Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of March 31, 2009 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on March 31st by conference call.

Ellen Roth President
Anne Malmo Roads, Vice-President
Deborah Davey Fire and Waste
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Dick Demers Secretary
Gail Light BCF Liason (via phone)
Scott Burkhart Water
Jim Fergus Treasurer

The meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. PDT

The minutes of the February 25th meeting were corrected.  The nominating committee for the next BIMC Board membership will be Jan Bridge, Pam Kincaid, and Deborah Davey will represent the Board.  Sally Elliman and Barb Sullivan have been nominated and have agreed to serve on the Board next year.

The corrected minutes were approved by acclimation.

Secretary.  Membership directory.  John Madden (aaa-printing) has agreed to publish the membership directory for another year.  Please send any changes in your directory information to Dick Demers at  He will collect the changes and forward them to John.

A discussion took place concerning the BIMC records, most of which are stored at the Fire House.  Dick has agreed to organize them, and create an inventory for what is present.

Facilities Manager.  

Jim reported that a large water leak occurred recently.  The loss, over a two day period, was more than twenty thousand gallons.  The leak was tracked to toilet leaks at one connection.  Members are reminded to turn off their water at the meter when they are not using their homes.

Roads The heavy rains this winter have washed gravel away from the edges of some of the roads.  This leaves the new paving edge susceptible to damage.  Funding for gravel replacement will be discussed at the upcoming í09/10 budget meeting.  On balance, the roads are holding up well. 

Water The Cross Connection Control (CCC) project is in its final stages.  Most of the needed backflow assemblies and expansion tanks have been installed.  Deposits were made prior to the installations and owners will be billed for the balances, as soon as the contractor bills BIMC.  The last major part of the CCC project will be the marina.  Discussions are underway with BC concerning materials and funding.  There are still a few members who have not participated in the CCC upgrade.  Where needed, these installations are mandatory.  The non-participating owners have been contacted to assure compliance.  The next phase will involve inspections by our cross connection control specialist and testing of the assemblies.  Owners will be billed approximately $50 for each assembly tested.  When the CCC policy has been fully implemented, we should be in full compliance with State regulations and new connections will be approved.

Various options for the Horseshoe Lake water intake were discussed.  Among the options were a dock versus a tethered raft at the mouth of the intake pipe.  After discussion, the members voted 4 to three to fund the dock option, which was the one approved at the last annual meeting.  The float/dock will be constructed using materials from the EZ Dock company and will have additional planking on the sides and top.  The purpose of the planking is aesthetic, and is designed to cover the beige plastic surfaces of the EZ Dock product. The projected cost for the dock is $16,500.  The cost of the planking will be extra, and Jim has offered to work out the details of installing the dock and the planking.

A discussion took place concerning the expenses involved when leaks occur at un-occupied homes.  During the Ď08/í09 winter season, we lost over 70,000 gallons due to leaks at six different properties.  In each instance, we not only lose the treated water but many hours are spent tracking down the leaks and shutting off the connections to the affected homes.  Most of the leaks this winter were due to frozen pipes.  Members are reminded to shut off their water supplies when leaving the island.  Policy discussions will continue by email and options will be presented at the annual meeting.

BCF Report. Gail reported that contractual negotiations are winding up for managing the marina complex for the summer.  The requirements of the marina operator will include the following:

Fire and Waste.  The following schedule has been created for training of the fire fighting equipment.

                11 April  (10 a.m., north side of the runway

                24 May (Sunday)

                20 June  (Fatherís Day weekend)

                Additional times will be announced at the annual meeting.

    There will be three training sessions on the new truck, two sessions on the old truck, and one session on the fire trailer.    

     The Board decided to continue the CPR/AED training, and a training session will be held on the weekend of the annual meeting.  The cost to the community is about $1.29 per assessment and all members are encouraged to take part in this training.  Time and location will be announced at the annual meeting. 

    The installation of a concrete pad at the loading dock at the recycling center was brought up.  Details (including cost) will be presented at the annual meeting.

Treasurer  Jim began by pointing out that if we continue to spend in the coming months at the rate we have been spending since October, we will be very close to running out of funds by July.  In order to keep within our budget, Jim Fergus proposed that a closer coordination between the bookkeeper and treasurer would help in his oversight responsibilities for BIMC expenditures.

At present four members have withheld partial payment of the assessment as a protest to the portion to cover repairs to the fuel dock.  They are subject to a 12% annual interest payment on the unpaid balance and if they have not fully paid by the annual meeting, they will not have voting privileges (including proxy votes).  Two additional members are behind in their annual assessment payments.  Letters of intent to file liens on their properties have been sent to all of these members by certified mail.

Additional items.

Jim Fergus recommended that the BCF submit their own budget to the community at the annual meeting for the management of the marina.

The annual meeting will be held on the 4th of July in Wally Weller's hangar.  Two members protested that the hangers should not be used for this purpose.

Materials for the annual meeting will be sent by email this year.  We anticipate a savings of more than $1,000 by not using the U.S. Postal Service.  Those wishing to have hard copies mailed should contact Dick Demers.  Ellen recommended that we also send postcards to all members a week before the packet is mailed, notifying members of the emailing of the annual packet, and giving members the option of receiving hardcopies of the materials.

We discussed a letter that we received from a memberís attorney.  This letter expressed a concern on the memberís part that we were selling marina fuel with an unsafe fuel delivery system (among other concerns).  The Board is dealing with this issue.

The Tompkinsí request for easements rights to their south end property was brought up for discussion.  Because of the length of the meeting, the discussion was tabled to a later meeting.

The blue Toyota will be taken off the island and put up for sale.  One member offered $600 for it, but we will try to receive a higher price.

The next Board meeting will be held on April 14th at 7:30 by teleconferencing, and will deal mainly with budget issues.

Meeting adjourned at 9:23 p.m by unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Demers, BIMC secretary