Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of June 14, 2009 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Director of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held was held on June 14th at Ellen Roth’s and Dan Roach’s Blakely residence.

Ellen Roth President
Anne Malmo Roads and Vice-President
Jim Fergus Treasurer (by phone)
Dick Demers Secretary
Gail Light BCF Liason (by phone)
Deborah Davey Fire and Waste (by phone)
Scott Burkhart (Water)
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Barb Sullivan
Phyllis Chennault
Lindy Springmeyer
Laurie Davidson
Dick Shanaman

The meeting was called to order at 9:38 a.m. by Ellen Roth

Gail  moved, and Anne seconded that the Board minutes of  24 May, 2009 be approved. The motion passed.

Ellen announced that steps will be taken to streamline the flow of topics at the annual meeting.  Among the changes are: the acknowledgments of appreciation of service to the community will appear on a handout, and instead of the commissioners providing oral reports, they will answer questions on their reports, which are part of the annual meeting packet.

The gravel for road repair has been purchased and once a share-fare is found for the barge, the gravel will be brought to the island.  The expenses for this repair have been funded from last year’s budget. Anne reports progress on the island wide road naming project. The road naming project is a requirement of San Juan County. Each location must have a name and address for 911 service. Phone numbers will not be assigned unless there is an address for that property. The road naming is not specific to our end of the island, and all parts of the island must have road names. It is agreed by all that place names, animal names or native names are the best as opposed to family names. County regulations prohibit the same road name being used more than once in the islands. “Taxiway Road”, “Runway Drive” are already assigned and not available to us. Spencer Lake Road (with island approval) will run from the Post Office-Firehouse intersection to the Hanson property at SBMA. Thatcher Bay Road will be a spur off from that down to Thatcher Bay. University Drive is already named and

even has a sign. The names for SBMA were chosen years ago. A big plat map with proposed names will be posted, and flyers will be available for BIMC members to review and approve. Once names are approved the entire island road name packet can be sent to the county. BIMC, SBMA, SPU and the Crowleys will approve their road names. Once names are approved homeowners can choose to use the name or to ignore it.

Fire and Waste.  A nozzle has been purchased for the new fire truck.  This nozzle maximizes the efficiency of the compressed air foam delivery system on the new fire truck.  The equipment needs for the new truck are now complete. The amount, $600, will be taken out of next year’s budget, which is currently proposed to be $1,400.00

Facilities Manager  The water intake dock on Horseshoe lake is now in place, and the old dock has been removed and burned.  The cedar fascia on the sides of the dock has been installed.  Many thanks to Brian Kincaid for helping Jim with this phase of the project.  The decking has been started and the remainder should be installed soon.  As always, because this is the source of our drinking water, please do no use this area for recreation.  Fishing line can damage our pumps.  Suntan lotion affects water quality.

Jim has completed the upgrade of the one-inch hose reel on our new fire truck.  All hoses on this truck can now supply compressed air foam.
The new TV cable system (via satellite) is up and running.  All of the Seattle network                                            channels, plus one Vancouver and one Bellingham station are now available.  The picture quality is excellent.  If you have any problems, contact Jim Davis.
Most of the required backflow assemblies for the Cross Connection Control program are now in place.  Once all of them have been installed and tested, BIMC will apply to the State for additional connections to cover the remaining lots.  The owners without the installed devices have been contacted.  Jim reminds everyone with installed expansion tanks to check for small leaks.  Only those with access to untreated water have had these devices  installed.

BCF   Gail wants the community to know that a fund raiser will be held over the 4th of July weekend to raise money for a donut-making machine.  On July 3rd  there will be a Barbeque by the marina store and the band “Two Buck Chuck” will be playing, and beer and root beer will be sold. T-shirts will also be for sale.   An evite was sent to the community detailing the schedule of events and ticket prices.  Come support your community store and enjoy the music.  The marina store hopes to show a profit this summer.  Thanks again to the six BIMC community members who contributed start up costs to get the store operating.  They are the Malmos, Lights, Roach/Roths, G. Tompkins, Maddens, and Dropperts. A liquor license is pending, and an independent bookkeeper has been hired to handle all of the income sources and the expenses relating to the marina complex.  The store is open seven days a week now.  Thanks again to all who contributed to the Memorial Day clean up!

Annual picnic/potluck The annual picnic will be held in the cabana on the 4th, starting at 5.    Scott Shanks and Jim Davis have been organizing the drinks, hamburger fixings and hot dogs, and help is always needed for slicing and dicing and setting up tables and barbeques before the potluck.  Barbeque chefs are always appreciated, and members are again asked to bring a side dish to go with the burgers and hot dogs.  Also, don’t forget that vehicle decoration for the Blakely 4th of July parade will take place at 1:00, and the parade will take place at 2:00

Easements, Assessments and Upper Island Use.  Due to some new developments, the status of Bartram’s former maintenance yard (Kens’ No Name City) will not be discussed at the annual meeting.
There was also an extended discussion of the Tompkins south end property, and all participants at the meeting became aware of the complexity of this issue.
It has come to our attention that non-members have been using the upper island without being accompanied by an owner.  Please inform your guests of the BIMC policies regarding upper island use.

The next meeting will be held on July 2nd at 9:30 a.m. at the Malmo residence.

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Demers
Secretary BIMC