Blakely Island Maintenance Commission, Inc.

Minutes of August 12, 2010 BIMC Board Meeting

BIMC Board of Governors Meeting
Thursday, August 12, 2010
7 PM Pacific Time
Facility Manager’s Residence
Conference Call

Sally Elliman President, 
Barb Sullivan Vice-President, Property Commissioner, Road Commissioner
Jim Fergus Treasurer
Roger Brown BCF Liason
Julie Gilbert Secretary
Absent but on conference call
Doug Davidson Water Commissioner
Bob Breidenthal Fire and Waste Commissioner
Community members
Pam Roats
Dick Shanaman
Laurie Rogich
Anne Malmo
Phyllis Chennault
Jim Davis BIMC Employee


The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm following the Community Sharing Session. The meeting was opened with the Roll Call.
Roger Brown moved to adopt the agenda. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Sally Elliman made a correction to the agenda, stating that she made an error in addressing the August 10th meeting as an Executive Meeting when, in actuality, it was an informational meeting called by the lawsuit attorneys and on the attorneys conference call line to provide the board members an update on our current litigation status.
Roger Brown moved that the board approve the July 3, 2010 board meeting minutes. It was seconded and unanimously approved.

Presidents report: Sally Elliman

-Sally thanked new board members for the jobs they accepted and to the existing board members for their continued service.
-BIMC Board had an orientation with Sue Reents. It was a good session and the board appreciated her expertise. Thank you Sue.
-Two letters were sent to members concerning their children's behavior which caused harm to property and / or concerned safety issues. The goal for sending the letters was to remind members of their responsibility for teaching the rules to family members and guests.
-There is a need to maintain a file of records, letters, and the handling of these situations and establish a policy to deal with situations in a consistent manner.
-Request for Agenda items and Commissioner's Reports: Sally requested commissioner reports to be sent to the board members 15 days prior to each meeting. Our goal is to send the Agenda to the community several days before each meeting. The Commissioner's Reports will be delivered to the community with the minutes.

-The informational meeting with the lawsuit attorneys provided information updating the litigation process for the Board.

Secretary’s Report: Julie Gilbert
-Julie is working hard to get up and running so community members receive information quickly and efficiently.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Fergus

-We have $126,000 in checking account
-$100,000 in maintenance reserves
-2 members are in arrears
-Plans to pay off notes on roads as scheduled September 1, 2010.

Water Commissioner: Doug Davidson

-One resident is still unconnected to cross connection but person plans to have it installed next week.

Property Commissioner: Barb Sullivan

-No report

Roads Commissioner: Barb Sullivan

-Board received a notification from a member concerned about the rocks at corners of the roads and the safety issues present for children on bikes and 4-wheelers. We will try delineator posts at a few spots instead of rocks to see if they make a difference. A request will be sent to the community for comments.
Barb and Jim Davis inspected cracks on runway in late July. They concluded the crack sealer would be the most cost effective solution. The expense would be approximately $950.00
Barb asked Jim Davis to place a rock on the curve between Warden's home and Enrique’s home to help keep people on the road and off the gravel shoulder.

Fire and Waste Commission: Bob Breidenthal
-Fire extinguishers were delivered to members and Bob would be pleased to be reimbursed.
-Please see attached report.

Blakely Community Facility: Roger Brown

-BCF revenue is up 5.6% from last year
- Fuel, store, and transient moorage sales are all up slightly this year.

-Dept. of Ecology visited and inspected the fuel sales operation and made some recommendations. The BCF Board plans on taking these recommendations seriously and the recommendations should be completed within the next few weeks.
-Roger has had ongoing discussions on marina maintenance with Glen Tompkins. Roof repairs will start soon while the weather is good and restroom floors will wait until boating season is done. Future plans for the facility are still under discussion.

Facility Manager: Jim Davis

-Please see attached report

New Business

  1. Roger Brown moved to accept the 2010 - 2011 BIMC contract for Terry Pence, Fill-In Manager. Barb seconded the motion. Some discussion ensued regarding the hours, job description and contract wording. The motion passed 4 to 2.
  2. Ratify Motion from 2004-2009: Sally had the board read through the BIMC Board decisions from October 20, 2004 through August 29, 2009. The Board reviewed each decision presented in Exhibit A that were decided in the BIMC Board Minutes, Exhibit B. (Members will find a copy of Exhibit A, Exhibit B and the Recitals attached to the Board Minutes.) The Recitals were read aloud by Sally Elliman. Roger Brown made a motion for Ratification. Barb Sullivan seconded the motion. The motion read:

1.     The Board hereby approves and ratifies all of the decisions made during the Board meetings between October 20, 2004 and August 29, 2009, and as identified in the spreadsheet, attached as Exhibit A
2.     Approves and ratifies all of the decisions made and actions taken by the Board between October 20, 2004, and August 29, 2009, and as identified in the Board's meeting minutes, attached as Exhibit B
3.     Approves and adopts all of the meeting minutes attached as Exhibit B.

The motion unanimously passed.

  1. It was determined to place on the next BIMC Board Agenda the need for consistent board actions concerning guests, family members or homeowners acting without concern to other’s property or safely issues. Board members were asked to contemplate how we would like to handle these situations.
  2. Fire Proof cabinets for board business storage: Julie Gilbert will look into fireproof storage. Doug Davidson's IT advisor will give us suggestions regarding digital storage. Barb moved to put this topic on agenda for the next BIMC meeting. Roger Brown seconded. Unanimously approved.
  3. Dates set for the community and Board work session on Bylaws and BICS: August 27, 2010, from 9am-Noon and September 2, 2010 from 9-noon. Anyone who would like to participate can use the conference call number. The location for the work session is the FM house.
  4. Runway Repair Machine: Jim Davis explained how machine works and showed the board a picture. Roger Brown moved that we buy the machine. Barb Sullivan seconded. Discussion ensued about the amount budgeted to repair runway costs and what the actual costs will be. Jim Davis estimated that after transportation and materials are taken into account the actual cost will be closer to $1,500. The motion was u nanimously approved.
  5. Other Business: Barb Sullivan applauded Phyllis Chennault for noticing smoke at the Gerald Parker house. Originally she thought it was a BBQ but once closer she realized there were flames coming from the deck. She acted quickly and hosed out the fire. Many thanks to her quick thinking.
  6. Labor Day Picnic: Jim Davis informed us we had leftover burgers and buns from the July Fourth picnic. It was decided to hold a Labor Day Picnic at the marina cabana on Saturday Sept.4, 2010, starting at 5:30pm. Guests are asked to bring a main dish, salad or dessert.

Old Business

  1. Delineators: There was some discussion about how the community will receive them as they are 5 ft tall. Jim Davis will install a few of them and we will see if they are effective. Barb Sullivan will continue to see if she can find smaller ones. Barb Sullivan moveed to test them out. Roger Brown seconded. Discussion continued about using cones that could be weighed down so they wouldn’t move. Perhaps flatter rocks at corners would also be a solution. Motion passed 5-1. The Board welcomes community feedback on delineators.
  2. BIMC Board Meeting dates: September 22, 2010 at 7pm at FM home, so the conference call system would be able to be used, was added. Barb Sullivan moved to approve new meeting date and Jim Fergus seconded. The motion was unanimously accepted.

Roger Brown moved to adjourn at 9:10 pm. Julie Gilbert seconded. All approved.
Meeting adjourned 9:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Gilbert, Secretary


For the year to date the marina/store facility has total revenue of $73,872 which is up marginally 5.6% for the same period last year. Fuel, store, and transient moorage all show modest growth. The Dept. of Ecology visited and inspected our fuel sales operation on July 7th and recommended some improvements to reduce the risk of fuel spills and this punch list is being worked on and should be completed in the next few weeks. Our current set-up is fully compliant, these are recommendations only. Roof repairs should start this month and volunteer labor will be requested to help tear off the old roof. Restroom floors will wait until the summer season is over. Glen and I have discussed his possible recommendations for operations next year, and that dialogue will be on-going until the BIMC/BCF meeting Oct 14th. Glen has not prepared an interim income statement for this season as yet but feels that margins should be improved over last year. Roger Brown

JIM FERGUS: Treasurer Report

Treasurer Report:
Receipts have been pretty good. Present balance is $ 126,621 in checking and $ 125,000 in maintenance reserve. There are two overdue accounts (Sheering & Georgeson), Further liens are contemplated according to the published schedule. Roats have paid the disputed 2008-2009 assessment plus interest in full. Received $ 180 for fish fund from Pete Hanson & friends and $ 50 for the first aid fund from Demers.
Thanks much for the donations
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Fergus, Treasurer

DOUG W. DAVIDSON: Water Commissioners Report

Monday, August 9, 2010

I visited the water treatment plant and reservoirs with Jim Davis and observed the process for filtering and treating our domestic water. This was done so that I could better understand both the process, equipment and labor involved presently as well as gain historical perspective of the system and to assess what may be needed in the future to continue to operate the treatment plant.

Overall the equipment appears to be working adequately for its age and although some processes are done manually that today would typically be automatic the results are good. There are a few items that could be upgraded that would reduce a significant amount of labor and I will be looking into them in the near future and putting together numbers for the boards and communities consideration, however any upgrades or improvements should be based on what the long term plan is for water supply and treatment.

I have been in contact with Scott Burkhart and will be getting the background information and documents next week for review and to gain some historical perspective.

We have only one resident that has not complied with installation of a suitable backflow preventer and I have been in contact with them and have requested they provide us with a date in which they will have the backflow preventer installed. I have been told that in the past that residents that failed to connect were informed that unless they complied by a certain date their domestic water would be turned off. Before going down that path I would like confirmation that this information is correct and that we as the board have the right to impose this.

Water Usage
We only had 11 residents that exceed the 250GPD objective in July, most by small amounts attributable to additional guests, mistakes in watering or leaks. Jim has talked to most of them, and is attempting to contact the rest. Residents that were significantly over may have been watering gardens during the warm July weather.

Doug W. Davidson

Water Commissioner

BARB SULLIVAN: Road Commissioners Report

Monday, August 8, 2010

After receiving a complaint about the rocks on the edges of the roadways on the turns for fear of a child falling from their motorcycle/4 wheeler and injuring themselves on the rocks, some research was done. Cones were dismissed as they would be too easily removed. It was decided to purchase a few flexible delineator posts such as are seen on highways. These will be placed on the busiest corner to see what the communities reception will be.

An inspection was done by Jim Davis and myself in late July to inspect some large cracks in the runway/taxiway. These do indeed appear significant. I would recommend the purchase of an asphalt crack sealer/rolling pot as this will allow us to fix many of the BIMC areas that have asphalt, and is considerable less expensive than having someone come in and do the work.

A rock was placed, at my request, on the curve between Warden's house and the Enrique's where a pothole was forming due to vehicles driving on the edge of the road. I must say that I now stay completely on the asphalt when driving this route due to the rock!

Barb Sullivan

Roads Commissioner

ROBERT E. BREIDENTHAL l: Fire and Waste Commissioner Report


Following the suggestion of Jim Davis, an offer was made at the Annual Meeting to buy and deliver Fire Extinguishers for any BIMC members who care to purchase them. The idea is that every vehicle traveling to the upper island should carry a fire extinguisher, in case the vehicle starts a grass fire underneath it or experiences an engine fire. Fires are easier to put out when they are young and small. From a sign-up sheet passed around at the meeting, orders were placed for 14 extinguishers. Although I mistakenly mentioned the ten pound size at the meeting, Jim correctly pointed out that five pounds was more appropriate for vehicles. Jim graciously bought 13 at Costco, all that were in stock at the time, and hauled them to the island in his trusty Cessna. As of yesterday, all 13 were delivered. If no one was home, the extinguishers were left at the door or inside a vehicle. Only Dick Demers has not had his order filled. Jim has offered to pick up one more the next time he enjoys another shopping adventure at Costco. I would be pleased to accept American cash or checks made out to me from any recipients who have not yet paid. The price is $35.25 each, including tax and license.

In spite of not yet receiving his fire extinguisher, Dick Demers kindly furnished me with a map of the upper island fire boxes. Jim has kindly offered to accompany me on a tour to check on the boxes for missing goodies and lantern battery replacement. Missing seals will be replaced.

I hope to get the old fire extinguisher at Blakely Air Terminal repainted, checked, and recharged this summer.

Another exciting fire drill is scheduled for August 21st. I plan to have five nieces and nephews there blasting each other with foam. After a week of camping, we need to get them cleaned up before returning them to their anxious parents. I hope you can make it too. Bring your own towel.


Pressure washing prior to painting has started at the BIRD. When I visited it this weekend, there was a little confusion as to who was doing the project. I hope to discuss the issue at the Board meetings this week.

Jim Davis

Board Meeting Report

August 12, 2010


Water System

Water Usage

Water use during the month of July, was slightly less than last year. Individual water meters were read on August first. Eleven connections were over the two-hundred-fifty gallon per day limit. Three of the eleven were over by only a very small amount. The overages on two other connections were the result of leaking toilets. One resident accidently left a hose running for too long, while filling their hot tub.

Water Treatment

All is well at the Water Treatment Plant. Water quality remains excellent and we continue to meet the criteria for the State’s “Filter Performance Optimization Program”.

CCC Program

To date there is still one backflow assembly yet to be installed before the BIMC can complete the state mandated Cross Connection Control Program and seek additional water hook-ups (ERUs).


Roads/Parking Area

The hot July weather was perfect for asphalt maintenance. I pressure washed the parking area in front of the Post Office. A small pot hole had started in the middle of the area. When I started preparing it for a patch, I found the asphalt is only about a half-inch thick in that area. I enlarged the hole and filled it with asphalt “cold patch”. I followed up by applying asphalt seal coat to the entire parking area.

During the preliminary budget meeting/discussion last spring, we talked about the cracks in the runway and adjoining ramps. If the runway had been seal coated this year, the cracks would have been filled as part of the contract.  Since the sealcoat didn't happen, we still need to deal with the cracks.  The only effective way to seal asphalt cracks is with a flexible hot seal product (400 degrees).  You've probably seen crews doing this along city or county roads.  We could have a contractor bring equipment over and fill the cracks. However, the cost would be a minimum of $1,200 plus barge cost of at least $400 dollars. As an alternative, I've researched the possibility of purchasing the equipment, so we can seal our own cracks at any time.  The equipment is a propane-fired, walk-behind unit with hand agitation. I’ve found various prices from multiple vendors (including eBay). The best deal is $950 including shipping to a business - mainland address. The walk behind sealer is about the size of a lawn mower and could be stored in the shop or the hangar when not in use. There would be additional expense to transport it to the island and the cost of the sealant itself.

Fire Response/Training/Sirens




The last of the new fire sirens has been installed at the marina. Dave Snavely (BC's contractor) supplied the heavy lifting via his boom forklift and Ed O'Neill made good on his offer of help.  I had already built and installed the control panel at the base of the pole and installed electrical conduit up as far as I could reach with an extension ladder (24 feet).

I began the elevated work by cutting the split, rotting and uneven top of the pole with a chainsaw.  Next, I fabricated angle brackets and we installed the siren base on top of the pole.  Ed helped lift and support the siren while we bolted it in place.  The conduit was extended to the top of the pole and the siren power supply wires were installed and hooked to the siren.  We installed the radio control antenna and attached the antenna coax to the pole as Dave lowered us.  I completed the wiring in the control panel and attached the antenna lead.  While we were on the lift, we also checked the inoperative mercury vapor area light on the pole.  A spare bulb was located and installed.  The light is back in service. 

Margo and I completed the installation by upgrading the power supply and breakers from 20 amps to 30 amps; replacing 150 feet of underground wire from the shore side of the fuel pier through buried conduit, two junction boxes and over to the electrical sub panel on the telephone pole.  The new siren was successfully tested during our fire drill on July 24th.


Fire Training
The Orcas Fire Department training officer, Patrick Shepler, invited our Blakely fire fighting volunteers to attend their department’s training on July 15th. This training was specific to setting up and maintaining a safe helicopter Landing Zone (LZ) for medical evacuation. The Airlift Northwest pilots now use night vision goggles for night operations so it is critically important to keep lighting around the LZ to a minimum. They recommend using green chemical light sticks placed at the corners of a hundred-foot square. Terry Pence and LeRoy Hubbert accompanied me for the training. Unfortunately, I had call to utilize my new knowledge for an Airlift medical evacuation from Blakely on the night of July 29th. On the same day, I attended a second training session with Orcas Fire. This training was specific to fire fighting and operating Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS), such as we have on our new truck. The presentation was given by Troy Carothers, the CAFS manager of the Darley Pump Company. Troy is one of the foremost CAFS experts. I learned a lot more about CAFS. Subsequently, Troy emailed me the Power Point presentation he used for the class. I’d be happy to share it with any of our volunteers.

I recently purchase a third 1 ½” CAFS fire nozzle. It is a combination nozzle so it can be used on either fire truck or the fire pump, conventional stream to fan or smooth bore for CAFS.  It retails for over $1000 and is available from on-line wholesalers for $634.  I purchased it on eBay for $146 including shipping.  This will standardize our nozzles on the CAFS truck and should take care of our nozzle needs for the foreseeable future.

We had 17 people turn out for our fire drill on July 24th. Don Burkhart led the training on the old fire truck, while I demonstrated the fire trailer/fire pump. Our next drill will be Saturday, August 21st. Training will be on the CAFS truck.


Our insurance broker recently informed me that an unidentified Blakely resident contacted him to report “boulders” along the sides of the roads, creating road hazards. Our broker expressed his concern that anonymous reports of this type could jeopardize the community’s ability to maintain insurance. Safety concerns should be addressed to the appropriate BIMC Commissioner. Contacting BIMC’s insurance company could jeopardize coverage and result in much higher costs, if the current insurer cancels or elects not to renew coverage.


When the compactor was hauled in July, San Juan Sanitation reported they experienced difficulty opening the rear door due to the hinges binding. I attempted to lubricate the hinges, but was hampered by the fact the door cannot be opened with the compactor in place, because of the cabana roof overhang. With some difficulty, I was able to drag it out into the parking lot and swing the door. My efforts improved the doors operation but may not be a final solution. The compactor was hauled again last Friday. I haven’t had a report back regarding the door operation.

Recycle Center

Contamination and improper recycling continue to be a problem. PLEASE bring only CLEAN materials.

The only aluminum we accept are aluminum beverage cans. We are not able to recycle old satellite dishes or aluminum fry pans. Glass is limited to clean beverage/food bottles. Please remember: No dishware. No plastic or wax-coated juice or milk cartons. No “tin” cans. No plastic bags.

The second drop box for the season is at the BIRD. It has been loaded with 20 bales of cardboard, thousands of pounds of crushed glass, bales of plastic and nearly ten yards of mixed paper/newspaper.

The “First Family” of Blakely recycling. Many thanks to Elizabeth, Lisa and Tony Enriquez!

Labor Day Picnic
Because we ran out of burgers at the July 2009 picnic, we fattened our shopping list for 2010. Alas, you didn’t eat it all. Maybe some were saving room for the roast pig the next night? We’re left with about fifty frozen burgers/buns, pop, chips, etc. To make use of the leftover food, we’ve decided to end the summer with a BIMC BBQ/potluck over Labor Day Weekend (day and time to be announced).

Sincerely, Jim Davis