Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of November 5, 2009 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Governors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on November 5th by conference call.

Sally Elliman President, Property Manager
Barbara Sullivan Roads, Vice-President
Deborah Davey Fire and Waste
Dick Demers Secretary
Gail Light BCF Liason
Scott Burkhart Water
Jim Fergus Treasurer
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Phyllis Chennault
Pamela Roats

At 7:34 Sally asked for comments from the community before the meeting was officially called to order. Pam Roats said that her comments were a response to a letter that was sent to the community regarding hunting on the upper island. She wanted to remind the membership that as home owners on Blakely they had easement rights to the upper island that included hunting. Only non-owners require permission from the Crowley family. She was also concerned about “restricted funds.” She was concerned that funds were allocated for $120,000 for fuel dock repairs and that only $30,000 was needed. She stated that some members would have rather had a refund instead of a reduced annual assessment the next year. She was also concerned that $30,000 was the estimate to repair the cross-bars, and learned later that this job could be done for $3,000. She fears that money could be allocated, not all spent, and then sit unused in restricted funds. She also stated that a list of topics for executive sessions be part of all agendas. Phyllis Chennault expressed her displeasure with the 250 gallon/day limit on water use, and felt that the water restrictions on Blakely were more severe than on neighboring islands with less water. At an earlier meeting she passed on a list of questions to the Board relating to the water policy, and Scott Burkhart agreed to respond to her questions.

7:50 Sally called the meeting to order.  The first item of business was to correct the Agenda and place the executive session before the close of the regular meeting.  With this correction Barbara moved to accept the Agenda.  It was seconded, and passed unanimously. A motion to approve the minutes of the August 29, 2009 meeting was made by Barbara Sullivan; the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Since Commissioner’s Reports were mailed out earlier, the minutes will only include comments made by Board members on those reports.

President’s Report (Sally Elliman).   An Obstruction Island Emergency Plan was sent by Jack Hart to Blakely Island, as the airport and marina are part of their emergency plan.  The plan is housed at the Facility Manager’s residence.

At the August 29th meeting the Board members voted to study the 2004 Owner’s Manual to determine if any updating is necessary.  Dick reminded anyone that any proposed changes in the By-laws must be submitted to the Board before April 1st.  Any changes to be voted on by the membership must be sent in writing 30 days before the Annual Meeting.  The Board will begin with an assessment of the By-Laws.  The following assignment of sections was made to the individual Board members. 

Articles I-III  Name, Purpose, Powers: Sally Elliman
Article IV, Membership: Deborah Davey
Article VI, Officers:  Dick Demers
Article VII, Voting and Election Procedure: Scott Burkhart
Article VIII, Fees and Charges:  Jim Fergus
Article IX-XI, Property and Equipment, Rules, and Miscellaneous: Gail Light
Article V, Board of Governors:   Barbara Sullivan

Sally led a discussion of establishing the policy of “Restricted Line Items.”  The power of this restriction is that budgets that are established for a specific purpose cannot be transferred to fund another project/expense.  After a discussion, Scott agreed to initiate a list of items that are candidates for having a restricted status (e.g., water treatment plant, airport, post office, etc.), and other Board members will contribute their suggestions.

Secretary’s Report (Dick Demers).  No comments were made.

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Fergus).  Jim began with a proposal for a motion:  The treasurer will be empowered to issue, if requested, a deferred payment plan for paying the annual assessment on an individual case by case basis.  The motion was seconded, and after discussion, the motion failed.  Jim next moved that the Board enforce the payment rules as they are stated in the 2004 BIMC Owner’s Manual.  This motion was seconded.   Scott made a motion for an amendment that the people who are making deferred payment will not have to pay the 12% annual interest (1%/month) until a starting date of February 1, 2010.  The amendment was seconded and passed.  When the motion was called, it passed.

Jim next moved that 15 of the 35 outstanding road notes held by Blakely members be retired (by lottery), and paid with the money from our checking account.  This motion was seconded.  After discussion the motion failed.

Water Commissioner’s Report (Scott Burkhart).  Scott reported that there are now 5 people left who have not installed the cross connection control devices on their water systems.  At present, their water systems are not in compliance with State water laws, and these devices must be installed before the State will allow new connections to be added.  Various options open to the Board were discussed, and Scott will contact these people by phone and/or certified letter (or whatever means are necessary) emphasizing the urgency of our situation.

Fire and Waste (Deb Davey).  Different locations for fire fighting training were discussed (other than the hanger area) and separate training for women was brought up.  Concerning waste, Deb emphasized that there is no dumping allowed in the buffer strip.  She asked Jim Davis for an update on the recycle center siren, and he reported that technical adjustments including a long range antenna have made the siren control fully functional.  Plans are underway to set up a second siren in the lot next to the marina.  A siren in the vicinity of the hangers is still under negotiation.  Jim Davis and Bob Breidenthal are also working to complete the update of the Fire Response Manual that will include instructions for structure fires as well as upper island wildfires.  Bob has suggested a means of communication for Blakely emergencies.  Small, hand-held ham radios are available.  Volunteers will need a ham radio license.  Deb is also on the nomination committee (representing the Board) for new Board members, and three new members will be required to fill the positions being vacated by current Board members.  Members are asked to send suggested Board members to Deborah.  She announced that she will lead a CPR class for the community, with instruction on using the AEDs.  Although she is not allowed to certify participants of this class taught in Washington State, the course may prove invaluable if there is an emergency heart situation.

BCF (Gail Light).  Gail reported that the store will be open for fuel sales at the designated weekend times (first and third Saturdays), and that items in the store left over from last summer are available for purchase.  The BCF is looking for manager(s) to run the store over the summer, and if members would like to suggest someone, please contact any member of the BCF.  A lot more data is available for prospective managers.

Road Report (Barbara Sullivan).  The roads are holding up very well, although there was minor shoulder damage due to a storm with heavy rains in October.  Jim Davis was able to replace the gravel in the washed out areas.

Facility Manager’s Report (Jim Davis).   Sally thanked Jim for work on his own time on the Cross Connection Control devices at the marina.  Problems with recreational usage of the water intake float are still being addressed.  Last summer someone tampered with a line, allowing the intake pipe to sink until it struck an underwater tree.  Jim Davis had to put on scuba gear to repair this problem.  Blakely people don’t like signs, so please inform your family and guests that using the float for recreational purposes should be avoided.

Property Commissioner’s Report.  No new comments were made on this report.

New Business and Announcements.  Sally had two suggestions for future discussion:  1. The spring or early summer meeting be held at one of the maintenance facilities, such as the Water Treatment Plant.  This would provide an educational opportunity for the Board.  2. Host an early summer island picnic thanking the full and part time facility managers and the many volunteers who give their time, effort and money for the betterment of our island homes.

The Board returned to a discussion of the water intake float.  A proposal was raised to put a cleat on the float near the shore to notify people that they should only tie up here, and not at the end of the float near the intakes.  Sally also thanked Ed O’Neill and Phyllis Chennault for their work on the new “Blakely Marina” sign.  It is nearly completed and will be installed after the winter season in time for next summer. 

The next Board meeting will take place on Thursday, January 7, 2010, at 7:30 PDT at the Davis residence and by conference call.  All call-in numbers will remain unchanged.

Due to time constraints and lack of pressing issues, the Board did not meet in executive session.  Barbara Sullivan moved to adjourn the meeting, and the motion was seconded. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Demers,

BIMC Secretary