Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of February 18, 2010 BIMC Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Governors of the Blakely Island Maintenance Commission was held on February 18th by conference call.

Sally Elliman President, Property Manager
Barbara Sullivan Vice-President, Property Commissioner, Roads Commissioner
Dick Demers Secretary
Jim Fergus Treasurer
Bob Breidenthal Fire & Waste Comissioner
Scott Burkhart Water Commissioner
Gail Light BCF Liason
Jim Davis Facilities Manager
Phyllis Chennault
Pamela Roats
Wally Weller
John Madden
Mark Owings

At 7:35 Sally asked for comments from the community before officially calling the meeting to order. Phyllis Chennault inquired about costs for water licenses for operating the water treatment plant and the number of licenses held by the Facility Managers. Answer: Jim Davis has a level two license, and Terry Pence and Margaret Davis have level one licenses. Phyllis also wanted to know how many people have applied for additional water hookups. Answer: no formal applications have been made, but all efforts to have our water system certified will make it easier for anyone to add hookups in the future. The Board is working to be in compliance with all Washington State regulations for water systems.

Pam Roats wanted the following questions to be part of the Minutes:
  1. Who was in charge of creating the web version of the Articles of Incorporation and who else was involved?
  2. What document were they looking at when they wrote the incorrect information that appeared there and where is that document?
  3. How can anyone seriously claim this was a mistake vs. a deliberate attempt to create a false version of the actual document?

Pam also objected to Jim Davis' analysis of a letter from one of the Roats' attorneys that was shared with Board members. Her position is that as an employee of BIMC, he is not authorized to comment on BIMC correspondence.

At 7:47 the meeting was called to order.

A motion to approve the Agenda was called for. Barbara Sullivan moved to accept the Agenda. The motion was seconded and passed.

Sally asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of the January 7th Board meeting. Pam Roats stated that the Minutes contained incorrect information and should not be approved. After discussion, a motion to postpone the approval of the Minutes until the March 10th meeting was asked for. Barbara Sullivan moved to postpone the approval of the Minutes, and the motion was seconded and passed.

President's Report (Sally Elliman)

Sally stated that an alternative contract for the Facility Manager has been offered and negotiations are underway. When a conclusion is reached an announcement will be made to the membership. She said that the By Laws state that only one full-time and one half-time FM are permitted and the new contract reflects this reality. Jim Davis asked if she was referring to page 4.6 "Facility Manager's Duties." Barb acknowledged that that was the section. Jim asked if he could read the section aloud, which he did. Jim then asked if the Board members understood that the section only referred to
the position that he and Margaret now hold, and makes no reference to the Fill-In Manager's position. Barb stated that it doesn't state that it doesn't include the Fill-In Manager's position. During discussion it was determined that there are two versions of the 2004 Owner's Manual in circulation. A bound version that was handed out the members earlier lists
11 duties whereas the version that Dick sent out to the membership by email (and that Barbara Sullivan referred to) lists 10 duties. Dick will try to determine why there is a discrepancy in the language of the Owner's Manuals.

Secretary's Report (Dick Demers) 

Dick reported that the system is apparently working well enough to keep using it.

Dick has also contacted the State of Washington and has requested that copies of all filed BIMC documents be sent to him.

Treasurer's Report (Jim Fergus)

Jim reported that BIMC has $139,500 in our checking account and $86,700 in the maintenance reserve. Three members have not paid anything toward the annual assessment. They have been notified by certified letter, and if payment is not made, liens will be placed on their property. Members who have made partial payments will be assessed 1%/month on the unpaid balance starting February 1st. Jim will also check with Cheryl Burkhart to determine what members still need to pay for the CCC devices that have been installed.

Water Commissioner's Report (Scott Burkhart)

Scott gave an update on the CCC device installations. One member will disconnect an underground watering system to avoid installing the device. Two installations plus the marina are all that remain.

Roads Commissioner (Barbara Sullivan)

Barbara reminded everyone that if one installs a new phone line the address created by the county must be used. Also, everyone who uses a Blakely address as a permanent address must make the change to the new address. Pam
Roats noted that there are still places on the roads where the washed out gravel has not been replaced.

Facility Manager's Report (Jim Davis)

Pam Roats requested that a copy of the DOH report sent in on January 29th be sent to her. Scott agreed to send her a copy.

Property Manager's Report (Barbara Sullivan)

The Board is entering into negotiations for a new contract for the Facility Manager. Jim asked if the new contract proposed by the Board included Margaret Davis. Barbara replied that it did not.

New Business. Pam Roats stated that the Blakely website needs to be looked at  v e r y  c a r e f u l l y. Sally assured her that the contents of the website would be checked out for accuracy.

Old Business. None

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 10th at 7:30 by conference call and also at the Facility Manager's home.

A motion for adjournment was requested. Barbara Sullivan so moved. The motion was seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 PST

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Demers
BIMC Secretary

Jim Davis

Board Meeting Report

February 18th, 2010

 Water System

Water Treatment
The warmer weather this winter has aided the operation of the water plant.  When our lake water temperature falls below about 43 degrees, the coagulation process is less efficient.  With the mild temperatures this winter, the lake temperature only dipped below 43 degrees for about four weeks, in late December/early January.  As a comparison, last year, lake water temperatures were below 40 degrees for nearly four months.  Weíve thoroughly enjoyed our El-NiŮo winter!

 Cross Connection Control Plan (CCCP)
Since the last meeting, one additional property has complied with the CCCP.  The final installations at the marina have been scheduled for the first part of March.  There are three properties that have not compiled with the CCCP.  The Board is sending certified letters to these members.

Department of Health/Increased Connections
As part of BIMCís request to expand connection limits, the Department of Health requested us to update our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manual.  I created the manual many years ago and it has been amended several times, as water regulations and equipment has changed.  The DOH particularly wanted amendments to address cross connection and cross contamination between BIMC treated and untreated water systems.  Iíve completed the manual and it was submitted to the DOH on January 29th.  A part of this effort was designing and having ďWarningĒ signs made for placement on the water storage reservoirs. 

Completion of the CCCP is the only item left to finalize this project.  I am hopeful the last three installations and testing can be completed in time to submit our final report/connection request this spring.

Water Leaks/Service Valve
The distribution system water leak I reported on at the last meeting has been repaired.  The leak was complicated because the pipe material involved was an old style ABS pipe.  Fittings are no longer available for this pipe and I had to machine a PVC fitting to accommodate the different size ABS material.  It took about eight hours of sanding and honing to achieve a perfect fit.

We continue to track leaks in our distribution system.  In the last few months, the majority of these leaks have all been related to faulty toilets.  A toilet with a stuck float or flapper valve can easily use 5,000 or more gallons per day.  At this time of year, the average daily use in the entire plat is about 2,200 gallons, so a significant leak really gets our attention.  Itís uncommon for a toilet to start leaking on its own.  In most cases, the problem occurs after the toilet is flushed.  If itís the last thing you do as you leave your home, please take a moment to make sure the toilet fills and stops running.  Better yet, turning off your water when you leave the island will preclude the need to track leaks on your property and give you peace of mind that you wonít return to a flooded house.

I recently removed a second domestic water service from a property.  Iím not sure why (or when) a second service was installed on this lot.  However, it did not have a meter or CCC protection.  To facilitate the removal, the lot owner rerouted the guest house water supply to his primary homeís service line.  The next step was to find the buried service at the road.  To do this, I shut down the distribution grid and pushed a metal electricians ďfish tapeĒ into the service line.  With this conductor installed, I was able to trace the line with our cable location equipment.  The tracing was right on and I was able to dig and locate the service connection on the main.  The grid was shut off one more time to remove the valve and install a plug.  This project was very timely, as the service connection fittings were cast iron and failing due to severe corrosion.  Unless there are other, unknown service connections, this should be the last connection that has anything other than brass/bronze fittings. 


Fire Response/Training/Sirens

Siren Improvements
The radio control system receiver/antenna and other materials for the third siren installation are on order.

Fire Training
We had our second fire drill of 2010 on February 13th.  We continue to probe the limits of the new truck.  Last Saturday, we installed a Y valve on one of the outlets and ran a total of three

1 ĹĒlines.  We found the truck was able to supply Compressed Air Foam (CAF) to all three lines running in unison.  Looks like I should be on the lookout for a third CAF nozzle. 

There were seven attendees for the January 16th drill and four for the drill in February.  In addition to the drills themselves, Iíve added some written information that is sent out along with each drill notice.  This information will cover tactics, fire fighting, equipment operation and safety.  Iím not sure about the participants, but Iím learning a lot researching and putting this information together.  Our next drill is scheduled for March 20th (first day of spring).  I hope to see you there.                         

Sincerely, Jim Davis