Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of May 7, 2008 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on May 7, 2008 by conference call.

Ellen Roth President
Jane Loura Treasurer
Dick Demers Fire & waste
Gail Light BCF Liason 
Anne Malmo Secretary 
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
John Madden Immediate Past President
Cheryl Burkhart Bookkeeper & Past President
Jeff Fegert Roads
Scott Burkhart Water

Meeting called to order at 7:11 PM.

Minutes were not approved because the secretary had not transcribed them yet.

Annual meeting packets:
The deadline for reports is May 19, 2008. There will be one more board meeting to review the information included in the packet. The meeting will be on May 24, at 10:00 at Ellen Roth’s home. Conference call capability will be provided for those unable to be on island. The packets must be mailed by the first week of June.

A discussion of the Agenda was started:

Jim Davis gave a very brief report on the sirens: Dick Demers is talking to owners around the corridor hangers, the BIRD and the marina about the sirens.

Discussion followed on the continuing subject of the old fire truck. We have decided to sell the old 1969 Ford truck with some of our fire fighting equipment. We are asking $5,000. If you are interested please contact Jim Davis.

Cheryl Burkhart helped us discuss meeting set up. Various vote counts were discussed.

55 votes for quorum. 147 total votes. 74 votes to pass etc.

BC Crowley will be asked to speak. Leroy Hubbert from SPU will be asked to speak. Ken Parker will be asked to speak about the Marina store.
A free ranging discussion followed as to where the BCF meeting will fit in the program? Who will present their budget, and run the meeting. How will/when we vote on BCF issues, especially if they are big budget items. The legalities of big budget items and depreciations, liability etc. were discussed.

Toilets in the marina residence, fitting hoses etc. were all discussed. Both BIMC and BCF budgets need to be discussed prior to voting. BCF information must be in the annual packet.

Capital Plan: 7:50 PM
Last year we agreed to repave the roads; approximately $170,000 a year for three years. We have $225,000 in the maintenance reserve. Each year we put 15% of the operating budget into the maintenance reserve. More discussion followed regarding repaving, chip seal, general condition of the roads. Jeff will be getting us a bid price.

About 50% of the members use a television here on the island. Should TV be a community expense or should members get satellite TV? There will be an information meeting on Memorial Day weekend.

Treasurer: 8:10 PM
Jane Loura reports that the Sheerin property is two years behind on assessments and a lien has been placed on the property. The owners of the home where Terry Pence lives want to increase the rent by $200 a month. The lease is up in October. All board members think that the rent increase is not unreasonable and that we should “bite the bullet” and pay the increase. It is part of the cost of keeping Terry on island. However it will need to be added to the budget. Terry has set up his SEP.

Marina: 8:35 PM
Gail Light was able to join the meeting at this point. She updated us on the marina. Fuel lines running from the fuel tanks to the gas pump may need to be replaced. The cost could be as high as $75,000 to $100,000. Bids from contractors and inspectors are being solicited. Pressure testing is due. Fuel tanks were replaced 10-12 years ago. More information will be available soon. John Davidson will be obtaining bids. Ken has not paid his utility bills, because he has not received them. BC is frustrated with the lack of communication with the BCF. More, regular communication has begun. The next BCF meeting will be Tuesday (May 13) at 8:00 PM. John Madden offered to sit in on the meeting. BCF will purchase new toilets for the residence and office. Ken will install them. The cost of the Marina maintaince will have to be funded. Discussion followed about Capital Expenses and the rest of BIMC capital items. A vote is required with full knowledge of all items. Glen Tompkins will replace Paul Malmo on the BCF committee.

Treasurer: Budget: 9:00 PM
More budget discussion followed. Which phones, in which location cost what. After about 10 minutes discussion we decided that two phones are necessary and should remain in the budget. We have budgeted for AED training. We need to budget for foam for the fire truck. Shall we pay for emergency equipment from the contributions we have received? Oxygen, Epi-pens etc. We could also help with the mini-hospital supply in Deb Davey’s home. We have zero dollars in the budget. Consensus is that we should spend the donated money on our required supplies.

More Budget/Water, SBMA, Pump house dock, AEDs: 9:35PM
Water education has been lowered in our budget. The free classes and donated equipment (from other water systems) are a huge benefit to our community. Then followed a long discussion of who pays for what in regards to assessments. After much discussion it was determined that we have correctly billed South Bay Maintenance Association the correct amount for their access. Garbage costs were unclear.

The pump house dock needs to be replaced. The dock may not need to go as far as it currently does. The float and water intake are sufficient. Ellen will try to sell the remaining old AED.

More Budget/Roads, Runway, Buffer strip, Toyota:
Jeff Fegert was absent from the meeting. Again we discussed the need to repave the road. We have the money and we have approved the expense. The buffer strip needs cleaning up. 5 companies have been asked to submit bids. We should have the bids soon. The Toyota continues to fail. It needs to be replaced. No significant repair work has been done on the Toyota in the last year. It does have a new battery, two new tires and has had oil changes.

More budget: 9:50 PM
At the end of all of the discussion the total assessments were discussed. Line item totals, in detail were revised and discussed. The water treatment plant is due to be replaced in 2014. Our other water system goals have almost been completed. The annual assessment total will be around $1759. The Toyota replacement was discussed yet again. Perhaps the funds from selling the fire truck could be used to replace the ailing Toyota. Still to be determined is the disposition of the TV system. It could cost as much as $40,000 to provide TV. Dick Demers moved we approve the budget as discussed. Anne Malmo seconded. The unanimous vote ended the discussion.

Nominating: 10:05 PM
Dick Demers updated us on the progress. Fritz Loura, John Madden and Dick have been on the nominating committee. Jim Fergus and Deb Davey have agreed to serve on the BIMC. Dick Demers still has two years to serve. Jane Loura and Jeff Fegert will be leaving the board.

New Business: 10:15 PM

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM!

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Malmo

Things you should know:

  1. Membership directory changes are due now. Please check your 2007 directory and e-mail changes to
  2. The store will open May 15, 2008. Please enjoy our community space and support our store.
  3. Annual meeting will be on July 5th at 9:00 AM