Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of September 1, 2007 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on September 1, 2007 at Ellen Roth’s Blakely Island home. One member was on a speaker phone.

Ellen Roth President
Dick Demers Fire & waste
Jane Loura Treasurer
Jeff Fegert Roads
Gail Light BCF Liason
Anne Malmo Secretary
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Via speaker phone:
Scott Burkhart Water

Meeting called to order at 10:10 AM

Facility Manager's Report: 10:10 AM
AEDs Jim Davis reported that the seven AED (Automated External Defibrillators) ordered by BIMC have arrived on island. Because the order was so large an additional $89.00 was reduced from the price of each AED bringing to the total for $1317.69 per unit. The BIMC purchased two AEDs and as a bonus received pediatric pads and a training unit. Next July two more trainers will be on island (loaned) for our 4th of July training. Thank you to Mark Droppert and Pacific Rim Medical Systems.
Sirens: Both sirens have been ordered, one is on island. The controllers are here on island. Someone needs to co-ordinate with the Hanger LLC. Poles will be installed at the hanger and BIRD. Both will need power. Donna Linn donated a telephone pole as did Opalco; BIMC still needs two more transmitters and brackets for holding the sirens.

Fire and Waste: 10:20 AM
Dick Demers (report attached) has been working on a fire plan. There will be a fire drill on September 2nd, at 10:00. The first part of the drill will be hands on training for women. AED training will be held next year after the annual meeting. A recent incident (bee stings) involving an island guest depleted our first aid supplies. New “epi-pens” and oxygen have been purchased. There is nothing in the budget for medical supplies so an account for donations has bee set up.

Treasurer: 10:28 AM
Jane Loura reviewed our bookkeeping process. She explained the zero carryover on our books. The CD was left untouched last year and generated $6,000 in interest. The maintenance reserve was also discussed. Assessments are being paid and are arriving in a steady stream. The deadline for payment date is September 15, 2007.

Roads: 10:32 AM

Jeff Fegert reported that there is nothing new with the roads. The board discussed the community conversations about chip sealing vs. repaving. Those in the community with opinions should communicate with Jeff via e-mail at

Water: 10:36 AM
Scott Burkhart reported that 11 individuals have not responded to the water hookup survey of the plat. The survey is a requirement of the state. Those that do not/will not complete the survey will be considered at the highest risk and will be required to use the most expensive device. Members who have not filled out the survey form will receive a phone call. Discussion followed regarding the type of water meters needed. Also discussed was the member population that is over using domestic water. Several people had leaks that were repaired. Overuse constitutes an average usage of water over 250 gallons of water. Some members are using just a bit over the 250 gallon threshold. Others habitually overuse. A letter has been written that will be sent to over-users.

Marina: (BCF) 10:53 AM

Gail Light reported the BCF board had a meeting on August 18, 2007. The marina repairs are under way. A cross bracing bolt is being replaced; fuel line is being repaired and replaced as needed. Discussion about the condition of the rip-rap bulkhead in front of the marina was informational.

Secretary: 10:55 AM
The minutes of July 22, 2007 were unanimously approved as written. Gail Light motioned, Jeff Fegert seconded. Anne Malmo reported that two packets of BIMC membership certificates from a previous secretary have been forwarded to her. Since no one has been keeping records it will be difficult to start the numeric sequence of the certificates again.

Misc. and New Business: 11:02 AM
Long discussion ensued about the negotiation with Terry Pence and what it will take to keep him on island. Terry knows our infrastructure, our water system and our community members. Housing, a contribution to a retirement fund, some form of medical insurance as well as pay structure were discussed. Airstrip transitions were discussed. Three planes landed “short” and were damaged by the abrupt transition. Jeff Fegert suggested some sand to even out the transition. Easements, with SMBA and others were discussed. Garbage budget was discussed. Maintenance reserve deposit was discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM
Respectfully submitted,

Anne Malmo


  1. A clear, plastic, large night guard (for tooth grinding at night) was found in the log cabin at the first lake. E-mail for more info.

  2. Do not leave your car at the marina for more than 24 hours.

Waste and Fire Commissioner Report: 1 September 2007



Here are some of the points and issues raised during our meeting. There are three basic types of fires that we need to be concerned about:

  1. Structure fire on the plat
  2. Wildfire on the upper island
  3. Structure fire on the upper island

1. For structure fires on the plat, we need to have as many people as possible be familiar with the operation of the new fire truck. There will be regular drills, with the one taking place on Sunday, September 2nd at 10:00 AM. There was a request for having a “ladies only” session, so the first part of Sunday’s training the ladies will have first chance at operating the equipment.
2. For wildfires on the upper island, several points were raised.
3. If a structure fire or a wild fire is reported on the upper island volunteers should meet at the fire hall. Deborah suggests that cars park on her property. If a pilot is available and weather permits an aerial reconnaissance should take place. An advance ground party will check out the situation and report back to the volunteers at the fire hall. Deployment will be made depending on the nature of the fire. We will need a means for communication to take place between the advance party and the rest of the group. We are looking into hand held VHF radios.

Additional Points:
There will be a sign up sheet (a large whiteboard?) in the fire hall that will inform people arriving later that someone is checking out the fire. Dick is preparing a set of “to do” lists that will be in a holder in the fire hall. It will have tasks such as set off fire alarm, call San Juan Fire Department, have all volunteers bring gloves, heavy shoes, hard hats (if possible), and so forth. We will have a supply of bottled water available for the fire fighters. There will also be maps available that show all of the drivable roads on Blakely. This map will also list the location of all of the boxes of fire tools on the island. Dick will carry out an inventory of the contents of the boxes, and will also check to make sure that the batteries in the flashlights are fresh.