Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of July 22, 2007 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on July 22, 2007 at John Demers’ Blakely Island home with missing members on a speaker phone.

Ellen Roth President
Dick Demers Fire & waste
Scott Burkhart Water
Jeff Fegert Roads
Gail Light BCF Liason (via phone)
Anne Malmo Secretary (via phone)
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Jane Loura Treasurer

Visitors: Kerry Demers, Margo Davis, Deb Davey,

Meeting called to order at 2:10 PM

Secretary: The minutes of July 7, 2007 were unanimously approved as written with the correction of the spelling of a name. Jeff Fegert motioned, Scott Burkhart seconded.

AED: Guest Deb Davey followed up with the board regarding the purchase authorized at the annual meeting of new AED machines. Our former contact with an AED manufacturer no longer sells the machines. However, Heartstart, our current AED manufacturer is willing to sell us new AEDs for $500.00 off list price and to include a free trainer. The price would be $1100 each. It was agreed to check into whether the chip is “upgradeable”. The new machines have a 5 year battery life. It was agreed to check on the cost of new batteries. The cost of the new AED machines, after tax is approximately $900.00 under budget. The general community will be offered the reduced price on the purchase of an AED machine for personal use. Dick Demers moved that we authorize $2600.00 for the purchase of two new AED machines, including two pediatric pads and the trainer. Gail Light seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Fire Plan: Deb Davey suggested that we have a more organized fire plan. There was a brush fire (at the South end of the island) a year ago with a large response. However it was a very ineffective response. Volunteers arrived unprepared, in shorts and flip flops, on motorcycles and not sober. Deb suggests that volunteers meet at a central place, with more organization and communication. We need a protocol, communication devices, a crew chief and a fire plan. Last year fire truck(s) could not get around parked cars. Blow back from the fire would have been dangerous trapping and injuring volunteers. Dick Demers offered to begin a fire plan.

Ambulance/Aid car: The old red Land Rover that belongs to Deb Davey will be rehabilitated by the NASCAR Angels to be used as an ambulance/aid car here on the island. The renovated and revived Land Rover will be returned to the island on Sunday, September 2, 2007. This is a big project and will be filmed for television. A potluck picnic will be held in celebration in the cabana at 5:30 PM. Come one, come all.

Jeff Fegert updated us on the road situation. The community is in a comment period, regarding our options to nothing, chip seal or repave. At the end of the roads report Jeff left the meeting.

Fire and Waste:
Fire: Dick Demers reported that there will be another fire truck demonstration on August 4th at 10:00 AM. The truck is simple to operate. There will be another demonstration over the Labor Day weekend. There may be a separate training for women. Laminated cards, perhaps color coordinated will match the colored levers on the truck.
Waste: The recycle situation continues to deteriorate. Wrong materials, dirty items and garbage continue to be left at the BIRD. Community members have been helping with the recycle center. Insurance for volunteer workers needs to be obtained. It was moved by Dick Demers, seconded by Gail Light that insurance be provided. Motion passed unanimously. The BIRD could also use a donation of a small lift truck. Repair of the card board bailer has already used the funds allocated for the BIRD for this year.

Ellen received an update sent by our Bookkeeper Cheryl Burkhart. Cheryl purchased an upgrade to QuickBooks 2007 rather than pay tech support for our current bookkeeping configuration. A bill was submitted to pay for transportation of the “broom” that cleaned our road edges. A member needed documentation on assessment for divorce proceedings. Jim Sherrin still has not paid his 2006 assessment. A lien has been filed on his Blakely property.

Gail Light reported that she missed a conference call but had the following information to report. Paul Malmo sent updated financial reports. Ken Parker will pay the money owed to the BIMC in three deposits at set dates. Fuel dock bolts, store floor fire, floor rot, freezer repairs were discussed.

Facility Manager’s Report:
Terry Pence is leaving the island and will be moving to Portland. A long discussion ensued regarding replacing Terry and all of the work he does for BIMC during the year. His job description covers the water treatment plant, including his training and licensing, main water meter reading, water testing and mail distribution, UPS. The Facility Manager report is attached.

At several points during this meeting the BIMC board moved through many topics. New board members were informed of the history of the island, how things have been repaired, replaced and funded in the past. These subjects ranged from runway overruns, repaving of the runway, relighting of the runway, the irrigation system and its origination, the water treatment plant progression, driftwood beach rehab, water reservoirs and the BIRD.

Meeting adjourned at 4:33 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Malmo