Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of January 25, 2007 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on January 25, 2007 via conference call.

John Madden President & Fire
Ben Dole Water
Ellen Roth BCF and Vice President
Anne Malmo Secretary
Jeff Fegert Roads
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Jane Loura Treasurer


Meeting called to order at 7:33 PM.

Road Report:    7:34 PM
Jeff Fegert reported that not much has changed with the roads. There has been some deterioration caused by heavy equipment cleaning up the storm debris and the subsequent snow and ice.

Water:    7:37 PM
Cross Control Connection:
Ben Dole gave a complete update regarding the water system. Ben and Jim Davis met with the Cross Control Connection (CCC) engineer, Mr. Cade, on Blakely during the first week of January. Both Ben and Jim have been reviewing, reading and learning about regulations required by the state. The first draft of the CCC was very complicated and long (19 pages). Ben and Jim met with the engineer, made suggestions that the engineer liked and approved. The plan is now approximately 11 pages long.  Jim Davis will be the BIMC CCC program manager. In the future Jim may be able to become a certified cross connection control specialist which potentially could save the community substantial cost. The BIMC board will need to read and understand the CCC plan in preparation for Board approval of the plan and submission to the State for approval. We don’t know yet whether the plan will need to be adopted by the Board before submission to the State, or can be approved after receiving that approval.  Because of the complexity and cost of the CCC implementation, this is probably a subject we should include in Memorial Day information briefings, if that is planned this year. Jim Davis added that there are 32 irrigation connections; raw water systems. 21 lots will most likely require isolation. 5 more may need isolation. Once the Board is satisfied with the plan, Mr. Cade (our engineer) will submit the CCC program to the State of Washington . No one knows how long it will take to get approval. Then members will be surveyed for the status of the water connections on their property in order to plan detailed implementation of CCC. A

big consideration during this BIMC board meeting was the discussion on how to minimize the cost to the community.

Filter to Waste System:
The filter to waste requirement is part of the original requirements by the state that must be met before we can obtain more water hook ups. The design to remove waste water (filter start up water and sediment) is almost complete. The cost will be about $10,000. The system must be automatic; it must start any time the reservoir pump goes on. It will take 15 to 25 minutes to flush the filter. The waste water will be sent to the backwater pond.  An automatic shut off valve will be installed so that the system can not malfunction and drain the reservoir. A big valve (and the bulk of the expense) is made to order for each specific plant. It takes 30 to 60 days to be manufactured. The valve can be installed this summer.  Right now the water content of the ground is too high to dig and install equipment at this time of year.

Written Water Plan:
The CCC documentation must be integrated into the written water plan and be posted and available in the water plant.

The Board thanked Ben and Jim for their hours and hours of work and research regarding the water system.

Fire Truck:    7:55 PM
John Madden reported that it is time to make the final payment on the fire truck. The down payment was $34,000. The remaining $64,050 is due now, plus tax. The truck is due for delivery within the next week and John Davidson, will be fitting it with a few extra items. In about 3 to 4 weeks the truck will be barged to the island. Insurance for the fire truck was discussed at length. We carry liability, but we need to know the options and cost of full coverage, collision, comprehensive. One option is a policy for “mobile equipment”. Our current insurance policy expires near the end of March. Research is to be completed and suggestions made to the Board for Fire Truck coverage.

Fire Truck training:    8:08 PM
The company that sold the fire truck will conduct training. Members that are on the island the most will take the initial training course. Community training events will be planned

A siren was ordered. The radio transmitter was available, but a receiver is on back order. Only one set is being purchased at this time to see if the system will work.

Treasurer's Report:    8:11 PM
John Madden reported for Jane Loura. The bookkeeping was successfully transferred to Cheryl Burkart. The basic balance sheet and preliminary books are complete. We are under budget, including storm clean up.

Marina Report:    8:13 PM
The status of the marina operation for the upcoming year is unclear. Blakely Island Services (BIS) (Ken Parker) made little money during last season’s shortened operation. Ken is preparing a modified proposal for the BCF board’s review. Money is still owed to Blakely Community Facility (BCF) from last season’s fuel sales, approximately $15,000.

Mark Droppert met with BC Crowley (as representative for the Crowley family) regarding insurance. Many options are under discussion for insurance. Ken Parker would also like to improve the kitchen in the marina store and to enclose some space at the rear of the store. Fuel dock repairs are completed and have been paid for by Crowleys.  The Crowleys will bill BCF for the half to be paid. It was noted that the lights are out on the fuel dock.

General Business:    8:20 PM
Capital items: BIMC funded the BCF (marina). The first payment is due June 1, 2007 . Discussion followed on when and how to retire the debt. The maturity date is June, 2009. It is unknown how much money is in the BCF account at this time. Other capital items include road repair. Jeff Fegert will provide options.

The next meeting will be in 45 to 60 days unless there is something needing attention.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Malmo