Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of May 9, 2007 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on May 9, 2007 via conference call.

John Madden President & Fire
Jane Loura Treasurer
Ben Dole Water
Ellen Roth BCF and Vice President
Anne Malmo Secretary
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Jeff Fegert Roads

Meeting called to order:    7:43PM
The minutes of April 14, 2007 were approved unanimously as written.
Motion made by Ben Dole, seconded by Jane Loura.
Treasurer’s Report:    7:45 PM
Once again Jane Loura and the board gave a thank you to Cheryl Burkhart for her work on the BIMC books and changes to the budget. Jane fielded questions from Board members regarding items throughout the budget. There was extensive discussion about the annual assessment amount, history of assessments, the effect on the community, capital expenses, capital reserve, the CCC, fire truck, water meters etc. Road maintenance was also discussed. Jeff Fegert suggests that BIMC rent a “broom” to clean the weed and grass growth from the edges of the road in the platted area. The debris on the edges of the road is narrowing the roads and making future “repaving” more expensive. Jeff also recommends that the turn around area at Driftwood Beach be reinforced with 3 to 4 loads of gravel. Discussion followed about OPALCO, and road repair after the electrical vault construction a few years ago. BIMC last graveled that road section 5 years ago. Ben Dole made a motion, Anne Malmo seconded that funds from the 2006-2007 budget be approved for maintaining the Driftwood Beach turn around by adding gravel to the area. Further a “broom” is to be rented for cleaning the edges of the roads within the plat.
Roads:    8:23 PM
The first item of discussion was a request by Kevin Clark for permission to re-enforce the section of road in front of his house on the runway side. At Kevin Clark’s expense the area would be filled with clean fill dirt, feathered and seeded. After discussion the board unanimously approved Kevin Clark’s proposal stipulating that the fill should run approximately 400 feet along three lots where the road deterioration is occurring. The motion was made by Jeff Fegert and seconded by Jane Loura.
Future paving projects were discussed. Requests have been made to Fidalgo paving, Lawson Paving and Lakeside Paving for “AC” quotes. All are reluctant to give firm quotes because of the unstable price of oil/asphalt and because each firm bid costs them time and money. All are familiar with our budgeting process and that funds may or may not be forthcoming from the community. One verbal quote for a 2”overlay on the plat road system was approximately $500,000. That would be a quote with asphalt costing $150.00 a ton with about 3,000 tons required. The other two companies have lower costs.

An alternative to repaving the entire plat would be to chip seal the roads again. It is possible that the entire plat might be done for $140,000. A history of paving, chip sealing the plat followed. All in all the chip seal and cold patching has been holding up well. Further discussion of this subject was postponed until the Capital Budget is under discussion.

Water:    8:48 PM

Ben Dole made a motion; Anne Malmo seconded the approval of the Cross-Connection Control Policy

Board Resolution Establishing BIMC Cross-Connection Control Policy

BIMC Board Resolution CCC1:

Under the authority established in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc (BIMC), the BIMC Board of Governors hereby adopts the following actions:

  1. The BIMC Cross Connection Control Plan (CCCP) plan, dated April 26, 2007, shall be BIMC policy for the implementation of a cross-connection control program applying to the BIMC domestic water system in accordance with WAC 246-290-490.
  2. The Board further requires compliance with the CCCP by all lot owners as a condition for continued service from the BIMC domestic water system.

  3. The Board further establishes policy prohibiting the interconnection of the BIMC domestic water system with any other water source (e.g. irrigation water, wells, etc.).

Adopted at the BIMC Board of Governors meeting on May 9, 2007

Anne Malmo, Secretary
Blakely Island Maintenance Commission

It was decided to include a brief history of the water system and requirements in the annual meeting packet. Further the CCC needs to be included in the Homeowner’s Manuel.
Homeowners’ Manuel:    9:00 PM
The Blakely Island Maintenance Commission Owner’s Manuel 2004 has been reviewed by the board members. Several sections that were out of date were deleted. Phone numbers were reviewed; emergency and fire procedures were discussed. Building permits, costs and community history were discussed. The facility manager duties were discussed. Ben pointed out that the BICS and the Owners’ Manuel need to be in agreement.

Break:     9:34-9:40 PM
Secretary Anne Malmo is to locate all of the BIC documentation that is referred to in the Owner’s Manuel. Irrigation policy is to be added to the Owner’s Manuel. Tent Policy was discussed again. A final draft was proposed and will be included in the annual meeting packet. Jane made the motion, Ben seconded. 6 yeas, one nay.
Financial Reports/ Capital Budget/Long Range Plan:     10:05 PM
The budget was reviewed again, item by item. Minor adjustments were made. Long range planning was discussed with the road situation being the most expensive. Hard numbers will be

provided by Jeff Fegert. Ben Dole discussed the domestic water program funding, the CCC, engineering capacity analysis to provide more connections. Several carry over items were identified. Main distribution water meters were discussed; the meters are hard to locate to purchase. Additional fire equipment, sirens, and vehicle maintenance were discussed. A motion to present the capital items as proposed was made by Anne, seconded by Ellen. Motion passed unanimously.
Road Report:    10:40 PM
Jeff Fegert made a thorough inspection of the roads on the island this last weekend. We need to be planning for the next resealing of the roads. Roads should not be resealed in warm weather. With budget considerations the earliest we could deal with the roads is the fall of 2008.
Nominating:    10:45 PM
The nominating committee of Jane Loura, Nancy Chapman and Karl Leverton has proposed a slate of new board members. Long discussion followed about how difficult it is to find members to volunteer to be on the board. With the Blakely Community Facility and the past BIMC board members we are struggling to find new BIMC members. It was agreed that we will have to ask past BIMC board members to serve again.
Marina:    11:15 PM
Ellen reported that the BCF had held another meeting to try to expedite Marina decisions. Ken Parker is still undecided as to whether to operate the marina this year.

There will be no informational meeting on the Memorial Day weekend.

Meeting adjourned at 11:22 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Malmo

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