BIMC Water Committee Proposal

1.    Proposed Water Conservation Program –

o Adopt an interim ADD of 320 GPD for 2004 and a permanent ADD of 250 GPD starting in 2005 (down from the current estimated average usage of 440 GPD)

o No non household water usage from the domestic water system if ADD (average daily usage) exceeds 320 GPD (gallons per day), or an amount set by BIMC, starting 7-3-04, if the existing raw water system is directly accessible to owner’s lot or can be extended to an owner’s lot at a cost equal to or less than the cost of a full raw water hookup. If the owner’s lot does not have direct access, they would have until 5-1-05 to meet the above requirement. In either case there will be no lawn irrigation with domestic (treated) water starting 7-3-04.

o Lots not serviced by the raw water system would still be able to extend the existing raw water system to their lot at their expense and credit the hookup fee towards the installation cost

o Members will keep a record of occupancy for June July August and September and report the information monthly to BIMC for a minimum of two years

o Establish selective metering at the Boards discretion of obvious high water users. Corrective measures will be determined by the Board as provided in the 1961 CCR’s and the BICS.

o Authorize a maximum of $6,000 of reserve funds to install up to 20 meters at Boards sole discretion

o Individuals may have water meters installed at individuals expense. If the community installs meters on all connections at a later date a $100 rebate will be credited to owners next annual assessment if requested

o Plan for the installation and special assessment for new water tank in the fall of 2006 estimated cost up to $ 85,000 depending on size required.

o Raw water hookup fees of $5,000 for usage in excess of 1000 GPD or $2,500 for a ¾” hookup with a maximum GPD of 1000 would be paid to hookup to the existing raw water system. If usage on a ¾” hookup exceeds 1000 GPD an additional $2,500 would be assessed

o Raw water system users would manage the raw water system

o Authorize $ 55,000 to install a new raw water line to Driftwood Beach along Marine Drive, plus the cost to install replacement water lines and new hydrants as needed during installation

2.    Time Line

o Now and ongoing. The effort to educate the community on the necessity and means to achieve these consumption goals.

o July 2004 (if the membership approves funds), selective metering at the Boards discretion, to attempt to address any "obvious" excessive use.

o August 2004 is targeted to be a measurement of how well we are doing. An interim goal is to achieve an ADD of 320 GPD during this month.

o Spring 2005. If we have not attained our ADD of 250 GPD, then it is expected that a proposal for general metering will be developed and introduced at the upcoming 2005 annual meeting.

o July 2005 - General metering, if deemed necessary, will be debated

o Fall 2005 - 2006 will produce the necessary 1 year of historical data with which to apply for expanded hookups. If general metering is adopted it will also be taking place in this time frame.

o July 2006 a reservoir addition will be approved, construction to be completed before December estimated cost $85,000.

o Fall 2006 - Data tabulation and crunching

o December 2006 - Application for expansion of hookups submitted to Dept. of Health. This can only be done after the new tank is operational and we have reached 250 gpd ADD