Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of January 23, 2008 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on January 23, 2008 by conference call.

Ellen Roth President
Scott Burkhart Water
Jeff Fegert Roads
Dick Demers Fire & waste
Gail Light BCF Liason (via phone)
Anne Malmo Secretary (via phone)
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Jane Loura Treasurer

Meeting called to order at 7:34 PM

The meeting was started on a sad note. Caroline Galli died unexpectedly during surgery to correct an aortic aneurysm. Her obituary is attached.

Jim Davis gave a very brief report on the condition of the island. A bolt worked loose on the marina ramp and was muscled back into place. There was a small fire at Paul & Debbie Groesbeck's (lot 46) on December 27th. The fire started in the roof sheathing from the fireplace chimney. The metal chimney had evidently rusted through. Terry, Paul, DL Fitzpatrick and Glen Tompkins fought the fire with a garden hose, and a hose from the hydrant box. The fire truck was brought to the scene but by the time it arrived and was set up-the fire was out. This should serve as a reminder to all residents to check their chimneys for corrosion or other damage.


TV Antenna:    7:58 PM
Jim Davis updated us on the Television Antenna on the upper island. With the switch to digital TV coming next February, we need to re-assess our capabilities. It was unanimously agreed to spend up to $800.00 to test our ability to obtain a digital signal. When we know our options we can plan for the ’08-’09 budget.

Marina:    8:28 PM
Gail Light gave a status update on the marina. The bolt that worked loose was fixed. The cross bar on the fuel dock is to be repaired within a week or two. The pilings are moving 6 to 8” in severe wind. It was confirmed that the fuel from last year has been paid for. At this time it is unknown whether Ken Parker will be operating the marina facility again this year. The board agreed to write a short letter to Charlie Mills (President of the BCF Board) requesting a status update regarding the marina store.

New Business:    8:40 PM

Old Business:    8:50 PM

Nominating Committee:
Jeff Fegert and Jane Loura will be leaving the BIMC board this summer. Dick Demers (who has been filling the position left vacant by DL Fitzpatrick) has agreed to serve a full three year term. He has offered to head the nominating committee. There will be two open positions to fill. (Secretary note: Serving on the BIMC board has been much easier, less acrimonious and less time consuming than the general expectation. Please consider volunteering to fill one of the open positions.)

Meeting adjourned 9:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Malmo

From the Reno Gazette-Journal


November 11th, 1936 – December 18th, 2007

Carolyn Elizabeth Galli was born onto earth November 11, 1936, in Middleton, OH, and was born into heaven on December 18, 2007. When she graduated from high school, she attended nursing school in Ohio where she earned her RN credential. She then moved out West to begin her first nursing position in Yerington, NV. She made Nevada her home where she spent many years devoted to nursing and caring for others. Not so long ago, she fulfilled a lifelong dream and earned her pilot's license. She loved to fly! Carolyn had a zest for life. She was vibrant, fun-loving, generous, and nobody was a stranger to her. She had a very compassionate heart, and her love and faith in the Lord was forever strong. She was loved dearly and will be truly missed. She also leaves behind her husband, Peter Galli, and a legacy of four loving children: Susan (Ron), John (Susie), Theresa (Louie), and Cathy (Eric). Carolyn was also “Grammy” to nine beautiful grandchildren:

Carolyn’s Daughter told us that Carolyn died during surgery to correct an aortic aneurysm. She and Pete own lot 117. Edited for length by Anne Malmo BIMC Secretary.