this large task1

Marina: 10:35 AM
Ellen Roth brought us up to date on the Marina. The marina re-opening was well received. The facility looks wonderful. The store stock continues to improve. Wine and beer are now available. Please support your Marina and store. The Blakely Community Facility (The Marina entity of the BIMC) has received a check from Ken Parker for fuel. We can expect weekly reports of fuel usage. There is concern over marina parking. Members’ cars should not be left at the Marina for more that 24 hours. Leave your car at home when you depart the island. Parking for contractor “Crew cars” was also discussed. The BCF needs to discuss and clarify the parking situation. The BIMC is paying for the trash compactor and trash removal through the end of the year.

New Items: 11:10 AM
Mail: The United States Post office and Fed-Ex are requiring that individual BIMC members authorize BIMC Facility Managers to accept letters and packages that require a signature. A form is available at the post office and will be posted along with the minutes of the meeting. Please be sure that you provide this authorization or your mail or packages will be returned to the sender if you can not be located on island within 24 hours of delivery.

Boats at the lake: Most have leaks and are unsafe for usage. Ed O’Neil will be asked to evaluate the boats and canoes. Bad boats will be crushed and disposed of. New boats and canoes will be purchased with the $5,000 allocated by the community at the annual meeting. There will be a mix of canoes and rowboats. All should be repairable fiberglass or aluminum.

Fish Plant: New fish are usually planted in November. Scheduling of this year’s fish plant has started. A November plant results in a higher survival rate. Water temps from the fish farm and lake are similar and the fish are fat from feed. They acclimate immediately. We plan to plant fish sized between 6 and 10 inches. The fish plant date will be published, if possible, so members can attend. It will be a week day. Kids welcome.

Tents: Ben Dole read the two relevant BICs regarding tents. A straw pole of the BIMC board concluded that everyone has a different opinion on tents. There was no agreement on tent policy. Anne Malmo was assigned the task of producing recommendations.

Blakely Island Hanger LLC: (BIH L.L.C.): The BIH LLC approached the board for a change to their house rules. BIMC may approve changes after 100% agreement between hanger owners. The BIH L.L. C does not have unanimous agreement on changes at this time so the matter was dropped.

The next BIMC meeting will be at 8:30 AM on September 2, 2006 at Malmo’s Blakely Island home.

Meeting adjourned at 12:40 PM.

Do patronize the marina and store.
Do not leave your car at the marina for more than 24 hours.
Please do not bring dogs to the swimming area at the lake.
Next fire drill will be on Saturday, August 19th at 10:00 AM.
Fall concert on August 26th. See Ken Parker for tickets.
You will be notified if your water usage is high.
Please sign authorization for mail/package receipt

Respectfully submitted;

Anne Malmo
206 972 1013