Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of May 7, 2009 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held by conference call.

Board Members Present
Ellen Roth President
Anne Malmo Roads, Vice-President
Deborah Davey Fire and Waste
Dick Demers Secretary
Jim Fergus Treasurer
Gail Light BCF Liason
Scott Burkhart Water
Jim Davis Facilities Manager

The meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. PDT

The minutes of the April 14th meeting were approved

Jim Davis reported that the new float on Horseshoe Lake is now in place.  Disposing of the old float still has to be dealt with.  It must be cut into sections for disposal.  Making sure that the old Styrofoam flotation pieces do not disintegrate is a concern.  Jim is asking for community volunteers to take part in disposing of the old float over the Memorial Day weekend.  Check for a notice on the post office for a time.

The new float will require wooden fascia on the sides and cedar planking on the top.  These exterior additions will require an expenditure that will put the project $3,000 over the amount budgeted at the last annual meeting.  Cheryl Burkhart was contacted, and is confident that we have sufficient funds in our Maintenance Reserve to cover this small additional expenditure.  Deborah moved that the funding be approved, and Anne seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

An extensive and lengthy discussion took place over a request by the BCF for the use of the $30,000 approved by the Board last December for fuel and start up costs for the marina store.  At this time, less than $2,000 has been spent.  The BCF committee requested that $10,000 of the remaining amount be used for fuel and store supplies so that the store could be up and running by Memorial Day.   Another $12,000 is needed to replace cross bracing on the fuel dock.  The Board did not approve either of these requests.  The repair of the cross bracing is a capital expenses not covered by the Board’s allocation of $30,000.   Anne moved that its funding be brought to the community at the upcoming annual meeting in July.  Deborah seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Since our entire potential sublease operators have withdrawn, only the BCF remains to operate the store.  However, at the November 26th, 2005 BIMC meeting the following motion from Jeff Fegert was approved:

Resolved, the Board of Directors is authorized to undertake and conduct negotiations to lease certain portions of the BIGS facility from the BIT (and form a wholly owned subsidiary for such purpose), on terms consistent with those outlined in the November 16 mailing to the BIMC Membership, subject to the following clarifications and to completion of related facility due diligence:

1.       BIMC and its subsidiary will not incur additional capital expenses related to BIGS without first obtaining the further consent of the BIMC membership.

2.      BIMC and its subsidiary will not conduct retail operations of the store facility (other than sale of fuel products) in a manner which make it accountable for related inventories, or which place it at risk for the profitability of such operations.

The Board will meet with the BCF in the very near future to discuss a solution that will satisfy the will of the community to have a store, while adhering to the constraints that we are facing.

The request by the Tompkins for easement rights for their south end property was extensively discussed.  The Tompkins have five lots and would like to have an easement for BIMC roads, runway use and runway parking, and use of the marina facilities.  South Bay members pay a 1/3 assessment yearly for a similar easement. The Tompkins property is independent of the SBMA, so negotiations are underway with the BIMC Board to determine an easement and cost to benefit for their property.  The Tompkins themselves own property in the BIMC so there is no easement issue at this time.  This topic was tabled in order work out the details of a fair arrangement.

There are a handful of parcels adjacent to  BIMC lands that are not officially part of BIMC land.  One piece is a lot next to the Leslie property (lot D), another is the Taggares maintenance yard, and the other is Ken Parker’s No Name City.  When Ken sold his property to the Gilberts, he was no longer a BIMC property owner.  While Ken was running the store, the Board felt that he was contributing to the community and The Board wrote him, waiving the assessment that should be charged for the property’s use of access and water.  Now that he is no longer running the store, his access to BIMC facilities (including roads, water, and so forth) has terminated.  The discussion was tabled.

Charlie Mills wrote to the Board, proposing that the BIMC community consider purchasing the marina complex from the Crowley family.  The Board is currently overwhelmed with other issues, so we tabled this suggestion also.

The current U.S. census will be starting in the next months, and census takers from San Juan County will be taking note of residential structures.  They will carry a GPS unit that they use to mark the location of residences.   Since all U.S. citizens are subject to comply with the census, we will have to comply with their procedures.  The actual census (counting people) will take place in 2010.

The issue of street addresses for Blakely residences is a constant issue.  Phone companies now require a street address when a new phone is installed (to comply with 911 requirements). And most of us have been forced to create a fake street address in order to have something delivered on island.  There is now pressure from the county and phone companies to have street addresses.  We have to make sure that our street names do not overlap with the street names on other islands.  Anne will have a map of the plat with proposed street names at the annual meeting.   The county will accept BIMC Board approval of street names

Terry Pence, our fill-in facilities manager, is currently residing in a property formerly owned by the Tompkins, and now owned by Kay Campbell and John Donahue.  The BIMC pays a portion of Terry’s rent.  When the property transfer occurred, the taxes on the property were increased.  Campbell and Donahue have requested that the amount BIMC be increased, and we are negotiating a new rental amount.

Anne brought up the issue of members writing to the Board on some topic and requesting that their letter be passed on to the entire community.  Currently the Yahoo Blakely website is supposed to serve the purpose of allowing members to communicate with all of the other members.  The topic of The Board passing on communications to the entire community will be presented at the annual meeting.

The packet for the annual meeting will be sent mostly by email at the end of May.  Most of the material will be sent in the form of attachments, and if any member has a problem opening an attachment, please notify Dick, and if the attachment cannot be converted to another format, a hardcopy will be mailed.

Remember:  if you have any changes you would like included in the 2009 Blakely directory, please send them to Dick Demers.  I will be forwarding all changes to John Madden on June 1st.

Roat’s lawsuit.  Ellen updated the Board on the current situation. At present three members (Ellen, Gail, and Anne) have been served, and Jim Davis was served with 296 pages of material.  So far, Dick and Jim F (in Arizona) and Deborah and Scott (in California) have not been served.  The Board members are scheduled to have a teleconference with the new lawyers in order to acquaint the Board members with the current situation. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:07 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, the 24th of May, at 9:30 at the Malmo residence.