Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of July 5, 2008 BIMC Annual Membership Meeting

A meeting of the general membership of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on July 5, 2008 in Weller’s Hanger.

Ellen Roth President
Jane Loura Treasurer
Scott Burkhart Water
Jeff Fegert Roads
Dick Demers Fire & Waste
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Anne Malmo Secretary and Vice-president
Gail Light BCF Liason (via phone)

 A quorum was reached and the meeting was called to order at 9:34 AM.

The meeting was called to order by President Ellen Roth. Ellen welcomed members, announced the pot-luck at 4:30 on the 5th, and announced the AED training at Weller’s hanger at 10:00 on Sunday the 6th. There was a moment of silence to remember our present and past members who passed away in the last year: Carolyn Galli, Barb McCartney, and John Hogan. The passing of Lance’s horse, Kahlia was also noted.

Acknowledgement of Contributions: Ellen Roth thanked the following people who have contributed to the island community:

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the 2007 Annual Meeting were approved.

Current Rules:
Ellen Roth read aloud the current rules and the road document that were mailed in the annual meeting packet.

Facilities Manager Report: (Jim Davis)

Water: (Scott Burkhart)
The raw water irrigation system has greatly reduced the use of treated water. We are close to our goal of having permission for 200 connections. Scott gave a firm reminder for people not to walk on the intake pipe float near the pump house; it is old and rickety and not to be used as a dock. Raw water users are required to put in cross connection back-flow devices. Make sure you shut off your water at the road when leaving for a period of time.

Roads: (Jeff Fegert)
Since the bulk of the discussion involved capital outlays Jeff postponed his report until later in the meeting.

Fire and Waste: (Dick Demers)
Waste: Members were reminded to bring their items to the dumpster after the lid is opened.
Recycle: Note carefully the clean items that can be recycled at the recycle center. Sort your plastics, glass and papers products. No lids. The recycle center does not accommodate garbage and does not accept tin cans. Accepted items are posted at the BIRD.
Fire: The two previous fires at the south end and lightening-caused fires on the evening of July 2nd were discussed. Dick told the members that the BIMC Board had unanimously decided to sell our former fire truck with a tank and pump. The Board reasoned that the truck had become redundant. Only one fire truck at a time can be used on our water distribution system, and the new truck with compressed foam is far superior and easier to use. Moreover, the old truck is in serious need of repairs (a rusted water tank with rust debris that clogs the system and pump problems). Some members of the community argued that the truck could be a backup in case there were two fires, or if there was some kind of problem with our main truck. After discussion, the community voted to keep the old truck. John Davidson offered to repair the pump, and Kevin Clark offered to repair the steel tank.

Upper Island: (BC Crowley)
BC reported that a major concern is safety on the roads on the upper island. There is a 20 mph speed limit. BIMC members are responsible for enforcing the upper island rules. Logging has been suspended indefinitely. The restoration of the Sawdust beach at Thatcher Bay to its natural state was mentioned.

AED Report: (Deborah Davey)
Deborah reported that “the car” (restored by NASCAR Angles) contains a great deal of medical equipment. Anyone in need of medical attention can call Deborah at any time. The Landrover contains splints, oxygen masks etc. Epi-pens are in the fire truck. Reimbursement for these items is voluntary. Deborah and Darrell have supplied them for years. Dr. Jeff Robertson will order anything needed. If you would like to donate to the first aid fund please give the money to Cheryl Burkhart.
AEDs can be found at:
The Davis’ home laundry room, the fire truck, at Phil and Jan Bridge’s home (on the exterior of the house), SPU first aid room and apartment, the Rogich’s home (including pediatric paddles). Deborah reminded all that symptoms of heart trouble may be as vague as indigestion; if you feel you may be having a heart attack, take baby aspirin immediately (if you do not already take one daily) and lie down. Send someone for an AED. Also you can take 3 nitroglycerine tablets which may be found in the first aid kit in the fire truck. Perform CPR only if the patient is unconscious, not breathing, and has no pulse.

For medical help call at anytime: Deborah Davey (375-6130), Beth Droppert (375-6191), Jeff Robertson (375-6110), Jan Bridge (375-6175), Coralie Meslin (375-6661), Cheryl Pflug (375 6394), or Chris Owings (375 6155). These names and numbers will be posted on the Blakely Island Web-site.

SPU: Leroy Hubbert announced that a talk will be given at 7:30 PM on Friday, July 18th at the SPU campus. The subject is Dr. Eric Long’s study of the deer population on Blakely. Dr. Tim Nelson spoke about his research on the seaweed around Blakely. Members might notice small floats around the island that are part of his research. Joel Breems, SPU alum, is leading an investigation into restoring Sawdust Beach at Thatcher Bay. Interest was expressed by BIMC

members in having the research papers on Blakely Island topics be made available on the SPU website.

Airport Safety: Wally Weller stressed that no one should be on the runway except in an airplane. Children and especially guests must be notified of this rule. Low approaches along the length of Peavine Pass should not be undertaken. For landing on 19 (to the south) the Blakely pattern has a downwind to the north, a base over Obstruction, and a final over part of Peavine. If you’re going to do a straight in approach, please start over Deer Point. He cautioned that with an upslope runway, it makes you feel like you are higher than you are and increases the risk of coming in low. Run-ups should be carried out at the run up pad at the crown of the runway to make sure that the runway is clear at both ends. Wally also warned members to make sure that model airplanes are not flown near the runway.

Marina Report: Ken Parker began by thanking the people who have helped keep the store in operation. He named his staff; Kristi, Kelsey, and Katherine, as well as his sister-in-law Kathy. He also thanked Connie for her help in preparing the weekend pizzas. His intention is to try to make the store profitable through his lease end in 2010. He then updated the members about the problems that he is facing: the building and equipment are old and frail, boating traffic is down, fuel revenue is down dramatically, the number of available transient moorage slips is down. Transient boat traffic does provide income through store and fuel sales but the income is greatly reduced. Ken stated he is facing increasing expenses with decreasing sales.

Suspension of Blakely Island Maintenance Committee meeting.
Blakely Community Facility meeting convened: 11:16 AM
See included BCF minutes.
BCF meeting adjourned, BIMC meeting called to order 12:30 PM.

Operating Budget: Dick Shanaman moved to accept the operating budget for 2008-2009. Mike Brustkern seconded the motion. The motion passed by a voice vote.

Capital Expense Proposals:
Carryovers from last year:
Facility Manager housing improvement - $2,900
Cross Connection Program completion - $10,000
Moved for approval by Margaret Mills and seconded by Lisa Burkhart. Approved by voice vote.

New capital expenditures:
Horseshoe Lake trout plant (biannual) - $3,900
CAFS upgraded hose reel - $700
2nd 3” water distribution meter - $1,500
A motion to approve the new capital expenditures was moved, seconded and approved.

A $10,000 capital expenditure for the Toyota truck replacement was discussed. Kevin Clark said that a new truck was not needed; he drove the same model that had even more mileage than the one on the island. When a vote was held the tally was 40 for the Toyota replacement and 38 against. Because of the close vote, a standing recount was conducted. The motion carried 59 to 40.
Major Capital Improvements: Jeff Fegert outlined funding proposals for the roads. Last year the community approved $170,000 for paving1/3 of the roads. Last year’s bid from Lakeside Industries included a 2” overlay. When Lakeside looked at the road this year they recommended a leveling course, followed by a 1 ½” overlay. Their new recommendation would add another $20,000 to the bid.

Another option would have Lakeside complete two thirds of the resurfacing. The preferred option is to have Lakeside resurface the roads for the entire plat. The bid amount for this option is approximately $550,000 (without tax). The total includes some gravel shoulders. Financing would be required but the annual assessment for the next two years would more or less stay the same as if we did the paving in three phases. Don Burkhart moved to accept the third proposal. Sig Rogich seconded the motion.

The following points came out in the ensuing discussion. Interest would have to be paid if a loan is taken out, but higher oil prices in the future might add to the cost of the project in each of the subsequent years if we funded the project on an annual basis. There is an economy of scale in doing the whole project at once. We will look into adding the marina parking lot as part of the project. Doing the whole project at once would entail a one-time disruption of our road system. The possibility of having Blakely Island members provide loans to cover the cost of road resurfacing was brought up. The motion to approve the “do it all” option passed by a voice vote. Cindy Zech proposed reducing the amount taken from the maintenance reserve. Cheryl Burkhart moved to maintain $50,000 in the maintenance reserve. John Madden seconded the motion. The motion passed by voice vote.

Pump-house float (dock) replacement - $18,000 Fritz Loura moved to fund the replacement. Ben Dole seconded the motion. Motion passed by voice vote.
TV system preliminary study - $5,000 Wally Weller moved to fund the study. Ron Griffin seconded the motion. Motion passed with 64 yes votes.
Road trimming and buffer strip clean-up - $12,600 Ben Dole moved to fund the clean-up. Bob Foster seconded the motion. Motion passed by voice vote.

Treasurer Jane Loura noted that by funding these capital items the annual assessment is estimated to be $3,167.00

A free ranging, thorough discussion of the pros and cons of the marina funding issues ensued. A member commented that in closing down the fuel lines we are over reacting. We already have a safer situation than in the past and we do have a fuel monitoring system. Shutting the fuel down now is not necessary. In 2000 the system was in compliance with all regulations. Mark Droppert stated that he does not believe we would be liable for damages in a spill. We have been in compliance. The system needs to be inspected immediately to see if anything has changed the safety situation today. Cheryl Pflug stated that she will seek an injunction unless we get legally binding assurance. She reminded the community that once we are on notice—if an individual has personal knowledge of a problem then that individual can be held personally responsible for any incident. Charlie Mills moved to have $10,000 set aside to decommission the fuel lines. The motion was amended to give BCF up to $40,000 for decommissioning and financial compensation for the store. Sig Rogich seconded the motion. The motion passed by a voice vote. In the following discussion it was pointed out that the decommissioning was already estimated to cost $3,000 as part of the fuel line replacement. It might be wiser to consider replacing the fuel line so that fuel can be delivered to the gas dock for the benefit of members and a source of income for the store. Charlie Mills moved that the BIMC allocate $120,000 +/- 10% to replace the fuel lines out to the dock. Dan O’Brien seconded this motion.

Jane Laura calculated that with this expenditure the annual assessment amount would be increased to $4,187.00.

A voice vote was inconclusive and a show of hands was called for.

The first vote was:     45 for
                                44 against
Because the vote was so close, a standing vote was called for.
The final vote was:     49 for
                                 47 against
The motion passed.

Doug Davidson moved to rescind the previous motion calling for the closing of the fuel lines on Sunday, July 6, 2008. The motion was seconded by Stacey Smythe and passed by voice vote.

Nominating Committee: Fritz Loura, chair of the nominating committee, proposed three new members to serve on the Board: Deborah Davey (three years), Dick Demers (two years), and Jim Fergus (three years). John Madden moved to approve the board members. The motion was seconded by Patti Bridge and passed by voice vote.

New Business:
Ellen Roth announced that due to the high cost of copying and postage the annual meeting packet will be sent electronically. Members can request hard copies if preferred.

Meeting adjourned at 2:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kerry and Dick Demers, acting secretaries
Transcribed and edited by Anne Malmo
BIMC Secretary

The following people wanted it documented that they voted against continuing to use the Marina fuel lines:
Jeff Fegert, Keith Fegert (for Joyce Fegert), Ralph Zech, Jeff Robertson, Philip Neal Adams, Sig Rogich, Jane and Fritz Laura

Directory Corrections:

Enriquez, Tony and Lisa
Correct address is: 3702 SW Grayson, Seattle, WA 98126

Fergus, Jim and Joan
Correct e-mail address is

Parker, Ken
Delete lot 69-A

Blakely Community Facility (BCF) Minutes:
July 5, 2008

The July 5, 2008 meeting of the BCF was called to order by Charlie Mills at 11:15 AM. Much of Charlie’s opening comments echoed the report given by Ken Parker in the regular BIMC meeting. Charlie briefly discussed the three possible scenarios, sent with the annual packet mailing, of store costs to the membership with different levels of operation.

Cheryl Pflug stood and asked Ellen Roth to call for a vote to shut down the fuel dock now. Ellen thought we should continue the BCF meeting. The point was debated and the consensus was to re-open the BCF meeting.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM

Respectfully submitted

Chris Bridge, BCF board member.