Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of November 15, 2006 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on November 15, 2006 via conference call.

John Madden President
Ben Dole Fire and waste
Ellen Roth BCF and Vice President
Anne Malmo Secretary
Jeff Fegert Roads
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Jane Loura Treasurer


Meeting called to order at 7:33 PM.

Road Report: 7:33 PM
Jeff Fegert reported that not much has changed with the roads. He will put together a proposal for road maintenance in the spring for review before the annual meeting. The price of asphalt has dropped along with oil prices.

Marina Report: 7:36 PM
Ellen Roth reported that Ken Parker hopes to have the accounting for the Marina complete by Thanksgiving. No meeting date has been set for negotiations regarding next season with the Marina. However, Ken is reportedly enthusiastic about operating for a full season next year. Jim Davis reported that repairs have been made to the gas dock and a second coating of surface was applied around the gas pumps. The broken piling still is not replaced/repaired. Hours of Marina operation are posted on the store door. Holiday hours of operation for the store will be posted.

Water: 7:39 PM
Ben Dole introduced Jim Davis for an update on the Cross Connection Control program. Jim met with the cross connection control engineer on October 22, 2006. The engineer is taking a conservative approach to our CCC plan. His approach would be to verify that each hook up has no cross connection. This would involve testing each valve at the main water line for each hook up. If the state insists on a back flow preventer assembly we will have to develop a further cross connection control program.

Ben reported on the effectiveness of the water meters in controlling leaks. 3 leaks doubled the water usage for the entire plat. Two valves were on at the street and leaking within the house. The third valve was almost off at the street and the valves in the house were open allowing water to run.

Treasurer’s Report:
John Madden reported for Jane Loura.

The transfer of the “books” to Cheryl Burkhart, bookkeeper, was made during the week of November 6, 2006. Conversion from a Mac system to a PC system will need to be made. Eight to ten assessments still have not been paid. Jim Davis reports that several envelopes have been forwarded to Jane through the Blakely post office. Hopefully these contain assessment payments.

The checking account has approximately $175,000. This amount does not include money for the fire truck upgrade.

Fire: 7:52 PM
John Madden reported that we received an unexpected, but welcome, contribution of $2,000 from the Runstads for the Blakely Island Fire response. Ben Dole moved that the additional money be used to buy “storage boxes” for the second side of the fire truck to hold fire fighting equipment. The motion was seconded by Anne Malmo and passed unanimously. John Davidson expects to pick up the truck about the first of December. After a week or two of getting the truck ready and in good order the truck will be taken to Blakely.

The board received a letter from Mike Bruskern concerning the acquisition of the fire truck. In it he recommended that the additional funds for the fire truck be reimbursed to the donors by the community. It was decided that it was up to the community to consider, at next year’s annual meeting, whether or not they wanted to fund the additional cost of the fire truck through an assessment, (and reimburse members for the donations made).

The request for use of an Orcas Island fire siren frequency has been denied by Orcas. The voice capability of a siren system might allow Blakely fire information to disrupt Orcas communication. Jim Davis is going to purchase one long range siren transmitter and receiver. This set up will cost approximately $800.00. If it works well two more receivers will be purchased.

General Business: 8:05 PM
The BIMC board still has a vacancy. The board welcomes suggestions by members for someone to fill DL Fitzpatrick’s remaining 18 month commitment.

Ed and Mary O’Neill submitted a BIMC Building permit application for an addition to their home located on lot 66. The addition was approved unanimously. A request by Kevin Clark to add fill between the runway and the road in front of his house was discussed. Clean fill is available and could be added to the weak part of the slope. Two dump truck loads of fill, at Kevin’s expense, should repair the problem. Jeff Fegert will write up a proposal and send it out for board review.

Executive Session 8:25 PM
A letter from Terry Pence requesting a raise was discussed. Jim Davis reviewed Terry’s tasks for the BIMC and then excused himself from the meeting.

A brief history of Terry’s past hourly rate, taxes, his training and importance to the community was reviewed. Currently Terry is budgeted for 8 hours per week of BIMC work plus the hours required to cover Caretaker vacation and sick days. With the increase in hourly wage his hours may be cut back. After much discussion it was agreed to increase Terry Pence’s hourly rate to $32.00.

The next meeting of the BIMC will be held in January. If something needing attention arises we will have a meeting sooner.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Misc. facts.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Malmo