Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of January 7, 2010 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Governors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on January 7th by conference call.

Sally Elliman President, Property Manager
Barbara Sullivan Roads Commissioner, Vice-President
Deborah Davey Fire and Waste Commissioner
Dick Demers Secretary
Gail Light BCF Liason
Scott Burkhart Water Commissioner
Jim Fergus Treasurer
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Phyllis Chennault
Pamela Roats
Cheryl Burkhart Bookkeeper
Ron Griffin
Pamela & Ted Georgeson

At 7:34 Sally asked for comments from the community before the meeting was officially called to order. Pam Roats commented that the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Washington were different from what appears in the By Laws in the 2004 Owner's Manual, and also from what appears on the Blakely Island website. She also felt that the Blakely website should be reviewed for correctness, password protected, and only accessible by BIMC members.

Here is the language that appears in the By Laws section of the 2004 Home Owner's Manual under article II (purpose)

The purpose of these by-laws is to provide for the administration, maintenance, improvement, and protection of the properties, easements,access agreements, water rights, and equipment owned by the Association. Further, the Association may promulgate and enforce rules and regulations which are consistent with the

Blakely Island Covenants date June 1, 1995 and as amended from time to time, covering the plat of the San Juan Aviation Estates (the BIC) and make further rules and regulations which the Association from time to time may deem necessary.

Here is THE DECLARATION OF PURPOSE which appears in the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Washington (Filing # 156423, 1961)

The purpose of the association is to provide water, road, and landing strip maintenance (and such other services and maintenance as the association may hereafter decide) for the property owners of San Juan Aviation and Yachting Estates, and to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations necessary to insure equal and proper enjoyment of the same by all members of this association. Pursuant thereto the undersigned hereby agree to associate themselves together in a non-profit corporation (hereinafter referred to as association), subject to the following rules and articles of association.

RCW 24.03.070

The initial bylaws of a corporation shall be adopted by its board of directors. The power to alter, amend, or repeal the bylaws shall be vested in the board of directors unless other provided in the articles of incorporation of the bylaws. The bylaws may contain any provisions for the regulation and management of the affairs of a corporation not inconsistent with law or the articles of incorporation. The board may adopt emergency bylaws in the manner provided by RCW (23B.02.070, this number was faint, and I am not sure it is correct: DD)

Pam Roats also wanted to know how many gallons of domestic water the community uses from the lake per year. Scott Burkhart and Jim Davis will add up the monthly totals for the treated water and will provide this information. (This information collected by Scott Burkhart has been added to the end of these minutes.)

Pam Georgeson noted that from a business standpoint, the BIMC payroll is a place to look at for reductions in the BIMC budget. Sally assured Pam that the Board will look carefully at the total budget, with the goal of making sound business decisions.

Sally thanked the members for their comments and called the meeting to order at 7:48.

A motion to approve the agenda was called for; Bob Breidenthal so moved, and the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

A motion to approve the minutes of the 5 November, 2009 Board meeting was called for; Barbara Sullivan moved, and the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Board of Governor's reports:

President's Report (Sally Elliman)


The BIMC Board of Governors had been asked to accept the resignation of Commissioner Deb Davey for her remaining one and one-half year term as a Board member and Fire and Waste Commissioner due to personal reasons. The Board agreed to accept her resignation and thanked Deb for her time on the Board. The BIMC membership will vote to accept the resignation at the 2010 BIMC Annual Meeting.

The BIMC Board of Governors had been asked to accept Bob Breidenthal as Deb Davey's replacement as a Board member and as the Fire and Waste Commissioner for the remaining one and one-half year term. The Board accepted Bob as the Board member replacement and thanked Bob for his willingness to serve. The BIMC membership will vote to accept the new Board member at the 2010 BIMC Annual Meeting.

Because of a conflict of interest in her roles as President and Property Commissioner, Sally asked the Board to accept her resignation as Property Commissioner. The Board accepted the change and appointed Barbara Sullivan as Property Commissioner.

Sally proposed a set of changes for the upcoming Board meetings. The April 1st meeting is to be moved to the 15th, and the June 26th meeting is to be advanced to the 19th. The location of the June meeting is to b be announced later. A new date of February 18th, 2010 for the next Board meeting was accepted.

Secretary (Dick Demers)

Dick announced that if the teleconferencing system functions well this evening it will become our standard service. The Board had no objections to continuing this phone service.

Bookkeeper (Cheryl Burkhart)

The 2010-2011 budget has a built-in Capital Expense of $188,150, which represents the final pay-down on the road loan notes as well as interest earned. The pay-off breaks down to a single Capital Assessment of around $1500; that figure does not include the Standard Operating Budget Assessment. We have 129 full assessments to work with, so for each $100 added to an individual assessment, $12,900 is collected.

The maintenance reserve total is $83,268, which leaves about $130,000 in this year's budget. Since we've already paid out our big capital expenses this year (2009-2010), we can consider all of it as Operating Income, which gives us a little over $20,000 per month for expenses. If nothing unforeseen happens, we should have about $15,000 to $20,000 left in carry-over.

Sally asked Cheryl if the following projected expenditures were accurate:

$188, 150 for Roads (principal and interest)

$47,000 for facilities maintenance

$33,000 for insurance and administration

Cheryl affirmed that these were the lowest projections possible for our fixed expenses.

Pam Roats asked if certified letters have been sent out to those delinquent on their assessment payments. Cheryl has sent regular letters to those who are late in their payments. Sally pointed out that in the past the Board has considered hardship cases, but in the future all members will be treated equally, and will be subject to interest on late payments.

Treasurer (Jim Fergus)

Jim noted that we are viable, and concurred with the content of Cheryl'sreport.\

Water Commissioner (Scott Burkhart)

Scott noted that only three properties still require Cross Connection Control assemblies installed. Two of these belong to a single homeowner. Jim Davis believes that Leroy Hubbert is working on the marina hookups; we are getting close to concluding this project.

Fire and Waste Commissioner (Bob Breidenthal)

Bob stated that the BIMC Fire Manual has been updated . He asked for volunteers in the community to acquire a ham radio license so that they will be able to operate two meter FM handheld radios that can be used throughout the island. Two way communications can be crucial for island (especially fire) emergencies.

BCF Liaison (Gail Light)

Gail was in transit to Tucson and was not present at this point in the meeting.

Roads Commissioner (Barbara Sullivan)

Barbara reported that all is well with the roads.

Property Commissioner (Barbara Sullivan)

Facility Manager (Jim Davis)

Jim reported on a complicated repair in the water distribution line that serves the Kellin and Weller residences. The replacement pipe and fittings are no longer available, but Jim will work out a repair before the Wellers return (they are off island for a month).

Old Business (Gail Light joined the Board meeting during Old Business)

The Board then began a discussion of the By Laws, with the intent of updating, if necessary. At the previous meeting the articles of the By Laws were assigned to the Board members for consideration.


Articles I-III (Sally Elliman) The Board discussed Articles I, II, and III. Pam Roats pointed out that there were discrepancies in the language of the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Washington compared to the language that appears in the By Laws and also on the Blakely Island website. Sally stated that we would look into this issue and revisit it at the March 10th meeting. After further discussion the Board agreed that Articles I and III do not need updating, and that Article II will be considered later. Dick suggested at this point that the Board members submit their comments and suggestions to the other members of the Board by email for consideration at the March 10th meeting.

Article IV. (Membership, Bob Breidenthal) Bob will present his comments at the March 10th meeting.

Article V. (Board of Governors, Barbara Sullivan) Scott noted that the term "directors" is used in two places in the By Laws, apparently referring to Board of Governors. The Board would like to change the By Laws so that consistent terminology is used. Barbara found no areas that warranted changes and the Board members agreed.

Article VI. (Officers, Dick Demers) Dick brought up two questions for consideration. Should we introduce the following designations: Would all Board members be Governors. The "Officers" would be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There would be four "Commissioners": Fire and Waste, Water, Property, and Roads. The second question involves the Certificates of Membership that are mentioned in the By Laws. Should we reintroduce the issuing of Certificates? Do the Certificates have legal status, and are they necessary? Finally, is this
certificate the"one share" that all members received that is mentioned in the By Laws? The Board will continue to deal with these questions at the March 10th meeting. The members of the Board felt that section 6, that a Board member could fill two positions, should be deleted in the By Laws

Discussion of the subsequent Articles was postponed until the March 10th Board meeting.

The regular Board meeting was suspended at 9:08 and the Board went into Executive Session.

At 10:47 the Executive Session ended and the regular meeting was resumed.  At 10:49 Barbara moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. The meeting ended at 10:49 PST.






Water Commissioner's figures for the average treated water use per day for each of the 129 connections

Month Gallons Average gallon/day per connection
Jan 158,640 40
Feb 139,520 28
Mar 215,740 54
Apr 172,850 45
May 317,310 79
Jun 357,980 93
Jul 652,030 163
Aug 551,600 138
Sep 302,840 78
Oct 171,420 43
Nov 132,950 34
Dec 145,590 36
Total 3,318,470